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The photo is real. Taken on a week long pushbike trip. I have always believed in study and learning. I have enjoyed studying and practicing a range of different disciplines. Not all of them academic either. I love to help others learn. When they can master something it gives me a real buzz. In particular I love my subject and use it hundreds of times every day. I wish others could master it sufficiently to gain the same joy and use from physics. Here are some of my " achievements" Happily married ( 40 years together) Physics teacher ( 40 years). Computer studies since 1966, MIT 2000 Hobby electronics since 1962. Musician (many instruments) Cyclist (400Km + per week), Small farmer Amateur actor.

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  • How to find a movie based on its plot.?

    I remember a movie where a journalist was held in an Arabian palace. She was unable to leave because the place was surrounded by desert.

    Her job was supposed to be to portray him to the world as a modern leader.

    Towards the end he had hired a sound and light show expert to show him rising up to awe the people and establish himself as the rightful ruler.

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