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  • Thinking of getting a macbook pro but procrastinating over which one?

    I've narrowed my choice down to either Apple Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 8Gb, 256Gb 15.4 inch Notebook or Apple Mac Book Pro Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 4GB, 500GB 15.4 inch Notebook.

    Both quite pricey at £1499 and £1799. Eyesight is quite bad hence why I ruled out the 13.3 inch one. I have some questions to determine which one I should get.

    Is the retina display really worth paying more for?

    Is the actual hard drive space for the retina display only 256GB compared to 500GB for the other one, as that seems quite small.

    I read about flash storage and on the apple website it said that "Configurable to 512GB or 768GB flash storage". What is flash storage, is it normal hard drive space where I can store content.

    The reason storage is important to me as I download alot of movies and tv shows so the bigger the better for me.

    I read that flash does work with iMacs by downloading a flash plug in available on their website, yet in earlier versions flash content played very slow. Watching tv shows and what not on the web runs of flash, so I wanted to know if its still slow compared to flash on windows?

    This is my first time getting a mac and I don't know a great deal about them, so any extra information to help me come to a decision would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any serious answers.

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  • Lovefilm faulty disc, how long does it take to get a replacement disc sent?

    I got saints row 3 on xbox 360 sent and recieved it today. It only took a day which I was really happy with. However it was a faulty disc so I'm sending it back tomorrow but I reported it today. My package only allows 2 discs at a time, will I recieve a replacement disc tomorrow or have to wait till they recieve the faulty disc?

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  • Do I have OCD and some advise if I do?

    I love the number seven and despise the number three, its not rational and theirs no specific reasoning behind it. I know it's irrational to despise a number in such a way that I hate doing anything in threes and love doing it in sevens. I very much try and not count the things I do because I know where it'll go if I do, it's easier that way but sometimes it can't be helped (done before thought). For example, if I accidentally do something three times or any multiple of three I'll try and get it to the number seven and I always prefer in sevens if I've counted. It's not affecting my life extremely I'd say (hence why I'm not looking for your run of the mill seek therapy answer). However, as you can expect it's very annoying and sometimes time consuming to be obsessing over such a trivial matter as for example, washing my hand three times.

    My door, I close it over and over again. Theirs no order or exact amount unless I count (I very much try not to) because I know where it'll lead (my irrational hate of the number 3 and love of 7). I know its closed but I can't help closing it again.

    Also, I have a compulsion to repeat things many times over. I don't think its just about the inability to be concise (that of which I have in abundance). I'll repeat things a couple times over, sometimes just saying them differently sometimes repeating the exact same thing. I have this fear that if I don't repeat something or say the same thing differently so that exactly what I'm trying to say is understood that person will do the wrong thing. Like if I'm getting my brother to pick me up something on the way back from work I'll tell him my order a couple times over. Or if I'm writing an essay I'll repeat a point many times over just differently said. It's not everything so it's not massive and as before its trivial things mainly but it's extremely frustrating. I've always thought it was something I inherited from my mother, who when she lectures me repeats the same thing over and over again for ages. Is it OCD? Or is it just something I inherited from my mother or maybe even both?

    So Yeah my question is are these compulsions OCD?

    They're not big obsessions but I am scared that over time they may develop/escalate into extreme compulsions that affect my every day life greatly. Please don't tell me to seek therapy, right now I don't think Its bad enough for that. All I need is some information. To know it's OCD or not and possibly some useful tips to combat my obsessions. And if they ever get to a stage where I feel they're affecting my every day life then I'll seek professional help.

    They may be weird, so if your going to mock me don't answer.

    I appreciate any serious answers.

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  • A question about accessing files on a two computer hard drive on my laptop?

    So my computer busted, I don't know exactly what's wrong with it but I have an idea (The screen won't come on even though it's all connected, I think the place the power cord connects to is broken or something. This is because my Dad and my little sisters sometimes accidentally stepped on the power cord while it was connected to my TV and it turned off).I do plan on taking it to PC World to get it fixed. That is when I get the time.

    In the meantime I have a 1000GB Hard Drive just sitting around wasted, most of the space is free and the theirs nothing wrong with the drive as far as I'm aware. I also have my previous computers hard drive (500GB). That computer is about 3-4 years old and totally busted. The drive however is fine. I think both are Sata drives but I'll have to check on that just to make sure, if that is necessary information to provide an accurate answer please let me know. It feels such a waste not to use them. My computer that I plan on getting fixed doesn't allow more than one drive to be connected so I couldn't connect the other drive to it.

    I've heard that theirs a USB thing where you can connect a computer hard drive to a laptop and access the files on it and download files onto it. So a second hard drive for my laptop and even a third.

    Now I'm not that great with computers, I'm a noob basically. So if anything I've said is way off base just correct me and let me know. Isit even possible to use those drives as second and third drives on my laptop via a USB thing(don't know what its called)? Would I be able to access files and put files onto them? Would it be extremely slow or normal speed.

    And if their is such a gizmo that makes it possible to use computer hard drives and connect through a USB port to a laptop where can I find it. I'd actually like a link to where it's on sale, I live in the UK and if you know any shops where they sell what I'm asking about that would be greatly appreciated to. I'd prefer a website such as ebay etc. with the specific item I'm looking for. If you need more information about my drives etc. I'll be happy to add them as extra detail or email you.

    Now if there is no such device I'm sorry to have wasted peoples time, I would just really like to put my drives into use and something simple and easy as connecting the drives up to my laptop would be perfect for me.

    If you take the time to read my essay a thorough answer would be very much appreciated. If you don't know the answer then refrain from answering.


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  • About the recycling bin and hard drive?

    Ok I have two questions that kind of tie in together. Firstly on my laptop I have the drive partitioned into two. One is 177 GB labelled Windows (C:) and the other is 264 GB labelled Data (D:). Now I am currently in the process of downloading a huge file,138.46 GB to be exact, not all at once but over the span of this week I should have most if not all of it. I am quite concerned though about my computer. My question is could my computer crash due to the excessive amount of data being used? Will my computer be fine regardless of how much I've downloaded? I've got about 119 GB free on Data D ( where 40 GB of the 138 has already been downloaded) so I should have about 21 GB or so left once it's done. Windows C has 131 GB free and that is all fine. But I'm still downloading a huge file and it will take up alot of space so I am concerned. I'll only have 202 GB (I deleted some stuff to free up space, hence where the 50 GB extra comes) left out of 441GB with a massive 138.46 GB file on it.

    Secondly, I was in the process of deleting files to free up space. And I deleted about 30 GB's worth. Now I left a further 20 GB in recycling bin, files that I might delete in the future but I wanted their just in case I changed my mind. They vanished and I'm positive I didn't delete them. Could my recycling bin have removed them on its own because of the excessive amount of space I'm using or am I just being stupid? Because I'm sure I didn't delete that 20 GB.

    I appreciate anyone who reads my questions and answer them thoughtfully and concisely (something I have alot of problems with). If you don't have a serious answer please refrain from answering my question, however stupid it may be I don't need to be told that.

    I'm also abit unsure if I've put my question in the right place, so if I haven't please redirect me to where I can get an answer if its the wrong place/don't know the answer.


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  • Ok, So I've finally finished the anime Darker than Black and I'm confused about Dolls and the ending?

    Ok, so I have some questions about Dolls and the ending. Answer if you have watched all of Darker than black , including the OVA and 4 episodes in between Season 1 and 2.

    My main question is, something I've struggled to find an answer to (I've searched), how are Dolls created? I get the Contractors were humans originally and what not, and Dolls and contractors appeared at the same time. How are Dolls created/who creates them? I'll give you an example for where my confusion about this stems from.

    For example, Yin was originally a human and the doll she is now is that human if I'm not mistaken? (correct me if I'm wrong) but how did she become a Doll? Is there some transformation from a human to a Doll that occurred around the same time that Contractors were born? And if this is the case then you remember that Chikkai (I think that's what they called it) Doll, a doll created to replace a human that was found dead floating in a river in the second episode. So if the human was found dead and the doll was an exact lookalike, Dolls are created right, yet who creates them? And if someone creates them, then I'm confused because Yin was originally a human that transformed into a Doll right. So does that mean there are two types of Dolls? Dolls that were created by someone (who, I don't know) and Dolls that transformed into that state from humans ( like Yin). And what does it mean when it describes Dolls as emotionless mediums?

    And another question about Dolls. What does it mean when a character said in one of the episodes (I think it was the four episodes between Season 1 and 2) that Contractors are failed Dolls?

    I'm sorry If I have so many questions, Dolls just confuse me alot. If I've said something totally wrong or stupid here, please correct me.

    And about the ending, I found this theory on the internet and its the one I most agree with. Do you agree with it or not, if not what are your theories on the ending?

    "I personally saw the ending as decent: it wasn’t great or awesome, but it was quite solidly done. The episode affirmed, in a subtle way, that Hei loved Yin and vice versa. The point of contention is really whether Hei killed Yin. I personally don’t think that he did, primarily because in the final scenes there was a bifurcation of personalities: one Yin was black, and another was white. The White Yin was the one who asked Hei to kill him, whereas the black Yin stayed in the background. This made me personally reflect on Izanami as just a personality that branched off from Yin, especially because I just finished watching the particularly moving Kara no Kyoukai. The black Yin may be a male personality of Yin, and the white Yin is the Yin that Hei knew and loved all along. It is said that in the gate one gains something in exchange for something equally precious, and the return of female Yin to her own body and to Hei is paid off by the loss of her Izanami personality to another body, the male doll eerily similar to Yin and armed with her contractor-killing powers, as well. Hei’s gain of Yin is accompanied by his loss of Suou, a person who has grown valuable to him. With Shion’s ‘flawed’ world he lost his life; with Suou’s loss of memories she gained a new life in another world. The same can be said with July, who has once again become human in the world Shion tailored. It’s quite allusive to Fullmetal Alchemist with its idea of equivalent exchange, but it’s not altogether illogical."

    I found this on "

    It's such a confusing anime and there are so many questions left unanswered, I really hope that by some miracle they make a third season.

    Only serious answers please, I wrote alot so I would like a detailed and thorough answer. Thankyou in advance for anyone who takes the time to read and answer this question.

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  • A question about Dragonball?

    Ok so I've heard all about how Dragonball and Dragonball Z were some of the greatest animes of the 80's and 90's and how awesome of an anime it is. But I want to know if it is truly worth the watch and if it is why?

    My only problem against watching it is because it dates back so far the anime quality isn't as good as today's anime. I know Dragonball Z Kai is a remastered and condensed version but if I do watch it I'd rather not start with Kai because it feels like I'm missing out on too much.

    So it'd be nice to get some opinions on whether its worth the watch, starting with Dragonball or Dragonball Z and why its so good/worth the watch? That's all I'm asking for.

    Please don't insult me as an idiot or say that I've got no sense of taste, I wasn't born when the first Dragonball came out so I don't really understand the hype. Please give me a detailed answer if it is worth the watch.

    And another question, if I do watch it what order do I watch it in. Do I bother watching the first, 153 episode, series Dragonball? Or do I just go straight to Dragonball Z as the main series, which is the one I'd like to start with if the series is worth a watch. Am I missing out on anything if I start with Dragonball Z and skip Dragonball? Is Dragonball worth the watch in the context of the whole franchise?

    I probably won't watch GT if I do watch it because I heard it wasn't so great but if anyone has some reasons as to why it is worth the watch then I'd like to hear so.

    Thanks in advance for people who take me seriously and give me a good reason.

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  • This is a question solely for people who have watched the anime Darker than Black, read on if you have?

    Ok so I'm currently watching the anime Darker than Black and I'm on Season 1 Episode 20.

    I've read that there is a first season of 25 episodes plus an OVA and a Second Season of 12 Episodes.

    And set in between season 1 and 2's timeline is a four episode season/arc or whatever you want to call it to cover the gap between Season 1 and 2 and help fill in some details. A season 1.5 you could say (but released after season 2 had finished).

    Now my problem is, should I watch Season 1 followed by the four episodes covering the gap then go on to watch season 2. Or should I watch it according to the dates it was released, as season 1.5 was released after Season 2 had already finished.

    Please do not ruin anything for me, as I haven't even finished season 1 yet. Be considerate of that fact and don't tell me it's a crap anime as I quite like it and would like to hear some opinions from people that have watched it on how I should watch it.

    Another question, I've been able to watch Season 1 dubbed ( I prefer watching dubbed version not because dubbed anime is better but because you don't miss any of the action whilst your reading the subs, so don't insult me and call me a fake fan or subs are better bla bla bla.... ). However,I would like to know if season 1.5 and 2 have been dubbed as of yet? Is there anywhere I could download them, as I've only been able to find subbed versions of them.

    Thanks in advance for any serious answers.

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  • Question about whether or not to get a cover for the iPhone 4? Not a screen protector?

    I already have a screen protector so please don't talk about that. Answer if you have a iPhone 4/4S. I used to own a 3GS and for the year that I had it I kept the cover on as it protected the back which was very susceptible to scratches. I got a cover for the 4 when I got it but that recently broke and I want to know if it's worth dishing out £20 for a new cover, one that protects the phone. I don't care about the looks ( I had a plain black one). I'm asking this because the back of the 4 is very hard and scratch resistant (it's all I'm interested in, not getting any scratches). Do I need to bother getting a replacement or is the back adequate? It's much more comfortable without a cover but I'd prefer not to taint or damage my iPhone more. If you have the 4/4S, do you use a cover or not?  Much appreciation in advance for serious answers. Serious answers only please, I'm very paranoid about protecting my iPhone as you can tell and I'm aware of that (: 

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  • I have no idea if this has been asked for, seems totally obvious and is just plain stupid so don't judge.?

    I can't be asked to look through the help section, it's just something that's nagging me. Theirs a limit of 20 answers per day right? Say you didn't answer any questions yesterday are they added on to the limit for today, so 40 answers possible today? Do they keep adding on if you remain inactive for a certain period or do they disappear and reset the following day to always 20?

    No sarcastic or judgemental comments, I just want a straight answer. I appreciate anyone who does take the time to answer, thanks in advance.

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  • Has anyone ever watched the anime series "Hitman Reborn"? Do you remember a character named Flan?

    I personally found him one of the funniest anime characters I'd come across? If you've ever watched the series, what are your opinions and do you agree? If not care to mention any other anime characters which you have found hilarious?

    This is just a question out of pure curiosity, if you don't get my question or don't agree with my opinion don't condemn me for it. Just don't answer....

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  • A quick question about anime and english dubbing.?

    This is not a debate about which is better ( subbed or dubbed) nor am I looking for opinions on that. All I wish to know, may seem quite dumb so sorry if it is, but when animes are dubbed isit just an english voice cast put over the anime or do they improve/enhance the animation?

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  • An Itv1 show that aired sometime during 06-08?? Looked everywhere ?

    It's about a family of former crooks/ theirs who after their father gets imprisoned the mother decides to cut all their crooked ways and turn over a new leaf. Aired after the bill, I remember one of the sons used to be on the bill. It was something along the lines of the w... Or the r.... Some sort of family name I think:/ my memories fuzzy. It's been bugging me, not that it was an amazing show just one of those things that seems to be on the tip of my mind but I can't remember and now I really want to. Serious answers only. Thankyou.

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