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I just like to find the really dumb questions and try to give a reasonable answer. Also I dont like it when people troll my questions.

  • What are some examples of Naturecore Aesthetic Clothing?

    i cant find anything on google other that cottagecore and adventurecore kind of stuff, and Ive recently decided my aesthetic is probably Naturecore. If anyone knows could you please tell me with like descriptions or something, maybe a picture?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories1 month ago
  • Why did yahoo remove commenting?

    I dont see an option to comment on other answers now, this was actually quiet useful.

    30 AnswersYahoo Answers2 months ago
  • My fish has a red bump on his lip?

    Its not part of his body, and I just now noticed this, Ive looked it up, and the number one result was Enteric Red Mouth disease, but this disease only spreads through contact with eggsor other fish, an he has lived alone for over two years, so it cant be that.

    Some additional information, he is a Golden Shiner, which is a fish used as bait, we caught him ourselves by accident in a pond, and I am adding how we got them because there is a chance it could be scar tissure of some kind from the hook, though I am not sure, and Id rather not have him die.

    We also have a cat, so there is a chance he could have been injured by said cat, but I doubt it, due to the fact that the only entrance to his tank is the filter hole thing, which is too thin for my cat to properly reach in.

    1 AnswerFish5 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Why did my scratch dialogue freeze?

    On scratch I had a cutscene in a game, and the character was supposed to only speak for like .5 seconds, and either the screen froze on that dialogue, or the words wont progress. I need it to in order to finish my game, and I have checked my code several times, so its should work. Does anyone know whats wrong, and how to fix it?

    and heres my code. I dont think the wait would effect it because it should happen in the order I have it.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 months ago
  • Does anyone know how to add save data to a scratch project?

    Im making a scratch game (scrolling), and the enemy wont stay in the place on the grid that I want, also it wont walk back and forth which is what I want, finally, Id like it to be affected by gravity, so if it walks off the cliff then it falls, like the player. to be honest, I have asked this before, but I really cant make it work, (and before none of the answers were even relevant to my question, so Im rewarding it plz dont report)

  • I want to make an enemyy walk like the player in scratch.?

    I want to make a game (scrolling) but i cant seem to get the enemy to stay on the grid, it keeps following on my screen, I want it to walk back in forth, but its stuck contiuously going to the right, and finally its flying. A freaken flying spider! I want it to fall like the player does, but I cant get that to work until the rest work. 

    Now to be honest; I have asked this before, but none of the answers were relevant to my question (so plz dont report me for spam, (seriously this is only the second time I asked). So Im rewording it for clarity this time. Please help!)

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 months ago
  • Enemys falling in scratch?

    Im making a scrolling platformer. I need to make a spider fall if it walks off the platform, the same way the player would. I also need it to stay in one place, (I cant get its coordinates set on the freaken scrolling plane)! And I need it to potentially chase the player if the player touches, it etc. . So how do I get it to work? (also I want it to walk back and forth, which is definitely not working) Please help!!

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 months ago
  • I need to know, can I be reported from yahoo by arguing for long periods of time?

    Ive had several arguments with people on here (One ended with me making friends, the other is um... still unresolved). Im concerned that Im going to get kicked out of yahoo or something, can that happen, and are arguments reasonable causes for reporting?? Please dont report me.

    7 AnswersYahoo Answers8 months ago
  • What is your real life ghost expirience?

    Ive asked this before but not in surveys

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 months ago
  • My mouth tingles when I eat a certain kind of cheese.?

    Theres a certain cheese that is not spicy, and my school serves it in macaroni. Whenever I eat it I get that feeling like tasting something spicy, except my mouth also goes numb. Ater this started happening I get nasaus whenever I smell that kind of cheese.

    I dont know what kind of cheese it is but, Ie checked the package on some of these, Its a mixed cheese and the only spicy thing is usually either buffalo or peper jack, Im not really effected by either of those though, and actually like both. I know its not those causing it, and I think I might be allergic or something. Am I?

    4 AnswersAllergies8 months ago
  • Whats your personal ghost story?

    And please dont give me any answers where you thought it was a ghost and it wasnt. Please no fiction!

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore8 months ago
  • Can you award multiple best answers?

    I want to pick some answers I think are good, but  i dont want to only have that in case more answers come in. 

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  • On scratch, how would one make a Pokemon mystery dungeon style battle.?

    Do you use variables for turnbase? also Id like to not include walking as a turn.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 months ago
  • My canine tooth feels like there is something in it, and its bleeding.?

    My canine tooth (bottom left) has always been sideways. I commonly get fingernails caught in it, but I didnt get anything cought in it this time (that I know of). It feels like something is pushing on it, almost like its more sideways than normal. Its almost like that feeling when a tooth is about to fall out, (but its an adult tooth) It feels really weird and this isnt normal. Any Ideas on whats wrong?

    1 AnswerDental8 months ago