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Hi I'm a doctor based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I work mostly in family practice and in sports medicine but also have a special interest in blood pressure treatment. Check out my websites at:

  • Does Red Rice Yeast Lower Cholesterol?

    I'm a doctor with an interest in blood pressure problems and heart disease.

    I recently read about Red Rice Yeast for cholesterol treatment:

    but I've yet to meet anyone who has tried it. I'm particularly keen to know if it causes any side effects. Some sites suggest that it causes the same kind of side effects as statin medications like simvastatin or atorvastatin.

    If you've tried it then please reply and let me know how it worked for you.


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  • Symptoms of low blood pressure: Dizziness, Fatigue ... What else?

    The symptoms of low blood pressure can be mild ... or they can be severe enough to almost ruin peoples lives. People sometimes feel that their doctors just write off low BP readings as being "nothing to worry about" and sense that they are left just to struggle on with their problems.

    I'm trying to pull together a list of the type of low blood pressure symptoms that people experience - along with details of how it can affect their lives.

    I'd be really grateful if you could help me.

    You can share your own experiences below or leave me a comment over at:

    Thank you - I really value any contribution you can make.


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  • Automatic blood pressure monitor - do you use one?

    I'm a doctor with a special interest in blood pressure treatment. I always recommend to people that they should get themselves an automatic blood pressure monitor and should check their readings regularly. The readings are now thought to be at least as useful (and maybe more useful) than hospital or doctor checks.

    Do you have one of these devices? Do you use it regularly? Have you found any problems or drawbacks with it?

    I've written about some of the issues before over at:

    I'd love to know your experiences.

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  • Really Cheap Airline Ticket?

    I'm looking for the best place to get a really cheap airline ticket. I want to to visit Eastern Europe this summer and would like tips on where to get access to the best chep flights.

    What do you think? Go with the airlines online direct or via a site like Travelocity or Opodo? suggests that Skyscanner is a great option. Has anyone here used it?

    Thanks for your help

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  • Low blood pressure in pregnancy?

    I'm interested in the experiences of women who have suffered low blood pressure in pregnancy. I'm a family doctor with a special interest in blood pressure problems.

    If you read the textbooks and online articles - like this one: - they suggest that most women have problems (if at all) in the middle stages of pregnancy and that things get better again towards the end.

    But is this your experience? Have you had low blood pressure during pregnancy? How did it affect you?

    I'd love to hear your views



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  • Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects?

    Hi folks

    I'm a family doctor and a specialist in blood pressure treatment

    I'm writing an article about the side effects of high blood pressure medication. Do you take medication for high blood pressure? What side effects have you experienced?

    Did blood pressure medication side effects interfere with your day to day life?

    Let me know your experiences and I'll share them with others

    Thanks in advance


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  • What will you do to promote World Breast Cancer Awareness Day?

    My wife Marjory has just finished a horrible two years of treatment for breast cancer. She's blogged the story on so that others can benefit from her experience.

    Tomorrow is World Breast Cancer Awareness Day - what will you do to promote it?

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