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  • Searching for an android game... ?

    Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english. So, Im searching for an android game i once played some years ago but i cant remember the name of it. it was a tamagotchi kind-of game but in a weird, creepy-ish way. You had this character who you had too feed, heal etc. and you had to gain money with minigames. And there was this option to eat your character or something like that at the end and the taste was based on what you did to the character. The game was interely in beige and red. Can someone help me out? Id really like to play it again. 

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  • "For you, my Yumia" in Japanese?

    Need to know for my fanfiction ugh

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  • "I dont want to kill you" in Japanese?

    Question s up there.

    I want to know it for a fanfiction I m writing btw

    (sorry if english is wrong)

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