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  • Tightness in throat?

    Hi the other day I went to the doctor over a pulled muscle in my neck and she felt it and said everything felt normal. But for the last to days on and off I've felt like I have a tightness in my throat. I have no problems swollowing or breathing but it's just annoying it feels like something is just pressing on my throat ever so lightly. Has anyone else experienced this

  • Flashes in vision?

    Ever sense I was 9 I've gotten aura migraines. When I was 17 I developed a bit of anxiety and noticed small flashes in my vision to the point I went to the doctor to get an MRI and they said everything was normal. My anxiety went away but came back around last September when I broke part of my neck and so did these flashes in my vision. I actually went to an eye doctor to make sure it was nothing with my eyes that was the issue. Then my best friend passed away a month ago making it worse. Could these flashes in my vision be small migraines caused by me stressing myself out? 

    1 AnswerOptical5 months ago
  • Why do I have flashes of light in my vision sometimes?

    I went to the eye doctor a couple months ago because I would experience flashes of light in my vision here and there. They said my eyes are perfect. I had believed it was because of a sinus infection that I had and when it went away so did the flashes. But now I'm getting the flashes of light in my vision again why could I be getting them?

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  • Clay shovlers fracture?

    Hi 4 months ago my c7 spinous process had a non displaced fracture from me squatting with weights on my neck. It's fully healed now and doesn't hurt to touch this home but every so often when I move my shoulders I feel a pinching pain but it's not all the time. And when I feel this pinching pain while moving my shoulders in a circular motion it still doesn't hurt to touch the bone or tap on it. Is it normal to feel pain with a bone fracture once in awhile way after it's healed?

    2 AnswersInjuries10 months ago
  • Why worrie about asteroid da14?

    Ok so if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was estimated to be at least 7.5 miles in diameter why do people worrie about an asteroid that is 150 feet in diameter? I mean its not nearly as big and what harm could it do? Yes I know it can do damaged but how would something well almost the size of a football field sense a football field is 100 yards which would be 300 feet do damage. I wouldn't be worried unless it was going to land on my house

    5 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • is it a canker sore or something else?

    I have three tiny bumps on the back of my tongue. They are about a few mm in diameter and have a red color with a little bit of white in them. they dont really hurt and it kind of feels like its just one sore. I can talk ok eat food ok and even swallow food ok. so can someone help answer what it might be?

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  • What are the symptoms of zoloft withdrawal?

    my girlfriend has stopped zoloft the antidepression pill 3 weeks ago. she was on this for three years almost and took 150 mg of it.She just cold turkeyed it and just last wednessday she started vomiting.Is this a normal part of it or should i be worried?

    2 AnswersMental Health9 years ago