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  • Finding out your father isn't your biological father?

    I'm working on a short story about a teenage girl who finds out her father isn't actually hers. I want it to focus on her living transition since the man who is her biological father lives in an upperclass neighborhood, is single and has no other children, and how he wants to coparent so he can learn more about her (I'm thinking she'll be 15.) I don't have any experience with a family type like this and wanted first person stories about finding out your father isn't your biological parent. The background information will be that the mother was originally in a relationship with the protagonists biological father but they broke up and shortly after she entered a relationship with her current husband who married her because he thought he was the one who got her pregnant

    . Also if you're black/mixed and that had any impact I'd be interested to know because I write about black characters mainly.

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    Do you need medium long hair for a buzz cut?

    I'm not sure what the style is called but I want to cut my hair short. I shaved my head over a year ago and the hair is growing back. I want a style kind of like this but I'm not sure what it's called or how much hair I may need to pull it off. If I go to a hair dresser will I need to have my hair straightened for this style? (I've been natural for 6 years )

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  • Can you find a partner with scars on your face?

    I want to cut my face up bc I'm having a hard time rn but I'm worried if I do it'll greater decrease my chances of finding a partner. Would a lot of people consider facial cuts a deal breaker? I already have bad skin so I don't consider it significantly different than what I already have going on.

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  • Does it mean anything that my ex still has our painting up?

    I'm an art student and I painted my then boyfriend a piece I created. The day we started dating I took a photo of our hands together and then painted that image. He broke up with me 3 months ago so he could get therapy and we still hang out. I'm hoping one day we can be together again but it's confusing bc we do everything we did as a couple except be intimate (though he's not afraid to hug me before he leaves or lay really close to me in my bed whenever he comes over to watch movies.) I sent a package of cookies to him as a gift and I wanted to be sure he got them and when he sent me the pic I noticed he still had the painting hanging in his windowsill. Should I think this means he still wants to be with me or could someone really forget to take something like this down? I also made a 3ftx2ft oil painting of him that I had been keeping but I painted his face out bc I was tired of being reminded we weren't together so I'm unsure if I just overthink things

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  • I ate a wax rind by accident?

    I bought fancy cheese for the first time and I cut a small piece to taste it and are the whole piece not knowing the red outside is made of wax and should not be eaten. Should i be concerned??

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  • Would an office ask for ID when ordering alcohol?

    I ordered some wine online but I'm having trouble getting a new ID, and wasn't sure how the process worked. (I thought my sister could just get it for me but they never asked for info online so I was surprised). My apartments office picks up packages and the wine requires a sign off from UPS. the front office would sign off on it but would they ask for my ID when I go to pick up the package? 

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  • Does anyone know the name of this J-drama about an animation student?

    I'm pretty sure it was a J-drama, it's about this guy who's going to art school and thinks he'll be the best in the class but when he gets there he learns he's not as great as he thinks. It takes place in the 80s I believe, and the first class assignment was a sticky note Animation. He had a rivalry with one guy who can draw well and detail quickly. He also has a love interest who he tries to push away so he can focus on his art but at the same time he wants to impress her and everyone. The acting is really over the top too, he has monologues in the middle of campus and reacts dramatically to his failures.

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  • How Can a Indoor Cat Get Sick?

    I want to adopt a young cat but I've never had a pet before. I tried searching illnesses a cat can get before I decide to adopt one but most of the ones I see are from interacting with other cats. I don't know any cats and even if I walk the cat I doubt it'll see one. What are some illness that I may want to think about before getting a cat? I'm a college student so while I can provide the basic stuff I don't want to get in too deep end not have the money to provide for the cat due to my naivety. (By sick I mean small things that canc add up like how ppl sometimes get colds, flu etc)

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  •  is roller skating faster than walking?

    I'm interested in roller skating, though my big question is whether they'll get me places quicker. I walk most places I want to go to, which can be time consuming. I know when you look up places there's a different speed for a biker than a walker, does the same logic apply to skates or is it about the same?

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  • What is this gym equipment called?

    My old gym had a stretch station but it wasn't made of metal like a lot of the ones I see online are, there was a type of netting inside, almost like a spider-web the way you could get inside and stretch out your limbs before and after working out. The netting was like an elastic like rope? I can't find anything like it online though, all I see are metal like cages. Does anyone know the specific name of something like this?

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  • Is it best to share religious traditional decor or avoid it?

    Whenever I've had dorm mates in the past, we haven't shared similar religious views so neither of us would hang things up during our respective holidays that way we wouldn't be forcing the other to indulge in it. I'm moving into an apartment for the first time and I'll have 3 other roommates, is it best I ask that we reserve decor to our seperate rooms if we're not all the same religion or should we be openly sharing? I was thinking that by keeping to ourselves, we avoid forcing each other to live in an environment that focuses on beliefs the other may not practice, but then I thought about how coexisting is important as well. But it's also going to be our living area, so I'm not sure what to do in that regard.

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  • Why can't I process reality?

    After my bf broke up with me (he's going to therapy for some trauma he's been through recently that he feels like is keeping him from being emotionally open), it felt like the room was made of black and white goop that was growing and expanding and moving. I've never had motion sickness but it felt like that. I couldn't get a grip on what was there. I could feel the room but I couldn't process it. I don't understand. I'm an artist and I've had a similar feeling two times before but I don't think anything triggered it, it was like the opposite of art block, my brain kept coming up with character ideas and imagining things when I just wanted to lay down or sleep. It makes me feel sick and I can't go to sleep, I have to wait for exhaustion to force me to sleep when this happens. I tried talking to my mom about it but she doesn't get it. Is there a reason? Does this happen to other people?

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  • Is it bad for your health to hold a cigarette in your mouth but not smoke it?

    I'm into aesthetic stuff and sometimes cigarettes fall into the aesthetic I'm into but not smoking itself, when I was younger I thought cigars were cool (I saw a man just walking with one in his mouth, unlit) but my older sister told me even if you're not smoking them it's bad to have one. Is this true or could she have just been saying that bc she was worried I'd think smoking itself was "cool"? Or does this just apply to cigars?

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  • Are bubbles signs of oxygen?

    I'm creating an enclosed rainwater ecosphere for the first time, I've created 3 with extra bottles I had. I put plants in all 3 and a avocado seed in another (I tried growing it but it never sprouted so I thought I'd experiment by putting it in my ecosphere). There are little bubbles all over the plant and seed in this one, is this a sign of the plants living? Or is there another reason? Either way I'm interested to understand. 

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  • Are Mannequin Heads Strange Decor?

    I wear a lot of wigs and I usually keep them in their original bags though I'd prefer to place them on a head to prevent tangles and maintain them more. I'm moving into a new apartment and thought it may be nice to have a shelf I can put mannequin heads in with the wigs. The only concern I have is if other ppl, more specifically my boyfriend, might find it strange? When I had a dorm mate last year, she'd be surprised to see my wig resting on my bed, and my other dorm mate a year before looked scared when she saw me setting my wig up. Wigs aren't strange in my family, especially since my mother had alopecia so I never thought it was something to be surprised by. I don't know if my bf knows I wear wigs, I know some men are put off by them but one day I'll have pink hair, the next day I have a  black bob and another day I'll have long black hair with purple highlights so he has to know there's something going on. Should I be worried he'll find it strange? Is this something I should be hiding away?

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  • Is it Appropriation to Wear a Kimono?

    I've always loved Japanese culture ever since my mom bought me Japanese films as a kid. I love many aspects about the fashion especially and have tried to educate myself about the details of the culture as well as supporting Asian businesses in my community. My question is, as a Black American would it be appropriation to wear a kimono? Are there any fashion items similar that would give the same aesthetic without being offensive if so?

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  • Why Do Nurses Have to Wear 3 Masks?

    I saw a video of a nurse (I think he was a nurse but I could be wrong as to what his specific job is in the hospital) showing everything he has to wear at work, like scrubs as well as 3 different type of face masks. Is there a specific reason why 3 masks are needed or is it simply for extra protection?

    1 AnswerHalloween3 months ago
  • How Would You Know There's A Rat In The Wall?

    I live in the country side so rats getting into old houses is common, though I don't think my families house is that old (maybe 40 years max since my parents built it.) My mom is old and can't hear well but I constantly hear what sounds like dust in the walls if u knock on it. I've been away all weekend, I don't eat in my room often so I don't tend to get bugs or anything else in there (though they definitely find a way into the house bc the kitchen has a leak somewhere and so many water bugs get in all the time). Anyway, I was watching TV and heard VERY loud rustling. I can usually guess the size of a bug bc my hearing is  very good and a big bug makes a lot of noise but this sounded so loud I thought my fan was blowing a crushed paper I had on my desk. I threw the paper away, paused my tv, listened, heard nothing. I knocked the wall to see if it was the dust falling, nothing. Went back to TV and heard it again, coming from the corner (my bed is backed into a corner against the wall, so there shouldn't be anything "there" to cause noise like papers or boxes. The sound is so loud, if I get up or make noise it stops but if I'm relaxing watching TV I hear it. i waited again, heard the sound and then heard the dust in the wall move from one  corner to the other. What should I do? I'm the type of girl that hates killing things in general, I even vacuum up bugs bc killing them is too scary.

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  • Is there a way to get a licence without insurance?

    I want to get my driver's licence but I don't have a car or insurance. I don't plan to drive, I just want the licence. Is there a way to get my licence without having insurance?

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  • Bleaching pubic hair?

    I've heard about bleaching pubic hair and I'm a very hair black woman, but the hair itself is a thin layer it's just on a lot of my body other women don't tend to grow hair at all. I thought since I'm black bleaching would be a silly option and make it stand out more, but I recently overheard a black woman telling her friends she does it. Is there a way to do it for black people so it doesn't stand out? Would I have to bleach it, then dye it a brown tone close to my skin? Or does regular bleach just make it stand out less/thin out the follicles??

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