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  • How long will I have to be on HCG injections? ?

    I'm 25 with low testosterone. I guess it's hereditary because everything else in my body is healthy. It just doesn't produce the testosterone it should. So I was put on HCG treatments. Is this something I'm going to have to stay on to keep my levels higher? Will they drop back down if I quit taking the injections? 

    Diet & Fitness10 months ago
  • How quickly does hcg injections work? ?

    I found out I had low testosterone and I'm only 25. So they set me up on HCG injections 500mg

     I took my first one earlier this morning and later that evening had sex with my girlfriend twice back to back and still wanted to go an hour later. Which I haven't been able to do in years. I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I suffer from many symptoms unfortunately. I'm worried that this is just a placebo effect but as far as the sex that was clearly physical. 

    Men's Health10 months ago
  • Why do I have no desire for sex after masturbating? ?

    Doesn't matter if she's the sexiest female laying there next to me. If I decide to masturbate earlier in the day I have absolutely no desire to have sex again for hours sometimes the next day. Hard to even get it up, honestly. They say masturbating is good and healthy but it's like the opposite for me and a huge let down. I can usually arouse myself if I'm alone and get it up again but not if I'm with another female which is insanely embarrassing. 

    7 AnswersMen's Health10 months ago
  • Why do I have many symptoms of low testosterone? ?

    I had my testosterone checked through my blood and my doctor said my level was 418. She said that was low for my age (25) but not low enough to start a TRT. Instead she's starting me on treatments of HCG injections. I find out what my free testosterone level is tomorrow. My thing is I have a list of symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, EXTREME fatigue, horrible loss of memory, body hair not growing like it should for a 25 yo male, awful depression, serious lack of motivation. You'd think my testosterone level would be much lower than 418. I've been on countless medications for depression/bipolar and nothing seems to help at all. Some days I absolutely crave sexual attention but can't "perform" and other days I just wanna be left alone. I start my hcg treatment tomorrow and am praying to God it helps me. This is almost a last hope. But seeing a number of google results saying that the normal testosterone level is much lower than what mine is, is kind of making me doubtful and paranoid. Can somebody please explain or ease my mind? 

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