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  • Is Chump and his band of thieves more of a security threat once out of office?

    Think about all the secrets shown to these creatures. And their greedy thieving habits....🤔

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  • What is this a sign of?🤔?

    President Trump....not for much longer..lmao

    He was interrupted by a reporter who didn't want to hear his lies.

    He told the reporter, "I AM POTUS". "Don't ever talk to the president that way".....🤔

    So if he's not the president or important or rich or white YOU CAN TALK TO HIM THIS WAY......

    Is this a sign the position is too honorable for the CONman.......👁️

    Why not say, Dont ever talk to ME that way. I don't give a fcuk WHO you are....

    Who I AM is more important to ME than what I AM.....

    An honorable man is more important than  wealthy corrupt RULER (s).

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  • How, why, and who changed Persia name?

    And how is Iran different then Persia?

    4 AnswersHistory1 day ago
  • How do you charge a corporation with a crime?🤔?


    PURDUE has pleaded guilty to oxycontin addiction by Americans.

    Ordered to pay 8 billion. Which they will pay less.

    The owners don't have to admit guilt nor face any jail time.

    The Sackler family.

    How many families has this family DESTROYED through addiction.....🤔

    Is this justice served?

    Are they not drug kingpins and eligible for prosecution under the RICO laws?👁️

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  • Do you think more Jews worked in this country than Black people since the civil rights movement?🤔?

    I know for a fact a lot of Jewish women don't work. They dont have to.

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    Just take all our tax money every pay and don't pay uncle Sam.

    Just put it in a collection plate. Controlled black elders of the community for our own reparations.....

    Block by block to get off the dependency of white America doing the right thing..🤔

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  • Why did ANCIENT Egyptians hold feline animals sacred?

    Especially the 🐈?

    What powers did they "believe" to hold?

    I have a 🐈 and always found them more interesting than 🐕.

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  • How much would our foreign aid to Israel fix America's poor neighborhoods?

    36 billion over a time period.

    Why don't the POC communities IN AMERICA🇺🇸 get this aid to build COMMUNities, I mean settlements......🤔

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  • Should Barr be jailed if this is true?

    Before he was chosen by Chump. He was working for a private company with Rod Ronstein (spelling). The guy who gave Vader security clearances. And where is he?🤔

    About 3 months in as AG, Rodstein ordered the justice department to stop it's criminal investigation into this company. Dealing with tax fraud and money laundering.......

    Isn't this illegal?

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  • What does the Koran and Torah say about Jesus the prophet, Jesus the man, Jesus the lord?

    Is it the same in both books?

    Do they both correlate with the Bible in some way?🤔

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 week ago
  • If you had to put these in past, present, and future tense to control manKIND. What "order" would you create laws to protect put them in?

    Politics, religion, and history = now, own, won.......

    "Own the past and you won the future".🤔

    Politics1 week ago
  • What happened to the books on Jesus THAT'S NOT IN THE BIBLE?

    Why are they not included? And who has them?

    For what purpose? 🤔


    If books are removed. How can you logically conclude this is accurate or true?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 week ago
  • Why aren't more Jews identify by race when the news accuses people of crimes?

    16 million was stolen from coronavirus funds.

    Artwork worth millions stolen through a heist.

    Slum landlords poisoning their tenants while taking in millions.

    Sex stars being pimped by wealthy looking white men.

    Why are they identified as JEWS when accused or suspected?

    And how would this be considered racists?🤔

    It's not like Muslims catch the charge Everytime an Arab commits a crime......🙄

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  • Do the ghosts of America's past haunt or honor YOU?

    Do you think the dead president's see👁️ you every time an American sell out?

    Would Alexander Hamilton be today's William Barr?🤔

    We Americans traditionally celebrate the birth of our democracy on July 4, commemorating the day in 1776 when the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence . This document was a remarkable assertion of the primacy of the people over their government for the first time in recorded history.

    Arguably, though, the United States’ future as a democratic republic was only cemented much later, on 3/4, 1797 when John Adams was sworn in as George Washington’s successor. Some Founders, including Alexander Hamilton , did not want to limit presidential tenure , and Washington could have stayed on. Instead, he made a decision to decline a third term and return home to Mount Vernon.

    If you have not read Washington’s Farewell Address , in which he declared his intention to step away, you should, particularly at this fraught moment. It’s as if he could see through the centuries to November 2020.

    Using power to destroy democracy

    He railed against regionalism and partisanship, against “ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens,” against those who open the door to foreign influence and “mislead public opinion.” He warned against the rise of “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” who “subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards” the very democratic systems that first put them into office.

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  • What does a respected govt official have to do to be sentenced to DEATH in America?

    And has any govt official ever receive this sentence......🤔

    1 AnswerPolitics1 week ago
  • Who and where did "Zion" originate?

    Why was this particular word chosen for another term for "Israel"......home of the Jews 🤔

    5 AnswersHistory1 week ago
  • When have jews ever been oppressed in America to the extent of African Americans?

    And what do they teach publicly about Jews in colonial America? I want to hear from JEWS.

    Is this true?🤔

    There have been different opinions among historians with regard to the extent of antisemitism in America's past and how American antisemitism contrasted with its European counterpart. Earlier students of American Jewish life minimized the presence of antisemitism in the United States, which they considered a late and alien phenomenon that arose on the American scene in the late 19th century. More recently however, scholars have asserted that no period in American Jewish history was free of antisemitism. The debate about the significance of antisemitism during different periods of American history has continued to the present day.[1]

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  • How many far right sleeper cells in America right now?

    Waiting for the right time to announce "666"........🤔

    A US Army soldier allegedly gave sensitive and classified information to a Satanic neo-Nazi group, hoping to help the extremist group carry out an attack on his own unit, federal prosecutors said Monday.

    "Ethan Melzer, a private in the U.S. Army, was the enemy within," Acting US Attorney Audrey Strauss said in a statement. "As alleged, Melzer was motivated by racism and hatred as he attempted to carry out this ultimate act of betrayal."

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  • Why is Egypt mentioned in the bible, but not KEMET?🤔?

    Was Kemet a real place on earth where present day Egypt stands......

    And if so. What does this say about the historical inaccuracies of the bible AND ITS EXPERTS?🤔

    Along with Canaan, Egypt is one of the most commonly mentioned locations in the Bible, and its people, the Egyptians (or Mitsri), play important roles in the story of the Israelites. No historical evidence corroborates the existence of Jewish slaves in Egypt or the depiction of Egypt as told in the Bible.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 months ago