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  • Advantages that the north had in the civil war?


    The Northern soldiers ate beef as their main meat.

    The Confederate soldiers ate pork as their main meat.

    Beef has more calories and it has more protein and B vitamins, and it is heavier than pork.


    The uniforms were generally made to suit a combination of the climates of their homes, and the materials at hand..

    The Union soldier uniforms were made of wool.

    The Confederate soldier uniforms were made of cotton.

    Cotton is advantageous in the south because cotton breathes but this is only advantage that cotton had.

    The uniforms of the Union, made of wool, we're more durable and could, up to a certain point, provide more protection than a cotton uniform.

    The wool uniform of the Union was heavier and more insulating..

    And wasn't made of slave labor, making it more securely obtained and replaceable.


    Both sides were armed with the 57 caliber Enfield rifled musket, both sides were armed with the smoothbore Napoleon cannon.

    But the Union had more warships, access to its own American made weaponry, a better, more accurate cannon than the older napoleon, time detonating munitions allowing it to explode at the point in its flight path that it would do the most amount of damage, and telegraph technology and more railway.

    Economics and Politics.

    The South had a liability.. The maintenance of Slave order at home..while at war.

    The Union had no such issues.


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  • Things we have in common 😆?

    The grandmother who asked me on a date and I told her she's too old..

    She asked me what we have in common and how we have it in common.

    I told her that what we have in common, isn't from us growing up together..

    We have nothing in common in that regard in that way..

    But what we have in common..

    Is a society that your generation inherited from Edwardians and Victorians that sort of thing..

    And built on it.

    In that sense, we share in common, a work ethic, a sense of civility, a sense of justice, a sense of national identity and national, ethnic, religious, and heritage pride and a willingness to fight and win and kill or die for it.

    The ideals of self improvement, a love of family and home..

    We also share the same fundamental dress style, actually I don't like this as much as the Victorian or Edwardian...

    But times are times.


    We share a common food culture too.

    But there are ways that we differ..

    And my ways in this regard is in fact older than you by far...

    Your generational change to what you inherited..

    Is in fact backwards compared to what you inherited.

    You inherited a criminal justice system in which many, many improvements in rehabilitation and peace within the facilities, and reintegration back into society was the goal..

    That is a Victorian value..  

    And I have to say that I agree with that, much more than the Lock em up and throw away the key..that YOUR generation created...that had also existed in the Georgian era, before the Victorians.


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  • Dinner at The Outback steakhouse?

    I had an 11 ounce center cut sirloin steak, 

    Loaded homestyle mashed potatoes,

    And Steakhouse mac and cheese..

    Some kind of "queensland" chicken..

    With Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo with a lobster tail...

    A Bloomin' Onion.. And Bacon cheese fries..

    A Caesar salad and steamed mixed veggies..

    A chocolate brownie with Ice cream.

    And a large coke.


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  • Old enough to be my Grandmother?

    Some 72 year old woman asked me on a date.


    I had to tell her..look lady..

    Here's $30 go get yourself lunch.


    Let me tell you tell you something..

    72 years old is as old as I remember my Dad being alive...

    And he was 43 was I was born...

    So You were about that same age too back in 1986.

    Now 34 years ago.

    In practice, you're old enough to be my grandmother.

    Even I have to draw a line here, and tell you that you're just too damn old.

    Here's what you need to do..

    Go find yourself a Gramps and have yourself a coffee with him playing chess.


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  • What government agency do I call, to have a McDonald's business license suspended or pulled for continued workplace violence by management?


    The racist black shift manager at McDonald's pulled nunchuks on somebody..

    And he still isn't fired.

    Business licenses don't come out of thin air...

    The government issues them..

    So who do I call to file a government complaint about repeated workplace violence by a shift manager who has no business being a manager because of his criminal record..

    Who racially discriminates..

    Now he pulls out nunchuks.

    And he's not being fired..

    So who do I call, to fire the bad firer..the Bad gm ?

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  • Why should I have "succeeded" under such bad conditions?

    Special schools = Bad Diploma and worse than useless, it would keep me down.

    A GED obtained as an adult is much better.

    Job Coaches = Provides nothing that I can't do for myself, and much more expensively to the state...

    And inhibits advancement.

    State divisions of rehabilitation = Bad records.

    Medicaid providers = Bad records.

    Sheltered workshops = Apartheid, horrible pay, cheap and unnecessary labor, and a bad resume.

    This is why I'm on my own now fixing all of this.

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  • What is better about the northeast?

    If you tell me that healthcare is better in the northeast, you're full of sh!t.

    The Northeast has the exact same for profit business based healthcare system as any other part of America..

    And the schools in the Northeast are failing to create a next generation of high quality doctors.

    If you tell me that the schools are better in the northeast, again you're full of sh!t.

    The Northeast has the country's highest high school dropout rates for personal mental health or safety or work related or necessity or for poor choice reasons.

    Also, education is what you make of it.

    It is your obligation to learn, nobody else can learn for you.

    You have the job to be a good student, not the teachers.

    If you tell me that the food is better...

    I'll say better for who ?

    And who and what is the arbiter of what makes good food ?

    The Italians ?  F)uck the Italians.

    Every human culture in the world has cuisine and dishes.

    It's not the job of the british or the Germans to make the best pizza or shrimp fried rice in the world.

    If you tell me that the music is better..

    Again, better for who ?

    A 30 year old with a choice of how he interprets messages and can decide for himself what to listen to or not ?

    If you tell me that what you have in your house is better...

    I'll tell you that you're full of sh!t again..

    You don't have a damn thing thing in your house that is any better than what is in the American Market.

    If you tell me that you have more freedom..

    Again you're full of sh!t.


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  • Being asked by a Democrat what the Republicans do that angers me... In an attempt to make me sound pro-GOP biased?

    I told her that if she wants to know that..

    I'll be glad to tell her..

    The Republicans act like cliven bundy, Timothy mcveigh, Randy weaver...

    The republicans create big gun parties where they shoot 10,000 guns in a single direction at night, calling it a shoot festival, when it's not a festival, it's a threat of treason, coming from the Republican party itself.. Through the NRA.

    In their midst, they have people like the mormon cult.

    Their ideology, while understood by most..

    Is a creator of cults on the extreme.

    Their answer to everything is lock him ip, fry him, starve him, deny him the benefit of modern technology, and nuke him..

    And if you don't like it, go move to wherever.

    Then she asked me if all that can possibly outweigh what on the left bothers me ?

    I said no it doesn't...

    The equally extreme that exists on the left, is cult families..

    People too stupid to escape poverty and too chicken to take a hit doing it.

    People who been in New York for 300 years and still know nothing about America because they never left, calling themselves Americans..and telling America what We stand for.

    The idea that it's okay to live in what are the most dangerous places in America like such is normal...when it is neither.

    People walking around talking like they have Tourette syndrome, and expect to not be fired, walked away from, punched, or told to f)uck off.

    No the GOPs problems doesn't outweigh it..

    They are equal.

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  • Amy Coney is against what who believes?

    what the minority of Americans in poor inner cities believe that they're somehow entitled to, or what the majority of Americans earning between $20 and $40 an hour believes ?

    Or against what America's heartland believes ?


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  • Some punk took off in a red car?

    On my way home from work at Whole Foods, Somebody looking for a fight pulled up to me telling me to come on over here, you work at Slim chickens, and whole foods ?...

    I was sweating and listening to music on my phone..

    I took the ear buds out of my ears and took off my shirt and dumped a bottle of dasani water on myself..

    He hit the accelerator so fast, the tires were screeching.


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  • Was this a good answer or a bad one and why?

    My manager asked me why I'm working so hard, filling up the whole racks with cups of sauce.

    This is mass production back here that you do by yourself..

    25 cups across, 10 rows down, stacked 7 high..

    And you are you constantly doing this every time you come here..

    And when I schedule you to arrive at work at 10 am.. You clock in at 8 or 9..

    And when you're supposed to leave at 3 or 4..

    You're still here at 5 or 6..

    Why ?

    I told him that it's because I need a champion..

    And the only one I have left in this world is me.

    I need a resume, and honesty is always the best policy, so I'm here to build one.

    My heritage is also English..

    In an ideal world, It should need no introduction....

    But apparently, it still needs to kick a)ss and strutt stuff and wave it's flag.

    So here I am... Mass producer, hard worker, innovator to achieve productivity.

    Competitor against the loudest mouths in the world today.

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  • How I would feel as an executioner if the inmate was innocent?

    My sister asked me how I would feel if I was executioner and somebody I executed was innocent.

    I told her that firstly, as executioner, I'm not the judge and jury and I don't know the facts of the case.

    I don't know if the condemned inmate is innocent nor do I have jurisdiction or the authority to know.

    As executioner, my job is to assume guilt and carry out my orders without passion or prejudice.

    By the time a condemned inmate meets me..

    The jury found him guilty.

    The jury recommended death.

    The judge sentenced him to death.

    He was sent to death row.

    The appeals courts turned him down.

    The Supreme Court of the United States turned him down.

    He had all the opportunity in the world and then some to prove his claims of innocence.

    I have only one job and one authority...

    That is to Hit the button, pull the lever, pull the trigger or release the pressure on the tubes and clap the bag...

    And out of this world he goes.

    And even if he was innocent of the act itself...he still should have thought ahead..

    And asked himself this question..

    What am I, when my friends that I hang out with, are who and what ?


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  • Why should we not put statues of our heroes in public?

    Note - the names are examples.

    If I founded a country..

    A country in which the writer and signer of the groundwork for our government is Victoria Westinghouse.

    A country in which the first Prime Minister is Victoria Westinghouse.

    A country in which the the Episcopal Church of the United British Republic of North America was founded by Victoria Westinghouse, John Westinghouse and James McNoughton.

    A country in which the first businessman is John Westinghouse, who founded a trading company that imports tools and building materials and work vehicles that builds our country.

    A country in which the first Industrialist is John Halvorsen..

    Who founded the Halvorsen Corporation that manufactures Halvorsen cars and trucks, and Trains and Aircraft and military vehicles and military aircraft, and engines.

    A country in which the first Wartime Generals are Andrew Gwatney, Charles Shatner, John Strueker, and Michael Evans...

    Who kicked North Korea's a)ss after they started threatening to Nuke "Malamute".

    Why would would we NOT put statues of these people in public places ?

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  • No such a thing as a perfect person exists?

    Thomas Jefferson.

    Role in history : 

    Founding father of the United States.

    Product of : The Georgian Era of the United States and lived into the Regency.

    Good Deeds : Helped to write the world's first legal, not philosophical writing to begin to set people truly free of birth right royalty.

    Deeds for which he is controversial :

    Owned slaves during a time when no challenge to slavery existed, and no problem with slavery existed and no concept that profiteering from slave labor was a wrongdoing.

    Abraham Lincoln.

    Role in History : 16th President of the United States.

    Product of : 

    The Regency Era and Victorian Era of the United States, Mid Victorian Era President of the United States

    Good Deeds : 

    Saved the USA from being split, and freed the slaves.

    Deeds for which he is controversial :

    Spousal abuse highly likely.

    Child abuse highly likely.

    Plunged America into war against itself.

    Had no original intent on freeing slaves.

    Charles R Evans.

    Role in History :

    Common civilian, non-notable, working man, family man, Veteran of the United States Air Force.

    Product of :

    Silent Generation.

    Early 2nd Elizabethan Era America.

    Good Deeds.

    NONE notable.

    Deeds for which he would be controversial if he were notable :


    Economic Abuse of his Wife and Children

    Child Abuse

    Spousal Abuse

    Generalized Bigotry across the spectrum 

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  • Why have so few, if any people ever been charged with treason?

    Timothy McVeigh.

    Use of a weapon of mass destruction.

    Conspiracy use of a weapon of mass destruction.

    Destructive use of explosives or incendiary devices.

    8 federal counts of first-degree murder of 8 federal law enforcement officers.

    160 state counts of first-degree murder of the others.

    Not a single one of these charges are TREASON.

    David Koresh.

    Various weapons charges.

    Various marital and family crimes, like polygamy and domestic violence.

    Child abuse and child neglect.

    And assault and murder and attempted murder of law enforcement personnel.

    again.. Not the TREASON that he committed.

    NONE of the Confederate leaders and military brass have stood trial.

    Criminal charges are not just the names of the various activities of violating the law, they are a public message as to what is and isn't tolerated..

    America continues to put up with TREASON..regardless of what is actually done to the people who commit it..

    So is it any wonder that the Government is one of the biggest targets for violent crime in America ?

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  • Teaching my kid to use guns and rifles?

    I was asked if I want to sign my kid up for shooting lessons, pistols, shotguns, rifles..

    I told them that I have no problem with my kid learning to use a gun.

    What I have problem with, is you people.

    What else besides shooting, are you going to teach my kid ?

    What is your narrative on self defense ?

    Is it some street thug wearing a dog collar and a million chains around his pants with crap spray painted on his tee shirt, with green hair on one side and purple hair on the other..

    A du rag on his head and bandana around his face...

    Wearing a motorcycle jacket and using drugs...

    Talking sh!t, and pulling out knives ?

    Or is your narrative high treason ?


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  • Why should I patronize Bedford Hills, NY ?

    Some woman called the FBI on me in Bedford Hills, NY..

    The FBI agents told her right in front of me...

    That first of all, they can arrest HER for a a Federal Hate Crime, attempting to use the FBI as intimidation and lying to the FBI as well.

    Secondly I (meaning myself) have the right to be in Bedford Hills, New York and if you don't like it, you can leave..

    It doesn't matter if your house is $100 or $6 million dollars..

    Or if the rent is $200 a month or $5,000 a month..

    The rights are all the same, and if you don't like him (him=me) you can leave..

    Because you can at any time, leave in Handcuffs.

    Thirdly, he has the right to be whatever it is about him that you're trying to attack.

    And last but not least, he has the right to defend himself..

    And you got beat up... That's your problem went after him.

    So we now can also charge you with a second, federal hate crime.

    The third federal hate crime, is an attempt to utilize an NGO (non-governmental organization) to attack him with.

    I was asked if I want to press charges, I said that federal court is a little intimidating and I am only here visiting..

    Her attempts to use agencies to violate my rights failed..

    But why would I want to live around such people in the first place ?

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  • How old should our majority age be ?

    Too young, and you're making an adult out of somebody who can't function in our community by themselves without guidance and support and you create illiteracy.

    Too old, and you increase the domestic violence rate, and you create adult inexperience, and a lack of qualification.And in any case..You can't cure stupidity, Only life or death can.There will always be losers.So how old would you like the majority age to be, in order to equally FAIL to create winners or to produce behaviors that you like ?

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  • The Supreme Court is for protection, not your political toy?

    FDR attempted to pack the Supreme Court in order to obtain a favorable ruling for his new deal, which at that time wouldn't have been democratically popular and even it would have been, isn't the way America operates.

    His attempt failed.

    The Supreme Court is regulator based on recent past political precedent, to help prevent populism sweeps that threaten to Alter America to the desires of people who just things to be their way or even how their daddy told them that things should be...

    It's not your political toy..

    We have an independent judiciary for a reason.

    And that recent past precedent at this point in time is a conservative one..

    And you're going to follow the rules.

    So good luck trying to stack the court.

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