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    I called off our wedding a month before because my fiancé did not seem to be in love with me. He was no longer affectionate and became distant. He promised me it was just work and wedding stress and said he would try harder and to just get thru it together. 3.5 years we have been married. We have a cute 2 year old daughter. We own a beautiful farm and I stay at home to raise her. My husband has not kissed me (like a man) in 3 years. He doesn't hold my hand, he is rarely kind and mostly gruff and dismissive. We had a date night three weeks ago and was the first in 12 months. He has two kids from a previous marriage that I am mother to every other week. I have swooped these kids in as my own. He will not tell me any compliments! I am a totally city girl who changed to a country girl for him and still he acts like I am dirt. I felt I could suck it up for my daughter but now I am feeling depressed, isolated, lonely, irritable... the nice kind me is vanishing and it is making me a horrible person that I resent. He is textbook passive aggressive and now I have become textbook depressed. I resent him and his two kids. He says it may take years for him to change towards me and that because of our vow to God that I promised till death do us part and I am the selfish bad guy for giving up. I have a second cottage I am currently in the process of moving into.

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