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  • Who is more closer to being the Scotty Kilmer of bike maintenance?

    I'm looking into watching videos and reading about bike maintenance but I don't know which is more experienced with bike maintenance. I'm also thinking of becoming an apprentice bike mechanic myself, but I believe such videos will help me prepare to being a better apprentice.  I am also trying to find the name of these allen keys that look like hammers and knowing the various torque settings for bolts. 

    I heard of Sheldon Cycles or Cooper and Global Cycling Network. 

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  • Will a lubricant specifically designed for chains also help to extend the life of my bike's drivetrain?

    I've left my bike exposed to the elements for 2 years and just recently loosened the chains with WD-40 cleaner and WD-40 chain lubricant. I'm now intending on purchasing a chain cleaner and some solvent to help clean the chain further before brushing the cassette and lubricating the chain with Rock N Roll Gold chain lube. But will a chain lube itself also help extend the life of my cassette and its other drivetrain components? 

    This is so it can last a little bit more before I have the bike brought in for a chain replacement (I'm embarrassed because of the golden brown appearance my chain has) . My rear derailleur shift cable has also rusted.   Bike is also making this creaking or knocking sound each time the pedals make a full revolution.  

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  • Is my business strategy good if I incorporate workplace indoctrination?

    I consider myself different from other employers who would rather have raw recruits for their businesses and risk having one or more of its employees act out of line with company views, etc.   I believe a meaningful relationship between the company and its employees who will share the same views will improve productivity and  efficiency, unlike others who only see their jobs as a job and work normally (I don't need people like that).  

    I am on the verge of becoming a supervisor and thought it would be a great to increase the productivity and efficient operation of my business if I inculcate certain employees with the correct ideas, beliefs, attitudes and cognitive strategies.   

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  • Is it implied by employers that an employee has an obligation to report any safety hazards to QA and supervisors?

    I was once unemployed and always came across several job descriptions that never mentioned anything about reporting any safety hazards to QA and/or supervisors, but they always state something about reporting any safety hazards to the relevant personnel during the video induction.   

    Can an employee be fired if it is discovered that employee failed to report the safety hazard when he/she knew it was a risk before the incident took place?

    Also, why would they include one possible answer to a question that was never mentioned in the induction?  If anything, it confuses the employee because it was never mentioned in the video but is also a great option??. 

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  • Am I likely to be fired by my employer  in this case?

    My employer called me to inform me she will touch base with me the following week after one of the companies sacked me because of my  "attitude". I was well behaved and followed every instruction, but I was struggling with the project that caused some delays because it was my 2nd day there and I had little to no experience from 2 people who spoke broken English. 

    I feel like they chose a potentially damaging reason to sack me without ever thinking of the dire consequences this will have on me.

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  • What kind of servicing do I need if I left my bike exposed to the elements for 2 years?

    I secured a new job in the countryside of my state that is only 3 km from the railway station, but I was wondering what kind of servicing will I need done to my bike.  It was left exposed to the elements for more than 2 years because I was using a private vehicle at the time. 

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    Does my E46 323i have a 16/20pin  OBDI or II port by this picture?

    I just went and bought myself a Bluetooth vehicle monitor that will detect and clear a select amount of codes, record the measurements of various on-board sensors, and set reminders for me when to change the oil, etc.   However, I just realized it does not have the standard OBD-II interface, but a non- standard OBDI interface just under the bonnet.

    Any chance of a fire if I leave the OBDI-to-OBDII  cable adapter, OBD-II extension cable and the OBD-II a Bluetooth adapter connected to the diagnostics port?  

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  • Any chance of an electrical fire with my NOCO G15000 charger if I leave it charging a battery overnight, and how long should it take?

    Charging a maintenance  20HR 65Ah  6 cell 12V battery that has been connected to my NOCO charger for more than 5 hours. I had the battery charger in 12V 1.5A maintenance mode after I accidentally selected the mode for lithium battery. I've already topped up each cell with filtered tap water just barely touching the bottom of each cap. 

    Can I leave it charging like that overnight?

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  • Am I considered both offensive and insulting under these circumstances?

    I am a person who prefers a fade cut over a bald cut any day, a person who likes to conform to dress codes within my age bracket, a person who would rather study and work at the same time, and a person who prefers to shop in or near the city for high end clothing and apparels like Oakley. However, I did NOT attend any programs that turns a man or boy into a metrosexual, I was NEVER my mum's favorite child, and I had to learn the English grammar myself!

    Also, would me telling and posting a lie back in 2016  about myself being a convict have anything to do with me being blacklisted from such programs that turns a man one? The funny thing about this blacklisting is that I was frustrated for missing out, so I told a lie about myself that got me banned. And because my dad was forcing me to being macho ever since that day.  XD

    Am I considered BOTH insulting and offensive in these circumstances?

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  • Who makes better fighter jets, tanks and helicopters between US and Russia?

    I've read several posts about the Russia manufacturing fighter jets that are clearly inferior to their western counterparts, but is it the same for Russian helicopters and tanks?

    Who made the KA-50 Aligator?

    What did America do with a stolen soviet helicopter?  

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  • What was the point of Donald Trump putting up a wall if Mexicans travel to and from US by plane everyday?

    I believe Mexican citizens are still free to fly to and from US/Canada by plane with no restrictions, so why did he put up a wall at the expense of the Mexican government???

    Seems kind of prejudiced towards Mexicans. 

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  • Am I supposed to fully charge my car battery or put it under maintenance with my NOCO G15000 charger? (battery not used for several months)?

    I have a 12v lead acid battery  not used in several months that caused my battery charger to skip from  25% and move up to 75%. The battery itself did have some charge to power up its instruments and central locking unit, but not enough to turn the engine over. 

    I simply hooked up my battery charger and selected 12V 15A to charge the battery. 

    Also, would I be doing any damage if I replace the clamps from my battery charger with battery terminals? I believe terminals would give a better contact that in turn improves charging times.  . 

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  • Will cleaning the throttle body and plate increase or decrease the likelihood of a wide open throttle plate?

    One of the things that's constantly racing in my mind is the chance of a throttle plate remaining stuck open on highway speeds. I am planning to drive soon with my BMW that I disassembled and reassembled with  non plastic parts, but I'm scared that the dirty throttle body will get its plate stuck open.

    Do I clean it or leave it?  I can only clean one side of the plate and throttle body not unless I spray seafoam into the throttle body to clean the TB and upper cylinders. 

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  • Are all houses in Utah like this?

    I thought I'd just explore a typical American street and compare it to the suburbs in my country. I can't seem to find any American suburbs close to mine since they all look like this in Utah. If that's the case, then I feel both very angry and saddened at the fact Americans pay more taxes than anyone else in the world while still not getting the proper facilities they deserve.   It's insane why you all need to pay exorbitant amounts of tax while getting little to nothing in return. 

    95N Main St Utah.,-112.06088...

    A typical suburb in my state and country (Williams Landing, Victoria, Australia),144.74219...

    Americans deserve better than what they currently have for suburbs. 

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  • Is it safe to attach a Noco Genius battery charger directly to the car's battery while the car's terminals are still attached?

    I bought one of those high-end 15A 15,000 battery chargers for my BMW, but I don't know if connecting the charger directly to the battery clamps from the car on the battery will cause any damage. 

    I could always remove the negative and positive terminals from the battery and just have the charger connected to the batter inside the boot. 

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  • What happens if an urban explorer triggers an alarm and stays there?

    A Youtube channel called The Proper People triggered an alarm simply by just entering a room without even touching anything. They simply just walked into a room before an alarm went off.

    Why would an abandoned place need an active alarm system?

    What kind of alarm goes off just by detecting motion?

  • What happens if a Russian citizen refuses to join The Red Army?

    If a Russian citizen refused to join the army in WWII

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  • A person is making several attempts to have me fired, what are my options?

    A person who overheard me talking on the phone regarding switching jobs, has since made SEVERAL attempts to have me fired, all because of my unkempt hair making me look ugly because our government closed all hairdressers. I now have other employees looking at me directly in the eyes, employees seeing me as a contemptible person, employees reporting me for anything to the supervisor, a supervisor who refuses to look and talk to me, and cancelled shifts. 

    I simply cannot afford to be fired again because a bully from my previous job already got me fired by setting me up for something I didn't do, and because this bully is impersonating me on several job search engines with the intention of keeping me unemployed. 

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    Is there a chance my employer could take this text conversation the wrong way?

    I submitted a false or misleading timesheet to my employer due to the fact I had forgotten to include the lunch breaks for each shift, and because I also told them through the text message I had a lunch break on one of my shifts that actually finished the same time a lunch break was about to start, meaning I might have given them the idea I was working much longer than other employees for that shift.  

    Enclosed is an edited chat conversation between me and my employer (employer name and number removed for privacy reasons). 

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  • Am I going to be fired for recording a lunch break on a shift that finished the same time the lunch break will start?

    Long story short, I forgot to fill in my timesheets after each shift because I was simply too lazy to fill it out after each workday.  I now recorded a 30 minute lunchbreak on one of my shifts that ended early at the same time the lunch break was about to start.  I gave my reason to my employer that I wasn't sure if there was a lunchbreak on that shift because I had forgotten to record it in my timesheet for that day, so I thought I'd record a 30 minute lunch break for that shift to avoid a possible overpayment. However, I did not take into account they might see it the wrong way and think I was going to take a lunch break and go back to work before providing a false or misleading finish time for that shift. 

    My shift for that date started 7:00 AM and finished 11:00AM before I recorded a 30 minute lunch break.  

    I'm worried they might see me as a dishonest person and fire me, despite trying to be honest and risking 30 minutes worth of work by stating I had a 30 minute lunch break. 

    I'm feeling very worried. 

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