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  • If I fail calculus will I still get into college?

    The senioritis is full force. I have As and Bs in all other classes, I have all the math credits I need. I have high above average SAT and ACT scores and good teacher recommendations. If I fail calc, will I still get into Appalachian State? I just don’t understand it. It’s too gd hard. I’m taking 5 AP classes. That should counterbalance, right? Right? My planned major isn’t anything math or science related. 

    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)10 months ago
  • My dog recently had a laparoscopic spay surgery. Should I be worried about these symptoms?

    She has three incisions, one of which is fairly profusely leaking serum and seems irritated, and another one has an egg sized swelling close to it, but the incision itself appears fine. There are multiple small pustules in areas of her belly (she’s had these before the surgery though too - she has loose skin that tends to trap debris - however there are more this time around.) I’m worried that her wounds are infected. She’s acting pretty normal.

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