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  • Significance Of A Payroll System Software? Easy 10 pts!?

    Okay, so this is from a research proposal. Significance Of A Payroll System Software?

    This MUST include significance to Employees, Employers, Business Owners, Administrators, Researchers and Future Researchers. You can add more if its ok with you.

    It doesnt have to be very good, just make your point.

    This'll be an easy 10 points!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Physics Vectors ASAP! Fast 10 pts!?

    A tourist bus has to go to an amusement part 16 km East. It travels 5 km east, then 4 km, 45º South of East and then takes a turn and finally reached the amusement park. Find the displacement and direction of the final turn it took to reach the amusement park.

    So if a triangle is formed, its sides would be 4 km, 11 km (16-5) and the final turn which is missing. Please help ASAP! and step by step from the start pls.


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  • Physics quadratic eq help ASAP! Fast 10 pts!?

    Im solving a problem and got stuck, here:

    Given: V = 25 m/s

    a = -0.4 m/s^2

    Find: t

    So S=displacement, V=initial velocity, t=time, a=acceleration

    S = V t + 1/2 a t^2

    235 = 25 t + 1/2 (-0.4) t^2

    235 = 25 t -0.2 t^2

    Solve for t using quadratic equation:

    t = 10.25 sec

    So you see, I dont know how to use quadratic and how it arrived at 10.25 sec. So please show me how with steps, thanks!

    Also, if ur interested heres my other questions:

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  • Physics vectors ASAP! Fast 10 points!?

    Need it tomorrow, please answer ASAP.

    Two tugboats are towing as barge. Each exerts a force of 5.0 tons, and the angle between two ropes is 30º. Find the resultant force exerted on the barge.

    I have another question here:


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  • Physics dimensional analysis, need example problems ASAP! Fast 10 pts!?

    Need it tomorrow for my compilation.

    Here are examples:

    1.Show acceleration (a=F/m) with a dimension of L/T^2.

    sol'n: a = F / m

    L / T^2 = m(v/t) / m

    L / T^2 = M(L/T / T) / M

    L / T^2 = L / T^2

    2.Illustrate the dimensional analysis (x=vt) with the dimension of L.

    sol'n: x = vt

    L = L/T (T)

    L = L

    Please, I need more examples, at least 1 more. And please provide the answer in a method like the above. Thanks!

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  • L (Death Note) Quote - I have two rules.?

    So when did L (Death Note) said this quote? :

    I have two rules.

    First, Im never wrong.

    Second, if Im wrong, then back to the first rule.

    Bcuz Ive watched the anime and havent heard him said that.


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  • Geforce 9500gt and Nforce 630i compatible?

    My motherboard is a Geforce 7100 / nforce 630i and I'm planning to buy a video card which is a Palit Geforce 9500gt 1gb 128bit DDR2. I dunno if it'll fit in and be compatible. Please tell me if it will as soon as possible. And a quick explanation please, and adding a link would be great.


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  • Monitor turns off after 2-3 seconds. Help!?

    My monitor turns off after 2-3 seconds of turning it on. When I turn it on there is a blue light indicating the power is on but after a 2-3 seconds the light goes out and the screen goes black. The light is supposed to be orange. After it goes out I tried pressong the power button but it won't turn on. I already secured the cables, reconnect them and double-checked the connections but still it's no use. Help!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • SD Card Corrupted / Damaged?


    I was using my 8gb sd card with my Android phone and it worked perfectly fine. Yesterday after restarting my phone it says, "Blank SD Card", I tried reinserting and restarting it many timrs but it still says the same thing and sometimes, "Damaged SD Card".

    I tried reformatting it with my Android phone but it does nothing, it doesn't format it. I inserted it to my PC (the adapter isn't locked/write-protected), and my PC can't even read it. I tried formatting with my PC into FAT/NTFS/exFAT but it says "Windows is unable to complete the format. I also tried SD Formatter 3.1 but it can't format it too.

    I inserted it to my Nokia phone and it works, it can read it, it can also send my files inside via Bluetooth. HOWEVER, it still can't format it!

    Please let me know how do I get it to work again. And if possible, can recover my files inside.

    Many thanks!!!

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  • What are Verbs According to Form?

    What are verbs according to form?

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  • Can my PC play 720p H.264/x.264 videos smoothly? Take a look at me PC specs!?

    Hey, please make it quick.

    As the title says, yeah, here are my specs:

    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2.50GHz (2CPUs) ~2.5GHz

    RAM: 1.5GB DDR2 RAM

    VRAM: NVIDIA Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i (Integrated)

    *When I go to Screen Resolution (right click desktop), then Advanced Settings, it says that I have 256 dedicated video ram.

    Reso: 1600 x 900

    That's all. Also, do I need to install some other files to play h.264, 720p videos?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • PSP 3000 price in the Philippines as of 2012 (updated)?

    What is the present price of PSP 3000 in Philippines? And from what malls? Also, about the package too, how much does it cost and what does it includes? Thanks!

    1 AnswerPlayStation8 years ago
  • Can my friend's PSN Account be logged in my PS Vita?

    I know it works in PS3, like logging in your friend's PSN Account, then downloading games he already bought. Will this work with the PS Vita too? Legit answers please. Thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersPlayStation8 years ago
  • Can a PSN Card here in Philippines work with a PS Vita from US?

    My uncle from US will mail me a PS Vita from there to here in the Philippines. Will I be able to use PSN Cards here in Philippines to my PS Vita imported from US? Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerPlayStation8 years ago
  • Can I Share PS Vita PSN Accounts With My Friend?

    Is it possible? My friend has a PSN Account in his PS Vita and has bought many games in it. When I buy my own PS Vita, will I be able to use his account and download the same games he bought? Or if not, how would he be able to share his games to my PS Vita? Thanks!

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  • Can PSP game exploits be played with the PS Vita?

    Can PSP game exploits ( pirated PSP games that can be downloaded through the internet ) be played with the PS Vita? Like transferring the PSP games to the PS3, then transferring it to the PS Vita? Do you have any idea how to play those games with the PS Vita? Thanks in advance! Go for the best answer!

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  • How to buy PSP games for the PS Vita without using PSN / PS Store?

    How to buy PSP games for the PS Vita without the use of PSN or Playstation Store? I don't want to use PSN / Playstation Store bec. I heard it only works in North America, but if it does work in other countries (im in Philippines), please tell me how to do so. But I still prefer an answer not recommending that PSN Playstation Store.


    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago

    I live here in Philippines and I really don't have an idea how to buy a gadget from USA and deliver it to me here in Philippines. I want to buy the PS Vita from USA. Also tell me how long would it take to be shipped here. And how much would be the shipment price, as I have said, the PS Vita ( Wi-fi model ) and the Starter Kit. Please don't tell me to buy it from another country instead, please answer my questions. Thanks in advance (10 points for ya!).

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  • Can I Plug a 230 Voltage 50Hz Gadget in Philippines (220 Voltage 60Hz) ?

    can I charge a PS Vita from Australia in the Philippines w/o causing damage?

    Australia: 230 Voltage 50Hz

    Philippines: 220 Voltage 60Hz

    1 AnswerPlayStation9 years ago
  • PS Vita Languages? What do you mean by Region Free?

    Hi, I'm gonna buy PS Vita from Australia so I wanna know if PS Vita will have different language versions just like the PSP.

    Sony said PS Vita will be Region Free, what do you mean by it? They said you'll be able to play games from diff. regions but will you be able to change languages of your PS Vita?

    Also, if there are diff. language versions just like the PSP, tell me what version will there be in Australia.

    Note: I'm not talkin about the Wifi / 3g wifi "versions".


    2 AnswersPlayStation9 years ago