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  • Would you rather (A) or (B)?

    Take a pick. Would you (A) rather spend days and weeks pulling down recipes, going through your fridge or cabinet looking to see what you have compared to have what you need, countless trips to the grocery store to get those last minute things then going back to the store because you think of something else you want to fix to round off the meal. Chopping all the veggies, standing over a hot stove with several pots stewing and one or two things in the oven. Timing everything out to make sure everything is done around the same time. OR, (B) taking a few hours after everyone is done to wash some dishes and put a few things away?

    I'm cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner this year and the wife is not doing a thing.  She feels that since I cooked everything she's not going to clean anything up afterwards.  According to her since she didn't decide to make all those dishes she's not obligated to clean anything.  Is this selfish on her part?

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  • Thanksgiving Question:  What is she saving it for?

    With Covid being on the rise right now my wife and I have decided that instead of going to her parent's house with around 15+ people we've decided to cook our own meal and just invite our 3 kids and 2 of their friends.  7 people at the most.  Well every year my wife gets a $25 Butterball check from her job.  We already have the turkey in the fridge but I told my wife we needed to get a ham because everyone doesn't eat turkey.  As of right now the turkey is the only meat we're having.  When we went shopping Sat to get the last few things to finish dinner we walked by the hams and priced them.  When I turned to her she said that she forgot to bring the check.  She then said that she was really planning to save the check for Christmas dinner.  I looked at her and ask why she was saving it.  Knowing my wife she won't remember there that check in come Christmas.  Have any of you ever gone to a Thanksgiving dinner and there was only one meat?  We alternate Thanksgiving dinners between my family and hers and not once in all the years we've been together have we ever been to either parent's house and there was just a turkey.  And it's not like we can't just purchase a ham come Christmas.  And right now we're not even planning for Christmas dinner.  What is she saving the check for or is she just being petty.  My wife is not cooking one thing so it's not like she's going to be standing over a hot stove cooking it.

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  • Customer Service Question:  Was I wrong to disconnect the call? ?

    I work for a large medical company assisting patients with receiving free insulin for their diabetes.  It's an inbound call environment.  I've mentioned this before that I do not like being called pet names like honey, sweetie, or baby when I'm working especially from patients.  May people feel that the older you are the more of a pass you get.  Well, I was assisting a woman who was trying to get her husband on our program.  When I answered the call the first thing the woman asked for was my name.  I politely gave it to her and again asked for hers.  During the call she called me sweetie. I politely told her my name again.  A few sentences later she called me baby.  Again I politely asked her to call my by my name.  Her response was, "I'm sorry, does that offend you?  I politely again said "yes, I do not like being called pet names by people I do not know."  Her response to me was, "Ok, can I call you a$$ hole?"  I politely gave the company closing, "Thank you for calling . . . " and kindly disconnected the call.  All of our calls are recorded so I wasn't rude to her in any way.  I just asked her to call me by my name which I had given to her several times.  Again, some people think that the older you get the more of a pass people should give you in regards to stuff like this.  I'm sure that when she goes to her doctor's office she doesn't call them by pet names or even their first names.  She refers to them as doctor.  

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  • No reimbursement for using home phone line or internet?

    As we all know the covid crisis has forced a lot of individuals to work from home.  My company is no exception.  It's a multi million dollar medical company and in March they sent everyone home with a work station and phone line to continue working.  Many people didn't have phone lines or internet at home so we had to set that up.  I had internet but no phone line so I added it to our bundle package.  For a while the company was reimbursing each employee with a small stipend for your phone and internet use but they have since stopped that.  Granted, it's great to still have a job and be employed but should we have to pay for our own phone and internet lines for company use?  I'm not saying they should pay the entire bill but is a small stipend too much to ask?


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  • Does he not need my help anymore?

    Several years ago I hung our new big screen TV and hid the cables and wires inside our wall.  My sister and brother-in-law liked it so much that they said when they get a new TV they wanted me to do the same for them at their house.  Well, my B-I-L told me that one of his friends needed his TV mounted and asked if I would do it.  He gave me the guys contact number and I spoke with him.  This was Fri night.  I asked him if he had the mount to put on the wall and he said no.  I told him I could find one and possibly do the install on Sat.  I figured I'd find one at Walmart or some place like that.  The mounts they had were more than what I wanted to pay so I figured I'd order one on Amazon which was a lot cheaper.  I text the guy to say I would have to order one and as soon as it arrives I would get in touch with him about installing it.  I've not heard anything back yet from the guy.  This was Sat.  I've spent my time and money on a mount and he's not responded back with even a simple "okay."  The mount is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I'm going to let him know when it arrives to set everything up.  My questions is this.  If someone was reaching out to you to do something you have asked them to do would it not be common courtesy to keep in touch with them?  I've not heard anything from the guy since Fri when we first spoke.  I have a new TV coming for our house and if I don't hear from him I'm just going to use it myself.  

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  • Will I be able to go visit my daughter and grandchild after she gives birth?

    I may be asking this question prematurely but my daughter is currently pregnant expecting her first child in March of 2021.  With the covid cases back on the rise I have a concern that when she gives birth I nor my family, namely her grandparents, the baby's new great-grandparents, will not be able to go visit her in the hospital to meet the new baby.  Yeah, theoretically, we can wait till her and the baby come home but I guess my question is do you think we can go visit her and the baby the day she gives birth?  Especially with covid cases back on the rise.  No one can visit a covid patient while they're in the hospital but does this also mean no one in the maternity ward will be allowed visitors either?  Just a general question.  Have any of you had a family member or friend give birth since this pandemic hit and were they allowed visitors or not?

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  • When people don't want to learn?

    I work for a large medical company processing applications so we can provide them with free insulin.  A national company.  The application is 3 pages long and it never fails me that several times a day I'll get a call from a doctor's office or even the patient wanting to know the status of their application.  I'll look it up and then realize that they only sent in part of the app so we can't process it without the full application.  When I inquire with the patient or doctor's office as to why they only sent in part of the application they'll usually say something like, "Well we gave the patient the part they need to fill out and they said they would mail it to you."  Or, the patient will say, "I gave the doctor's their part and they said they would send it in."  Then they get mad when weeks go by and their application hasn't been processed.  When I explain to them that it is 1 application and not 2 parts then they want to catch an attitude with me like I'm trying to be condescending to them.  Would you apply for a car loan and send in part of the finance paperwork and then give your employer the part about your job and tell them to send that in at their leisure?  No.  Would you ever send in half of a credit card application then get mad when weeks go by and you've not heard anything?  Would you take that as condescending to tell a patient or doctor's office rep that we can't do anything with half an application?  People will never learn.

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  • What to do about someone blocking your driveway?

    My wife and I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood.  There's a muslin center to the right of us and houses to the left of us.  Our neighbor on the left drives for Lowe's and several times a day he'll bring his missive 18 wheeler tractor trailer delivery truck to our neighborhood and just park it to kill time at his house.  Most of the time he'll park the truck along side the Muslin center and then just walk down the street as to not block anyone's driveway which works fine.  But other times he'll just pull his truck rihgt in front of his house which blocks our driveway.  Several times I'd had to ask him to move his truck so we could get in or out our driveway.  This morning my wife went to get her morning coffee as she always does and when she came back he had completely blocked our driveway again.  I had to literally walk out in my pajamas in the cold to ask him to move his truck.  What did he do, he pulled it up on the other side of his house thus blocking that neighbor's driveway.  Again, he'll come park that truck several times a day.  I don't want to get to the point of calling his job or the police on him but this is an ongoing problem like he doesn't care.  I gues he thinks he'll only be a few minutes but what if there is an emergency and we or the other neighbor needs to get out in a hurry?  We're stuck till he moves the truck.  Speaking to him about it doesn't seem to work.  

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  • Why is she always bringing my daughter into things?

    As you all know my wife's oldest son is a disaster.  A felon at the age of 26, no job, countless arrests, 2 kids he doesn't support, no future at all.  Well last night my wife and I were about to sit down to dinner when he calls her and tells her that his car had broken down on the highway.  This is a car he bought off a friend some kind of way that is not registered, has no insurance, and he has no license. But he's put a paper tag on it to drive it around illegally.  Well, I was hesitant about going because he's old enough to have a car then let him figure out what he's going to do.  When I was moving slow about going my wife made this statement, "Had it been your daughter you would have dropped everything and gone running."  My daughter is 23 with a license, a legally registered car, and a car that's insured.  My daughter had nothing to do with this but she felt the need to bring that up.  Yes, had my daughter broke down on the highway yes, I would have dropped everything.  But you're talking about a 26 year old wanna be man.  He can figure things our for himself.  Why does my wife keep bringing up my daughter when it comes to things like this and how do I address it with her in a calm manner?  I've not  said anything to her yet because I didn't' want to start the argument with her last night but I do plan on it.  What should I say to get her to understand that it's not cool to keep bringing up my daughter when she wants to get a point across?

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  • What to do for her birthday?

    Here's my dilemma.  This year my wife turns 50 years old in Dec and for several months she's been hinting, well telling me, that she wants me to do something big for her 50th b-day.  My problem is this. Although she wants me to do something big for her 50th several years ago when I turned 50 all she gave me was a card and a hat.  I didn't get a special meal cooked.  I didn't get a dinner out.  And nor did I get a big celebration with all my friends or family.  I got a card and a hat.  I'm not saying that I won't do something, but I'm not going to go all out for her when she didn't go all out for me.  Yeah, I'll probably take her to dinner but I'm not renting a hall and inviting all her friends for a surprise party or anything like that.  Should I do more for her birthday than she did for me?  Even dinner is more than what I got.

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  • Wife didn't come to my daughter's gender reveal.  What should I do?

    Last Wed my wife had a minor surgical procedure on her back that lasted all of an hour.  She's been home recuperating since then.  My biological daughter, my wife's step-daughter is pregnant with my first official biological grandchild.  Sunday was my daughter's gender reveal party which was 1/2 a mile down the street from our house at my sister's house.   Sat my wife and I went out for a while to Target and to get some lunch but come Sunday, 30 minutes before the gender reveal my wife informed me that she was going to take a pain pill and would probably be sleep so she wasn't going to make the party.  She was well enough to go to Target Sat but now well know to ride 1/2 a mile down the street to her own step-daughter's gender reveal.  My wife was woke when I left and was woke when I got back a little more than an hour later.  Am I right to assume that she just didn't want to go and used the excuse about the pain pill making her sleepy?  I would have or could have taken  chair to my sister's place so she could have sat down the entire time.  How should I feel about this?  Now every time her family has an event I'm always there even when I don't want to go.  Why, because it's family.  I could understand if this was a friend or co-worker's party but it was her very own step daughter.

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  • Am I being shorted OT hors on my job?

    My job has been backed up on work for several weeks now and 2 weeks in a row they have made it mandatory we work a full day on Sat.  This past week I was scheduled for PTO which was approved due to my wife's surgery.  I worked a total of 59 hours but when my manager approved my time I only got approved for 51 hours because he said that you should never take PTO on a week you have OT because those hours get pulled from your OT hours and you only get paid straight time.  So look at it this way.  Say you worked a full 40 hours but 8 of those hours were for a day of you had been approved for and had the PTO hours to cover.  You were required to work a full day on that Sat totaling 8 hours.  On paper you should have 48 hours.  40 straight time and 8 OT.  When you get your check you only got 40 hours of straight time because they pulled the 8 hours of PTO from your 8 hours of OT.  How is that fair?

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  • Why does she make everything difficult?

    My wife is home after having a minor procedure done on her back Wed.  We're both working from home so we're here all day everyday together.  We're constantly getting Amazon pkgs delivered several times a week.  Today while out running an errand for lunch I walk back into the house and my wife is laying on the sofa and she tells me that there's an Amazon pkg on the porch for me.  She knew she hadn't ordered anything so she assumed I did and just walked by it and didn't notice it.  I go back outside to the porch and there was a box there.  My lunch break was almost up so I took the box into the bedroom with me and opened it.  Granted it was addressed to Mr and Mrs but since she knew she hadn't ordered anything she didn't bother to go get it from the porch.  I open the box and inside was a nice gift from a woman at our church.  She had placed a nice note to say how much of a pleasure it is to have us as members of the church.  We've been there about 2 years now.  Since I was back on the clock I text my wife to tell her what was in the box and this was her reply.  "You couldn't open it in front of Me after work?"  Firstly, I didn't know who it was from.  It was from Amazon.  Secondly, had I know it was from a church member to the both of us I probably would have given it to my wife anyway and told her to open it and tell me later what was in it.  

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  • Is this going a bit too far?

    I do understand that we live in the days of prom-posals and things like that where everything has to be streamed online or made a big deal of.  I think I've heard it all now.  My daughter is pregnant and having my first biological grandchild early next year.  The entire family is excited about it.  Well, she wants one of my sisters, her aunt, and her best friend to be the god-parents.  We're having her gender reveal party Sunday and last night she text me to ask for a unique way to ask them to be her child's god-parents.  I told her my sister in not into all that so she could just ask her.  She said that he best friend wants a "god-parent proposal."  I had never heard of that so I went to YouTube and looked it up and there were a ton of videos for god-parent proposals.  Are you kidding me?  What is this world coming to?  How silly is this?  I couldn't understand why a guy would have to go all out just to ask the girl he was already dating to go to the prom with him.  Now you have to come up with an elaborate way to ask people to be your child's god-parents.  Is this a bit too far?

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  • Do people even think before they make a phone call to a company?

    Yes, this may seem like a bit of a rant question but I'm going to ask it anyway.  I work for a patience assistance program for a medical company and we provide insulin free to patients who qualify for it.  Apparently, the company I work for has their hands in a number of products, primarily OTC medications and things.  I just received a call from a woman who stated that she had some throat lozenges that she's had for a while and she didn't know nor could she find the expiration date on them.  And she was wondering if we could help her out.  I mean seriously, throat lozenges?  You called the parent compasny to find the expiration date on them.  She said that she had had them a while and was unsure.  I informed her that if she was unsure about them to just throw them away and purchase more.  How much could a bag of throat lozenges cost, $2?  We apparently also have our hand in Gold Bond foot powder and we'll often get calls from guys about that.  Those are OTC items and do not require a call to the mfg just to find out the exp. date on them.  No, I'm not a money bags myself but if I was unsure about a bag of throat lozenges I found in the back of my cabinet I'd just throw them away and go buy a new bag.  I'm not going to waste my time Googling the mfg to find a customer service number to call about that.  Do people not think when they do stuff like this?  I guess people just have that much time on their hands.

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  • Do you have to take it?  (Used stuff)?

    Several months ago my 24 year old daughter surprised me with the news that she's giving my my first biological grandchild.  I come from a large family with 6 other siblings and this will be the family's first and only biological great-grandchild.  I've had full custody of my daughter since she was 2 and I have never scrimped on buying her what she wanted or needed.  As a single dad I prided myself on  giving her the best.  Now that my only daughter is pregnant my oldest sister, who claims to be my daughter's favorite aunt, keeps telling me about a co-worker or friend of hers who has a bunch of baby stuff she's no longer using and wants to give it to me.  Personally I've never been one to use used items and things but every few days or weeks my sister will call me and tell me that this girl has a used changing table she no longer uses and wants to give it to my daughter.  My wife and I have already purchased a crib, car seat, stroller and a few other things for our house so we're not hurting financially but am I obligated to take used furniture?  My sister knows how I am with my daughter and that I'll give her the would but I'm not about to have my grandchild using used furniture.  I don't know the condition of this furniture nor do I care.  Am I being bougie if I don't accept this furniture and why is my sister of the mindset that I need to keep taking what this other girl no longer wants?  Again, my 1st bio grandchild and I want the baby to have all new things.

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  • Do I have to be quiet in my own house?

    As many of you know my step-sons don't like to work.  The youngest is now involved with this Facebook Bingo game where people put their money in with the chance of winning the pot.  He gets a percentage of the winnings.  Lately my wife has been helping him out with the Facebook Live things by moderating some games for him.  Normally when she does a Live game she'll tell me to be quiet and go into the next room.  Today she took a day off work so siting in the living room while I was in the bedroom working, she decided to do a live game.  While on lunch I had a few things on my mind so when I walked into the living room into the kitchen I must have been mumbling, again, mumbling to my self.  Not talking loud or screaming.  She looks up at me and snaps her fingers like I'm a dog or something telling me to shut up so the people on the live game didn't hear me.  First of all I could care less about those people on Facebook trying to will a bingo game.  Secondly, I'm in my house and I'm not going to be silenced like I'm a kid.  My wife is so addicted to FB that she'll drive with it open in her lap constantly looking down.  I've never seen someone so addicted to social media like her.  When I'm working in the bedroom she'll come in there constantly to talk to me or put up laundry or just anything.  

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  • Can you make someone stay?

    My daughter and 2 step sons have an apartment together and have been for a little more than a year now.  For the past 6 or 8 months now the boys refuse to work or bring any money into the apt.  My daughter has a full time job working from home and she said she's tired of paying the bulk of the bills.  They got so far behind on their rent until they were almost evicted and they still haven't gotten caught back up yet.  The boys refuse to work saying they are going to work for "the man" so they are always looking for a side hustle to make money.  My daughter said she was planning to move out and I told her to contact the rental office about taking her name off the lease.  he did and they are willing to do it but they want the boys to come sign a form removing her from any future rent and to show pay stubs that they can afford the apt.  They refuse because they know they can't afford it without her.  Can you make someone stay in an apartment they no longer want to be in?  

    Several months ago my daughter and the youngest step-son went in about bought a big 50" TV for their living room.  Last sat my daughter got home and said the TV was gone.  The step-son had sold it saying that since she was planning on moving out he felt it was within his rights to sell the TV.  They went half and half on the TV and spent about $400 on it.  He sold it for only $200 and finally gave her $100.  The TV was only 3 months old and hasn't depreciated that.  So, he's now going to start selling off

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  • How nosy can one person be?

    My wife is a tough pill to swallow.  It seems that when I have her figured out she does something that throws everything out the window.  Working from home we're on opposite ends of the house.  She's in the kitchen and I'm in the bedroom.  My job requires me to take calls all day so I'm constantly talking.  My wife's job doesn't require phone work.  Yesterday one of my co-workers called me on my cell and she and I talked for a few minutes. After that I got back on work calls.  Later in the day after I got off work my wife looks at me and says, "so, who were you talking to on the phone?"  I looked at her like, "what?"  She heard me on the phone and was curious as to who I was talking to.  I'm talking all day but she singled out one phone call from a co-worker to ask about.  On the contrary, she's not on the phone but when I hear her talking in the kitchen it never crosses my mind to ask her who she was talking too.  We can be sitting on opposite ends of the sofa and her text messages can be going off constantly and it doesn't bother me in the least.  But the minute I get a text msg the first thing out of her mouth is, "who is that?"  Are most women curious to know everything their man is doing or is it just my wife.  I'm 51 and she's turning 50 in a few months.  I'm too old to be playing those, "who was that" game with her.  

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  • Simple Question:  Do you know which medication you are taking?

    I work for a patient assistance program with a large medical company and we provide various medications for free to patients in need.  When you call you have to verify certain pieces of information so we can pull up your account.  I just got a call from a lady asking about the status of her application.  She got very irate with me because when I asked which medication she was calling about she said. "I don't know."  I told her we needed to know which medication she was taking and she said she didn't know, her doctor wanted her to take it.  She signed the application so she should know what was prescribed.  My thinking is that if my doctor wanted me to start taking a medication and then if I filled out an application to receive the medication for free I should know what medication I'm taking.   When I mentioned to her that she needed to now which medication her doctor is prescribing she immediately turned that around to say, "are you calling me dumb?"  I told her no, I wasn't calling her dumb but I just needed to know which medication because we do produce more than one.  

    Am I wrong to think that you should know what medication you're taking?  What if your doctor prescribes you cyanide, do you just take it without knowing what it is?

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