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  • World of Warcraft won't let me type my full e-mail address in..please help!?

    Hi all on Yahoo! Basically, I have downloaded WoW 2008 version, and I have a account, but when I am requested to login on WoW startup, it will only allow me to type in half of my e-mail and not the full account name, and if I try and login with what it allows me to type, it says my authentication is incorrect.

    Please help me as I've only got this to use as a chat with one of my friends.

    Thank you all :)


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  • I have a problem resetting my password on Yahoo! Mail. Help needed urgently.?

    Hi everyone from the Yahoo! Community. Last year, I changed the password to one of my Yahoo! Email Addresses, and have now seem to have forgotten the password for all logins on here.

    Now this wouldn't be an issue to recover, however I cannot seem to find the option to recover with my Security Question, which I used to be able to use, now I just have to use the recovery email, however my recovery emails were accidentally deleted and so I now no longer have access to these emails.

    I would make a new account, but I have some VERY confidential emails on these addresses which I cannot afford to lose and I have no means of transferring the emails to my other email accounts.

    All help will be strongly appreciated, and thank you, even if we don't solve it, thank you for trying anyway.

    Thank you x

  • strange noise about 1/4 of a mile away from where I live!?

    If anyone from South Ealing is awake at Exactly 00:40 AM GMT there is a strange noise like a Henry Vacuum cleaner towards Brentford!

    I am getting worried as to what it is?!!!!

    Please help me!


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  • Help identifying a Multideck fridge in a supermarket?

    I have a very good interest in how things work and stuff but I need some help to identify the MAKE and MODEL of this fridge.

    There is a scene from the movie 'Hot Fuzz' where there is a fight in a supermarket and I've spotted the kind of fridge!

    at 1:14- 1:15 the fridges can clearly be seen on both sides! Identify the MAKE and MODEL of them!


    Youtube thumbnail


    Thanks! For your effort and help!

    Regards, Frankie!

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