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  • Do you think....?

    ... with 4 possible republican defectors that new witnesses will be allowed in the senate impeachment trial?

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  • What's next... a kidney?

    We're the Groom's parents. The wedding WAS to be a simple, intimate affair. Almost imperceptibly, it slowly has become something else.

    I volunteered 18 centerpieces, a very tasteful rehearsal dinner for 24 (mom invited extras), flowers and a cake. In came a rented dance floor, decorated arch. Husband needs a tux. "Mom" is wearing a semi formal gown. I guess I have to do likewise. I drew the line at fresh Boston ferns and new curtains for the ballroom.

    Every day it's something new. Karaoke, a "money dance". Homemade favors for 200. She just keeps adding minutia, gimmicks from every wedding she knows of. It's getting tacky in my eyes.

    I'm all for marriage, ritual, celebration and having it witnessed by those they love, but it's getting silly. I support elegant, simple. All this ..."stuff"? How bout a tractor pull?

    The punchline is mom just revealed to me their grim financial situation.

    If you've come this far...

    Typically assertive, I agreed for the sake of harmony. It came an inch at a time. Now she asks we pay half the bridal suite, which she said was their gift to the kids. Every day it's something new. Give an inch, take a mile?

    Do I share this with my son? Living an hour away with demanding jobs they may not know. Or should I keep my mouth shut and just go with it hoping for the best? It's not even 3 weeks away.

    Am I being unreasonable? Just how much should the groom's parents contribute, especially when the bride's mother keeps sliding in new "touches"?

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