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By Grace Of The Almighty Triune God

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I am against,Idolatry in catholic & orthodox(i.e intercession/veneration of saints)&protestants promoting homosexuality in church Jan Zizka(czech protestant leader) is one of the few military commanders in world history who has not lost a single battle,his story is symbolic of protestant destiny,which will cover all earth as God's church before coming of Jesus Christ(rapture). Apostolic church was protestant in essence as it didn't have the idolatrous practices mentioned above.But in 4th century AD paganism entered church when Constantine gave christianity a special status.Majority in roman empire were still pagans,they become christians to obtain state benefits,bringing in their old idolatry as "intercession/veneration of saints.But few like donatists,arians,manichaens-paulicians,bogomils-cathars ,waldensians,protesants rejected this idolatry & remained as true God's church for past 2000 years.

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