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  • Seven Deadly Sins & Ten Commandments?

    Was doing research for book I'm about to read, "Wicked Appetite" by Janet Evanovich. It's about search for seven stones that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Knowing 10 Commandments, I wondered if there's some relationship between the commandments & sins. Was able to match only some commandments with sins. Can anybody match the ones that remain (1 - 4), here are my notes:

    10 Commandments

    1. Shall not have other gods beside Me

    2. Shall not use My name in vain

    3. Remember to keep God’s day holy

    4. Honor father and mother

    5. Shall not kill

    6. Shall not commit adultery (no sexually cheating with someone already married)

    7. Shall not steal

    8. Shall not lie

    9. Shall not covet (have the hots for) neighbor’s wife

    10. Shall not covet (desire) neighbor’s goods

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Lust: craving for sex, power & money (relates to commandment 6)

    Gluttony: desire to eat or consume more than you require (relates to commandment)

    Greed: desire for material wealth or gain (relates to commandment 7)

    Sloth: laziness & avoidance of work (relates to commandment)

    Wrath: loss of rational self-control & desire to harm others (relates to commandment 5)

    Envy: wanting what others have (relates to commandments 9 and 10)

    Pride: excessive belief in one’s own abilities (relates to commandment 8)

    Envy vs. Greed

    Envy's desire for what someone else has; want it for yourself because that person has it. Sometimes even want to take it in order to destroy it, not keep it.

    Envy's jealousy, greed's simple desire

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  • What movie is this I'm remembering?

    It was a movie in which a group of friends, in school, find an envelope supposedly with the answer to a test.

    The teacher then finds them, and panicking, one of the friends says that they didn't look into the envelope.

    The following are lines that continue after this:

    "What envelope?" - teacher

    "Envelope? Did I say envelope?" - friend

    "Are you feeling alright?" - teacher

    When the group walks into class the next day, they find that everyone has been squirted, or something, with I can't remember what. The friends in the group are the only ones who were still clean. We find out that there were no answers in the envelope. The test was actually to resist the temptation of looking in the envelope.

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  • Antomology: what is this strange bug?

    Yesterday, my family and I saw a strange bug here, in Miami.

    It was a yellow, furry, three-legged, non-flying bug about the size of a cockroach. We saw it at a yacht club, so there were salt water and sand in the area, and it was stormy.

    Any idea what bug this could be?

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  • Naruto: hunt for Uchiha power, not Nine-Tail Fox?

    In Naruto, why is it that everyone's after Sasuke's Uchiha power, yet don't even bother with Naruto's Nine-Tail Fox power?

    The only hint of caring for his power was during the first mission, when someone messed with the seal. Other than that, there was no other sign of caring.

    The Fox's power is also powerful, and unique. Sasuke and Naruto's power are somewhat the same in this idea of uniqueness: Sasuke's the last Uchiha, and there's only one Nine-Tail Fox, the one inside Naruto

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  • Why doesn't my friend ask me to hang out?

    I made a new friend last year who would always hang out with me when I invited her. Why though do I have to invite her every time? Why has she never invited me to hang out?

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  • i am stuck in Iconmania?

    It is a character.

    Distant guy with black suit, one arm crossed in front and the other arm up, holding something. The background is red with a perfectly centered white circle which contains the man.

    I've looked all over nonlinear but I can't find Anthony.

    The answer is 5 letters followed by 4 answers. Available letters:

    j s e b d m o

    d f j n s o a

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  • Need help writing story?

    I got a new story idea and need your help. Here are my notes on the story idea:

    Monster attacks to punish. Younger sibling monster’s next target. Older sibling faces monster with friends, monster she was once the target of.

    Adults unaware of monster?

    Are they monster exterminators?

    - They fight monsters

    o Why?

    Ex-target hunter stole from friends (emergency) as monster reveals.

    - Test of friendship

    Now what I need help with is why did she steal from her friends? She wasn't being mean or anything, she had a good reason for it. Her friends though get mad at her for stealing from them. Any ideas?

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  • What movie was this I remember?

    I was just remembering a movie in which a group of kids sang Lean on Me to handle a herd of, what was it, cows or some other animal? There was a girl in the movie who couldn't talk but she suddenly starts talking at the end of the movie in order to save her brother.

    Was this a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie)?

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  • Dragons: Riders of Berk?

    What had happened in the episode We Are Family (part 1)? All I remember is that they were going to celebrate the history of Berk. Also, Hiccup went to an island to find more Nightfuries. Can someone remind me of everything that happened so that I can watch part 2?

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  • Ear Piercing Infection?

    Has anyone ever heard of not being able to wear earrings, none at all? I had my ears pierced in January and a few weeks ago my ear piercing (turns out the other ear piercing never closed) got infected. I kept it clean with anti-septic and applied antibiotic multiple times a day. It got better and so I put the earrings back in. As soon as I did that it got infected again.

    Since I was a baby I couldn't wear any other material than gold. When I got my ears pierced again a few years ago I started also wearing surgical steel, which btw is used along with the gold earrings of new piercings to lock the earring in place. These two materials are obviously supposed to be safe, yet I can't even use those materials anymore.

    Could it be that my body will no longer let me get ear piercings? That maybe it thinks of it as a harmful?

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  • Different movies same plot?

    What is it called when different movies share the same plot, such as all those different versions of Cinderella? I remember there's a term for this but can't remember what it is.

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  • Fiscal Cliff Question?

    Before I ask the question, I want to let you know that I don't want anyone giving opinions, especially about the Republicans, Democrats, whatever. I just want to understand the situation.

    So what exactly is this Fiscal Cliff situation about? I was just reading an article about it and it appears to be something to do with taxes.

    Also, I read that they HAVE to come up with a new bill every four years or so. My question there is...Why? If the bill we have is working, why not keep it? Why do we have to create a new one?

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  • Is it wrong to re-watch movies?

    My family is always complaining that I re-watch movies a million times. I'll maybe watch a movie and then re-watch it a few days later, but it's not as though I watch it every day or even multiple times a day.

    My family seems to believe that a movie is meant to be watched only once. But isn't the point of a movie to entertain? So therefore, what's so wrong with wanting to re-watch a movie?

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  • Five year old not sleeping!?

    My aunt seems to not be getting enough rest lately, because my five year old cousin won't sleep, or is having trouble sleeping. I advised Alexandra (my cousin) to maybe, when trying to fall asleep, try to imagine and make up her own dream, such as maybe she and her friends playing in the park. But she said she only gets nightmares, and my aunt said Alex spends the night pinching herself. Now I'm starting to think the problem is not that Alex can't sleep, but rather that she is avoiding sleep because of the nightmares. What can be done so that Alex can sleep?

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  • Secret Saturdays Question?

    How did Jack become Kur? In the episode "Kur Rising", the Saturdays are fighting Kur. Argost was inside, controlling Kur, so Jack goes in to fight Argost. In the end, Jack wins. But how is it that now Jack is Kur?

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  • Who should I talk to about my college degree?

    I had studied two years at a university until I failed a class last spring and started suffering from depression. Now I'm doing better, and before returning to the university, I'm going to get an AA at a community college. I had gone to see two advisers. Apart from the few classes I need, one of them said that I needed to take a total of 15 credits at the college in order to graduate, while the other said I only needed the few classes. Who can I talk to at the college? Who will have a better idea of what I need to do? Who plans out all these degree requirements?