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  • Is it weird that I woke up crying??

    I woke up crying, like almost sobbing but I don't remember what I dreamt about.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation3 weeks ago
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    Idk what's wrong with my eyes but is it serious? Should I see a doctor?

    I'm just an 18 year old female. My eye suddenly started singing and I was surprised it was this red. My other eye is the same but not as much as the one shown here. Is this serious enough to go to the clinic?

    8 AnswersOptical3 months ago
  • What does Boomer mean?

    I have a friend that calls me a boomer. I am really confused, what does it mean?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 months ago
  • Do I need to take SAT to transfer to a University from a college?

    I'm still planning what to do, I'm on my last year of high school. I'm planning on going to a city college for 2 years, since they said it's free and then transfer to a university on my junior year. I'm planning on transferring to UCSD. Do I need to take SAT to transfer? Or do I need to take it right now?

    6 AnswersHigher Education (University +)10 months ago
  • How to play crossword puzzle? (similar to lotto, bingo.. to win money..)?

    My grandma got a 50x multiplier on her card and she got 2 words. I read on the back that you must contain at least 3 letters to make a word. I found 2 more words within other lines, but not completing the word. For example, my grandma didn't complete "vagabond" but I found the word "bond" in it within the letters she has. I also found "Quit" from "Quite"

    Can she play like this or does she have to complete the whole word?

    Words & Wordplay11 months ago
  • Should I just break up with him?

    I'm an 18 year old female and I have never had a boyfriend before. This is this is my first time dating. He seemed like a nice guy, we met months ago but barely talked. On the next day I when I said I'll go out with him, he wanted to kids. No problem. But he started touching my a*ss and I felt kind of uncomfortable. I don't know if everyone does this. I told him "don't touch my butt" but idk if he heard but he still kept touching me. I decided to go out with him to chat more and to get to know each other more. But idk... he's touching me when the next day i decided to be his girlfriend. I'm kind of stupid and new to dating so i dont know. Should I just break up with him?

    I already asked question but no one answered....

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Should I just break up with him?

    I'm an 18 year old female, at my last year of high school and this guy asked me out. He was nice and all and seemed like a good guy so I said yeah. The thing is, he's my first boyfriend. But the next day, he asked me if he could hug me and I said sure... But but he started groping my a*ss. I felt kind of uncomfortable and told him to not touch my butt or stomach but he's still doing it. I admit, I do kind of like him but not love him. I decided to go out with him to chat more and to get to know each other more. I haven't kissed him yet but he wants to. I don't mind but he started touching my butt. 

    I'm really reserved, I'm the type that's wants to save virginity until marriage and I'm serious about it but something tells me... by his actions that he wants more. I'm asking you guys bc I'm kind of stupid and new to dating. Any advice is helpful!

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Who is the leader of Japan?

    There is still an Emperor in Japan and it's Naruhito, but there is a prime minister, Shinzo Abe. When I look up leader of Japan, Shinzo Ave comes up but there is an Emperor which throws me off. Who is the actual leader in Japan? Naruhito or Shinzo Abe?

    I need this answer, it's for my Government class project.

    5 AnswersJapan11 months ago