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  • My mother is caging me in. How do I convince her to let me hang out with my friends as much as i want to and can.?

    My mom only watches movies with me and we talk a lot. So there is no reason why she should need more time with me. I also knows she trusts me because i never lie or let her down. I wanted to hang with a guy today because im lonely and need a relationship. She of course took several hours for an answer and a lot of pushing. She asked a lot of questions in which i answered the way she wanted me too. She then said no because SHE didn t feel good. I don t get it im so unhappy with friends or relationships. She knows it would make her feel netter if i left for a few hours. I would have a ride. I just don t get it please someone explain why she goes out of her way for no reason just to hurt me and act like im not thankful for her being there. Anytime i tell her some truth or facts she threatens to take my phone away. I also treat my mom with more respect than a lot of my other friends do. Please tell me what I can do to be a teenager instead of a technology and lonely addicted mole rat.