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  • Is it really that bad for us if we don't get sunshine?

    I live in an apartment building and we have a patio. The reason I don't go out on it is because a lot of the people that I live with don't wear masks or social distance, so I just stay in my apartment and when I do have to go throw trash down the shoot or go anywhere I always wear my mask, however, I don't like to sit out for fresh air or sunshine or go and visit anybody because my mask is uncomfortable and I'd rather not wear it if I don't have to, so I stay home even though I'm cooping myself up. Well today my grandmother was giving me a hard time on the phone about not getting enough sunshine and telling me it's bad for my health if I don't get sunshine and I shouldn't mind wearing my mask and going out and seeing people when I would rather have it my way or no way meaning I would rather stay in my apartment even if I'm cooping myself up and only go out for sunshine and see people whenever we get vaccines and this is over because I don't want to go out or see anybody if there are restrictions like I have to wear a mask and I have to social distance and I'd rather wait till this is over and then I can do what I want. So is it really gonna kill me to not get sunshine? 

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  • How can I get my hair to stop falling out temporarily till this pandemic is over?

    I know my hair is getting long; I haven't had it cut since February. I know I should just go and get it cut, but the reason I don't want to do that is because I don't want to deal with going to the hairdresser with a mask on and the parts of the mask getting wet from it. So I am just wondering are there any temporary solutions I can try to help it stop falling out so much as it's growing until this is over? I don't mind having long hair because I can always put it up, I just can't stand it falling out and all over me and all over my floor. Thanks. 

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  • I have a question about spirituality and dreams. ?

    So the other night I had this dream. In the dream, I had gotten a dog named Tori. I know this doesn't happen in real life, but this dog was actually half dog, half person. She was really tall, fat, ugly-looking, and intimidating to look at. I was a little nervous about her at first, but she was a sweetheart as a dog and as a person and we loved each other. We were inseparable, like two peas in a pod. Everywhere I went, she went, she clung to me. She would constantly switch from dog to person. When she was a dog, I trained her like you would train a dog and when she was a person she would confide in me about abuse she had endured from previous owners and told me about how no one else would like her because of how she looked. I would counsel her and help her heal from her abuse and I would also teach her about God and the bible. Also when she was a dog, she would try to get as close to me as she could and keep licking my face. When she was a person, she would hold me a lot and say "I love you" and hug me and kiss me like a person would. She would also help me with whatever I was doing. I know usually dreams are just dreams, but I feel like with this one, God may be trying to tell me something or put someone or something in my life, but I just don't know what God could be telling me or who or what he could be putting in my life. I'm hoping someone can tell me what they think this dream could mean. Thanks. 

  • Is it true that slobs never marry?

    My aunt and uncle (my immediate family) they have a neighbor next door to them that I really like as a friend. The neighbor is a lot older than me, but I think he's a good friend. Now, my aunt and uncle don't hate him, but they say he's a scumbag, never cleans his house or his lawn, that he never married and had a relationship with one lady and they had his daughter and never married and they split up when the daughter got older, had another relationship with another woman and got engaged last year but this year they broke it off, and they say he'll never marry because he's a scumbag. I know I'm blind and can't see his house or what he looks like, but I like to believe what I want and I don't believe he's a scumbag or any of the baggage my family told me. I'm not saying they would lie to me, but I think they're just wrong and they can't possibly know everything about him just because he's their neighbor, and they sometimes overexaggerate situations. But if it turns out that they're right about him, I'm just wondering is it true that slobs never marry or could there be some slobs that do get married? 

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  • How do I handle my friends not following the CDC guidelines in my apartment building?

    I live in an apartment building and my apartment is a studio one. I live alone in my apartment. I always do the right thing and I don't go anywhere unless I have to and whenever I do go somewhere or do laundry downstairs I always wear my mask and social distance. Some of us are doing the right thing like I do, but a lot of them aren't, including a lot of my friends. My friends are also trying to get me to hug them and stuff when I tell them how many times we need to wear masks and social distance and they keep brushing it off and saying "oh you're not gonna get sick in here" or "it's our home and we shouldn't have to wear masks or social distance in our own home" when only our apartments are our homes, not the first floor, that's public. Anyway, I'm really worried this is going to ruin my friendship with my friends. I don't want that, but yet I can't stand to hear their selfish choices and the fact that they want me to make those selfish choices with them. I told them how I feel so many times, but I don't know what else to do. 

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  • How can I get rid of every inappropriate stuff I saw on websites on my computer? And can I get rid of it or is it on there for good? ?

    I used to go on Quora and I saw a lot of questions, answers, and comments that were very inappropriate and I quit because of that and I was being bullied because of some of my answers. 

    7 AnswersYahoo Answers3 months ago