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Game developer and music teacher, and assistant Professor in musical theater At Owens community college where I met my charming husband Antonio whom Iv'e been happily married to for 7 years. I am also a LGBT rights activist. I have 3 children Charice 7, Mario 9, and Alice 10. Yes though hectic at times they are my little bundles of joy. On my free times....which is seldom I enjoy painting and playing the piano...but most of all singing a great talent taught by my mother and father whom where vocal instructors and musicians. I am very spiritual though admittedly not really religious what so ever , Some things we cannot explain but we must keep ours minds open to their existence, If I am not enjoying my children my husband or the arts I am usually researching history and science, From time to time ill even conduct a little experiment.. I will be on here often as I love to here opinions on opinions :D ~Amaya~

  • Would you want to have aphakia and tetrachromadic vision?

    I have a friend with both conditions.

    She doesn't mind it.. but she says that it is not as great as it may seem.

    She can see UV... but says that is not really a different color.  That it is the color blue applied to a different wavelength. 

    She says that she cannot see different colors than most people and instead she thinks she is simply better at noticing the small differences between very close colors than most.... that she can see the same color wheel... but can differentiate between them better than most people.

    She can see very well at night and she said that fact is more worth boosting for. 

    In fact... that is what brought it up.

    We noticed she can see epically well at night.  In the woods she points out deer hiding in the dark... pitch black darkness. 

    She says she always been sensitive to movement as well... that her brain tends notice objects not moving in a similar fashion as it's surrounding area.   

    But she says there is a drawback with her condition.  The sun literally hurts her eyes.   In the daytime she avoids being outside without her UV glasses.  She says she can manage it more so than not... but  after a why'll her eyes will feel strained and will force themselves shut... when she tries to fight them to stay open she starts blinking rapidly.. she has had to go home often when in grade school due to her feeling so much pain she would start to cry. But she has 20 20 vision.  She is nocturnal... probably not by choice though.

  • Do you ever feel like cutting people off?

          I have this friend that takes almost every opportunity to make herself look superior to me, and it is obvious to everyone. Some of our mutual friends are vocal and correct her. But we grew up together and so I feel like if I was to have revenge the whole friendship is probably going to go down the drain.  But I am just tired of her antics. We all think it is because I have been married to my man for 6 years and she to hers for 8 but he cheated on her consistently.  And she got it in her head that I slept with him despite the fact that I never had.   And then she tried to flirt with my husband and he recorded her and showed me. Btw her husband is a crack head now and was a coke head then. He slept with everyone including men who paid him money so that he could buy his way would his penis ever enter me.  Her mind must be going to mush from all the drugs she is doing now as well. I am just getting fed up with her tbh and want to cut her off so badly. 

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  • Do you think believing in purpose is the equivalent of being open minded?

    For me it seems both require owning up to an idea that not everything is in your power and that you must accept reality for what it is..or atleast sometimes. If you agree that you do not know what the purpose of reality and life is then you are obligated to believe that homosexuality has purpose, that experiencing death has purpose, that you have purpose. Would you agree? If not why?

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  • Do you think third-age feminism is dead or dying?

    I have noticed the movement getting a ton of backlash the world over now. And many people who want equality for the sexes are walking away from feminism as they aim to separate themselves from extremist but still stand for equality under the new term "equality". How do you feel about feminism and do you think it is fading?

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  • What are the odds that a tempered glass tv stand will shatter?

    Glass fits the look I am going for as wood...well I know bugs like wood so I don't want wood..also brown is meh to me especially cherry. But I will go painted wood etc if need be. What are the odds that a tempered glass tv stand shatter? I am afraid to have this in the fun room if it could possible shatter with my kids in the room.

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  • My microwave did not work but now it does... what gives?

    When it stopped working it went out completely, no lights or anything. But now 2 weeks later it works fine. The fuse cannot be the problem because other appliances on the same plug in worked.

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  • Do you think language is invented? Or that it has always existed?

    If you follow what new age scientist believe "that everything exist all the time" then that means all languages must also exist all the time right? But we would have difficulty explaining the word "text" to a caveman. It is a word within a language that has not been taught to them and is based on a concept totally alien to them. But certainly if we were to take a lot of time in explaining what a text was then we can likely get the caveman to understand. Because luckily for us "meaning" does not need language in order for it to exist...but language does need meaning in order for it to exist. So perhaps language does not always exist, but the meaning, the concept always exist....maybe even in all of our heads..or maybe somewhere in the framework of the universe. If that is true, then maybe one day we can pull language and its meaning of the future into our reality at any given moment. That would be like cheating at advancing human civilization. (btw I think the way to communicate telepathically is probably based on skipping language itself and sharing direct meanings from one mind to another)...if we can figure out how to do that I mean. Most of what I said is just observations from me and a few like minded people who are studying language mainly because of DMT (Google DMT and Language). Btw when I say language don't mistake it for words, I mean body language, vocal language, text, computer code, various forms of art,communication between electrons, braille etc

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  • What actually happens that causes non living matter to become living matter?

    I know people will say the right element came together at the right time bla bla bla, but actually happens? I don't think anyone actually knows but just in case there is a actual real solid answer I am throwing this question out there. Because if nobody actually knows then aren't we just making sht up?

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  • What is the name of a bed that is in a closet?

    So not like the pull down beds...but rather a open closet that is used for storing clothes or shoes but has a full bed inside of it... it is hard to explain but I;ve seen it in some lavish Mideastern homes, and I think some bohemian homes as well.

    I am curious about what its called so that I know how to make one, I am trying to make a small bedroom have more space by taking the bed out of it and moving the bed into the closet space, I would still have space for all of the clothes etc with the dressers so closet space is not really needed for storage, but also the bed is the one furniture item that cuts into the middle of the room slightly thus ruining the "openness".

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  • Is there any way to play pc games on a Chromebook?

    I knew I should have went with my daughter when she went to buy her son a laptop.. he loves games and one of those games does not have an app in the app store. I have not been able to find a way to place pc games into the Chromebook, ty for the help and if not then I guess we will be returning it tomorrow.

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  • Is there any way to play pc games on a Chromebook?

    I knew I should have went with my daughter when she went to buy her son a laptop.. he loves games and one of those games does not have an app in the app store. I have not been able to find a way to place pc games into the Chromebook, ty for the help and if not then I guess we will be returning it tomorrow.

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  • What type of job would someone who is good with words be good at?

    Now when I mean good with words I mean a marvel with words. She knows 5 languages and can deliver a killer speech. She is also very good at arguing and getting people caught up in language traps that would reveal some truth they were trying to hide. When I am texting someone and shes around I give her the phone to edit my text. lol. Or when some type of confrontation is going on she takes the stage and delivers conversation that actually work on calming people down. She is pretty much aware of every "social law" and knows exactly what every word means so that she is never wrong in an argument either. Actually she has been wrong a few times but she is good at making them sound right. I suggested going to law school but she has no interest in law.

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  • Would you think this potential couple is a good idea?

    The guy is a latino man who seems to have a dark side to him...hes quiet and has the "I will kill you" look on his face most of the time. And hes only 5'5

    Shes 5'10 so I think they are odd and

    she is also not really aware of his life style

    I should have started with that...hes a violent man who has gotten into some street brawls and shes this tall blonde blue eyes naive girl. She can get him to laugh so I do think he actually cares about her. But I just think she just sees his smile and the way he treats her and thinks that is who he is

    and I am not sure if I should inform her that hes not a good guy and nothing her father would want her messing with.

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  • Do you agree that philosophy is just the art of finding problems where their are none... and then theorizing how to solve the problem?

    This is how I feel about gender philosophy

    For Example

    Most arguments are

    A. Gender is not bound by the genitalia

    Gender is a social construct and we can

    identify as any social construct we so


    B. Gender is bound by genitalia

    Gender cannot be changed by

    your beliefs.

    You can never change your gender

    unless you find a way to change your


    BUT there really is no issue here

    because both sides are forgetting

    that GENDER is just a word... it is not

    the definition... and that is what is going on.

    Team B defines gender as SEX. And Team A defines gender as a social role. There are a few idiots out there but for the most

    part Team A members do believe you can not change your "sex" but that you can change your "gender" aka social role.

    All of these videos are really just people arguing over the definition of the word gender... Yet gender philosophy is the rage right now.

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