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  • How do I get over this?!?

    Me and my partner have been together for 9 years we have two children together and we are fine but there are things in the past that he has done that I can't get over. I will just be sitting there and it just pops into my head and I get angry and sad but cannot do anything about it as I know I have chose to stay with him so that means I have forgiven him but I just cannot forget. How do I pass this?

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  • Do I need friends?

    So I have no friends lol that sounds very funny but I feel i don't need them. I'm not lonely. I have kids, partner,sisters, brothers I feel fine but maybe I'm not and there is something wrong with me. 

    7 AnswersFriends11 months ago
  • What's your purpose?

    For awhile I didn't have one. I had a tough upbringing. Past from home to home but as soon as I had kids my whole life changed. Ik pretty cheesy but its true. I have never felt I belonged on this earth until I had my kids and I feel they are my purpose. What's yours?

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  • No car day.?

    Would this work? For a day? Maybe even a day each month? Double the buses. Free bus rides. No cars. And free lime scooters and bikes? For our environment. Why will it not work?

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  • How much coffee do I put in my coffee plunger?

    Like how much grounded coffee to one cup of coffee?

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  • 1-10 how hard is your life?

    My life is hard but I'm also a silent drama queen. I'm probably a 4.

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  • I'm just so frustrated?!?

    I'm a stay home mum. I do everything by the books. I have a 3 year old and a 4 year old. They don't go to kindy I just feel they will not learn enough before they go to school plus they have enough cousins the same age and a little older to learn playground manner but! I feel I don't do anything all day. Yes I clean, yes I cook blah blah but I see other mums and they are dressed nicely, their kids don't have jam on there tops I just don't understand what's going on. I'm I just too hard on myself or are there jut superhuman mums? I owned a cleaning business but couldn't be away from the kids as much as I was. I was living to work rather than working to live. I don't think I asked a question possibly just vented.

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  • me and my mum fighting!!!!!?

    my little brother is 11 and he keeps running away and getting in trouble with the police my mum is staying with me until we can get him back but he also stole my neibours car keys and said he didnt when i seen him go up to the car and run out the drive way my mum is sticking up for him saying he didnt and that hes not a thief when he keeps saying that he keeps getting his clothes from stealing them so idky shes denying it and when he came back my partner said he cant stay here she said why and he said because i dont want my flat mates stuff going missing and she ugh just shut up who cares about them!! like wtf we do!! shes just being a real bitch ignoring my daughter and cold shouldering everyone apart from my older brother brcause he has smokes and she doesnt i just want her to go but she wont what do i do also i grew up in foster care so me and my mum arent really that close i mean i was in the hospital with my daughter when she was born because she fell ill i told my mum what had happened and that she was getting better and all she could say was thats nice :/ what the fuck

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  • Help I m a mother with no energy!?!?

    My daughter is 7 months old now and for the past few months I have had absolutely no energy I can t even keep the house up to scratch my daughter is a very easy kid she never crys she s not hard to handle she s only 7 months so she doesn t make a mess at all she only wakes once a night and I get heaps of sleep but I m just soo tired I feel like a zombie I also lost alot of weight she s feeding from me aswell as solids but I just need energy!! I feel completely useless and sometimes I even get sad because I sometimes feel like a useless mum please help

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby5 years ago
  • What is the best stay at home job for a busy mum?? Or a good business idea that's good for at home so I can stay with my daughter?

    Through my daughters early years I would love to stay with her as much as I can while making some money if possible maybe a good easy stay home business idea or job??

    3 AnswersSmall Business5 years ago
  • Help with my brother!! He thinks he's not my brother ( lightworker)?

    My brother said he had a vision and some lady ring him saying she was his teacher and that he is a lightworker and that he is on earth for a mission to save earth and population from fear and he is here for enlightenment he said he's scared but will do what it takes to save us and he's dead serious! I don't get it, it's too weird and scary because my brother isn't one to lie or has nothing spiritual about him he's not in to these type of things I just don't know what to do? He said the lady said she needed him because years and years and yeeeears ago he was earth's saviour and something about a quantum leap but idk what that is help is he being serious!?!?!

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  • Mind boggling question????

    If you stood in the center of the earth which way is up?????

    7 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology5 years ago
  • PLEASE ANSWER mind boggling question???

    If I was in an air balloon 2 meters off the ground weather conditions are fine and 12 hours past would you be in the same place? Or would you be on the other side of the world????????

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  • Soccer and basketball?

    Why do people play?? Its stupid :/

    7 AnswersBasketball5 years ago
  • Potato bake????

    Best way to make potato bake please???

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes5 years ago
  • Breastfeeding in public?

    I'm a breastfeeding mother and I here about story's about people getting asked to put there boob away in public! If I ever got asked I think I would flip! Its natural and if my daughter is hungry I will feed her I just want to know everyone's opinion on breastfeeding mothers in public?

    8 AnswersWomen's Health5 years ago