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  • If I block someone on Snapchat, will they see the last snap I sent?

    I accidentally sent the wrong picture to my bro and I block him immediately. Will that make it where he can’t see what I sent? If I add him again will he see it then?

    Singles & Dating5 months ago
  • Should I get an associates or transfer a bit early?

    Education in the United States is extremely expensive. I decided to go to my local community college after hearing a pediatric surgeon tell me he went to this same community college at first. My question is: What are the pros and cons of getting an associates rather than transferring credits to a larger university without the associates? My major is biology. I plan to move on to a 4-yr college immediately after the 2-yr college . How does transferring to a bachelor program differ with an associates vs about 50 credits?

    6 AnswersHigher Education (University +)11 months ago
  • What is your favorite travel destination?

    Mine is Barcelona, Spain (partly because it’s exotic) but I also adore places here in the US like Yellowstone. I am thinking about my next trip and would love to go somewhere reasonably priced and less traveled.

    4 AnswersOther - Destinations11 months ago
  • Motorcycle transmission mods?

    I have a 2018 Honda CB500F bike and it has a manual transmission. I love my riding and have got the manual transmission and two brakes down. However, I was shot twice by a home intruder earlier this year. One of the bullets hit my neck/shoulder on my right side. Therefore, I am unable to preform delicate tasks like accelerating and front braking due to nerve damage. I would only be able to hold on with this hand. Could I mod the bike or should I get a bike already equipped with an automatic transmission such as the Honda NC700X? I would need the acceleration and brake moved to my left side. Are these mods feasible? I would not want to spend more than a couple thousand. What’s it like riding an automatic? Should I get a bike equipped/moded with a combined braking system for added safety?/ability to use with foot.

    3 AnswersMotorcycles1 year ago
  • Can this be recycled?

    My city (Oklahoma City) accepts paper & cardboard, plastics 1-7, glass, tin, steel, and aluminum. I have always recycled glass bottles. A neighbor told me that you should only recycle materials, including glass, that have the 'recycle' symbol on them. None of these glass bottles I have been recycling have this symbol.

    6 AnswersGreen Living1 year ago
  • Clothes Dryer outlet to UK outlet?

    Is there an adapter for a ~220v dryer outlet to a ~220v UK plug?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Can I park my motorcycle in stripped areas of a parking lot?

    I see motorcycles do it all the time. I hate to take up a whole parking spot with my little motorcycle. I’ve seen cars whip in and almost hit my motorcycle because they don’t realize anyone it parked there in the parking spot. No one has ever said anything until last night when parked in the parking garage at my work, I had a note on my motorcycle from my manager (not realizing it was me) that I had parked illegally and would be towed. I’m talking about the giant area between parking spots or near walls that’s painted yellow. I’m not parking anywhere near handicap parking, fire lane, or blue/red paint . I live in Oklahoma City.

    9 AnswersMotorcycles2 years ago
  • Which credit card is prestigious?

    I just got my first credit card, the "Discover it card" but I saw a family guy skit of them making fun of it s inclusiveness, impliying anyone may obtain one. Then my friend told me that Discover is trash and everyone who uses "it" is trash :/ I was wondering if this is how everyone feels. Should I get American Express?

    6 AnswersCredit3 years ago
  • Can you get diseases related to Mad cow disease from eating any animal?

    People get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from eating cows infected with mad cow disease or Kuru while practicing cannibalism. These come from prions in the Nero System of these cows or humans. My question is: Can you get diseases from eating any animal under similar circumstances? Do chickens or Lambs have similar conditions that could infect you with a neurologically devastating disease?

    4 AnswersInfectious Diseases4 years ago
  • Do pedestrians have the right of way in parking lots?

    I go to a huge Highschool and before, during lunch, and after school the parking lot is chaos. I have never noticed any crosswalks. There are curves in it that block your view of approaching cars (which makes it difficult to back out). Today I was walking from my car to the building across the driving-way of the lot. I waited for a few cars to pass before walking across when a retarted dumb *** ***** approached at a high rate of speed. She went nuts honking and cussing because she had to tap on the brakes. If she had struck me who would be at fault? Under what circumstances would it be the pedestrians fault and under what circumstances would it be the drivers fault in a parking lot? Traffic is ALWAYS heavy during this time so I would have to wait in excess of 30 minutes to wait for there to be no cars. I live in Oklahoma.

    10 AnswersSafety4 years ago
  • How does the gas pump know how much is on a prepaid card?

    I used a prepaid card at the pump and I didn t expect it to stop at the amount the prepaid card had on it. How does it know and do all gas stations have this technology?

    1 AnswerCredit4 years ago
  • Would you get approved to buy the home?

    I m in college and wanted to buy a house, not to live in, but to rent out. I don t make much money, $13/hr part time, but I was wondering if i could get approved to buy a home for the intention of renting it out? I could put down about $15,000. I m just wondering if they would loan me more since it is not my intention to live in the house.

    9 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Could I buy a new car and sell it 50 years later?

    I love Audi's and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a new one, probably a TT, drive it to my house, and park it in the garage only to reveal it some 50 years later with only about 50 miles on it. I could then sell it for a ton of money or keep it to myself. If I did this would the car even start or remember how to drive after all that time pasted? And would I have to keep it insured if it was staying in my garage?

    8 AnswersBuying & Selling5 years ago
  • How long do motorcycles last?

    I ve always wanted a motorcycle and I want a BMW F 800 R or F 700 GS.. Something like that. I was wondering how much the maintenance would be along with how much it costs. I was also wondering how long they last.. Like a very well maintained sedan will last 250,000 miles before it has major issues, what should I expect from the motorcycle?

    6 AnswersMotorcycles5 years ago
  • Twice the speaker twice the sound?

    If I have a speaker playing music and I add an identical one next to it does it double the volume? Also if I have a room with light bulbs and I add more light bulbs sure there will be more lit area but will the brightness intensify? Is the Suns surface really bright or is it just so much kinda bright light that it all come together because it's so big and looks really bright?

    1 AnswerPhysics5 years ago
  • What are "no show" underwear?

    I'm going to order underwear and it says it's "no show underwear" what does that mean? And also if there are no show underwear then are there "show" underwear and what are those?

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • Is there a free download music app?

    I want music in my car that I can download on my phone because the FM radio gets almost no reception. I don't have enough data to use Pandora or Spotify and I'm defently not going to buy songs. I had a free music download app on my old iPhone but since I got my new iPhone the app no longer exists. Does anyone know of an app where I can download songs on my phone and play them with no data/wifi?

    4 AnswersMusic & Music Players5 years ago
  • Is Hilary Clinton good or bad?

    Please explain why

    20 AnswersPolitics5 years ago
  • Does a car dealership not have to disclose a major problem with a car?

    I live in Oklahoma, I'm 16 and i bought a 2004 Audi A4 convertible from a small dealership here. The car is in me and my moms name and we paid cash for it ($8,000). They showed us the carfax and it had a spotless report. i purchased the car on May 14, 2015 so it was just put in my name and i got a tag. I was gone out of state for 3 weeks and when I got back my mom said the air conditioner wasn't working when she had driven it once. I got in it and it was just blowing warm air in this 105 degree Oklahoma weather :(. I took it in to a repair place and they added Freon and checked for leaks for $45, i thought that was it until the guy looked under the car and he said the air compressor looked like it had come from the junkyard and was ridged up there. I got an estimate and it will cost over $1,000 to fix. The dealership had not said that it had one from the junk yard and i think they just did that to sell it and it would be my problem then. I bought it "as is" with no warranty but i was wondering if they can lie and tell me there is nothing wrong with it when really there is $1,000 worth of repair required before i even bought it. Do they not have to tell me? Is there anything i can do? because i cant afford this.

    17 AnswersBuying & Selling5 years ago