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  • My father didn’t file for social security benefits at 65. Can he get back the pay he missed out on?

    He’s retiring soon. He’s 67 now and he simply didn’t think about applying when he was 65.

    Not sure where to go from here. My mother is trying to get him social security benefits but we can’t find any other information.

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  • Daytime bartending blues or legit reasons to be depressed? ?

    I’m a woman in my thirties and I work days at a bar. My mornings until 3pm are agonizing. I deal with an older crowd at those hours.  

    I can take a joke, but here lately, it’s really been getting to me. It’s like the older men constantly pick on me. I know this is the Boomer way and I joke on people all the time as well. (I was raised in the country and that’s how you communicated with people to let them know you cared about them or wanted to make them smile.)

    BUT these guys don’t let up. It feels like it’s been constant lately and I never really feed into it in order to encourage them. A lot of the times I’m being made fun of if they catch me in the smallest mistake (and I know I’m good at my job.) One guy will even make a list of all the times I screwed up and announce them to the bar. The bar doesn’t find this amusing (happily) in my case. But this is happening daily. 

    Am I being too sensitive? Is this expected with this job? I’ve been at this bar for 3 years, fulltime.

    After 3pm, my day is so much brighter. All my clients are working stiffs like me and it’s just a much better environment. 

    Currently looking for a better job, but in the meantime any advice (or really anyone that can even relate) would be much appreciated.

    I get really depressed about it in the morning and I wish I could find a way to look forward to my mornings. 

    Thanks so much for your time!

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  • What is wrong with me? I have shakiness and anxiety before my period.?

    The day before my period hits. Like right now; I am shaky, stomach is growling and I’m anxiety ridden.

    It’s an awful feeling and it almost feels like I am just cold and can’t quit shaking. But I’m not cold.

    My pms is way worse than my period and it makes me jittery.

    I would try pamprin or midol but they all contain caffeine and it doesn’t make it better.

    Any advice is appreciated. I had my tubes tied 5 years ago and I think it’s part of tubal ligation syndrome 

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  • I didn’t file my 2018s and I owe for 2016-2018. What can I do? ?

    I didn’t file taxes for only 2018. 

    I still owe taxes from 2016-2018.

    I need total tax help and I’m willing to pay but I cannot find a service to help me.

    I am very out of the loop on my taxes and I’m just now trying to get everything on track after 3 years of sickness and not asking for any help. I’m regretting it now.

    Any info or ideas are appreciated. 

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  • I have to talk to someone that is severe Bipolar 1 (not treated.) Should I even waste my time?

    Long story short; I was in an abusive household with my grandmother growing up. I left, educated myself on what her problem was and it was obviously Bipolar 1. She would see visions, scream and fight constantly and she was extremely abusive toward everyone in her family. She also led a religious cult my family and a few friends were all involved in. Just please trust me that I know for a fact she has this type of mental health disorder. She pretty much think she’s God because she was also a well known Pentecostal type preacher.

    I’ve been recovering from the 23 years of abuse with psychotherapy and depression medication. Here recently, something clicked and I am not afraid of my grandmother or my past anymore. So not afraid that I want to actually visit her and calmly try to tell her why I left the cult. I don’t know why I feel this is important to me but I do. However, dealing with someone that has this mental disorder, should I even waste my time? Should I seek other options for closure? Again, I know I’m strong enough to face her and deep down I really want to, but is this the noble way?

    Please keep in mind I am no longer religious. I have been out of the cult for nearly 10 years. Also, She lives in a home that I currently own and we need to sort out some things, so that’s another reason to go visit.

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  • I never had children and had a tubal. What was your experience?

    I had my tubes tied when I was 27. Ever since that day, I have experienced the most painful periods and terrible PMS.

    I have extreme depression a week before it starts and it gets worse until the day of. Once my period hits, my emotional state goes back to normal and I feel like a new person. However, the cramps are unbearable. Aleve and marijuana helps the most but the pain I experience actually dibilitates me for a few hours.

    The pain I can deal with to some level but the emotional state i am in beforehand is horrible. Anyone had this issue with PMS? I’ve had PMS before my tubal and it was nothing like this.

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