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  • How do i get a role for a mermaid movie?

    I reallly love mermaids. legit question, how do you get picked for like mako mermaids n such h20? I really want to star in a kind of movie including a role as a mermaid :/ im 16.

    3 AnswersMythology & Folklore3 months ago
  • Can I work at hooters at 16?

    near LA in california? I'm 15 turning 16 in 3months now. i think to work in like bars, you'd have to be 21 lol iN CALIFORNIA but even though hooters is the same, i see some people online said they did actually get to go work there at 16. im pretty sure the california law is something of underage can't be the waiters at the bars, but serving food they can do by being a waitress. the amt of tips i'd get there probably, i'd really want the money even if they pay like 3 damn dollars. If not, what other no experienced jobs can i get a little more than enough money ?? I'd want to move out as quickly as i can, and i already know a low job like mc donalds n stuff isn't gonna help.

    6 AnswersFood Service1 year ago
  • What do women do in the military?

    My mom says they don’t go into war. I mean I havequite a few scars on my body, one keloid on my arm (raised scar) and a intense one and flat ones on my stomach just 3. So I’m not even sure I’d be able to get in anyway :/ I’m 15.. what exactly do the women do in EACH branch if they don’t go into WAR or “fight?” right? She says they could get raped or kidnapped or something?

    8 AnswersMilitary1 year ago
  • This guy ghosted me but then texted me?

    A long time ago he liked me i guess,but only used me to get his bitchy controlling girlfriend back(he doesnt see that in her though)but earlier today he text me saying my friend wanted my number since her phone was taken away but shes usig another phone. When i gave it to him he was saying stuff like “Ty and love you” or “sorry love”. I kinda ignored it but i was freaking out both in a good/badway like wtff😂”.i thought he didnt like me so why would he say that..maybe he still liked his gf. But i found out that he cant tell his gf that he doesnt want to get back with her so he keeps lying because he doesnt want to hurt her. Why in the ******* world would he use me a long while ago, but then now text me using “those words”?? If he probably doesnt like me? who knows what my friend knows 😒 im scared to ask if he likes me or not but at the same, i got over him anyways as he only used me for a short while for his gf back. Why???

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  • Im stuck in the house Everyday rarely getting to go somewhere?!?

    Im14)Im always cooped up in this house and its making me tired,grumpy,&leaving me to sometimes think and im starting to get paranoid to sleepat night because of darkness orwhatever?(i DONT SMOKE)ihave an attitude alot but my mombitches too much and thats 1of the reason why.If ionly havelectronics everyday,choice of store,her refil forMORE SODA,watching her slowly kill herself of cigars everyday,&*****/whine ALOT,NEVER BE ABLE TOGO ANYWHERE//NO HANGING OUT EVER,ofc im gnna get ******* tired and grumpy all the time.i actually am getting tired of being on my phone or computer/psn etc &jumping from 1to the other&then barely everhanging with friends.ive been trying to eat less because since im cooped up in the damn house i like to eat a lot(but im not chubby orfat)ihave said i wanted to go in dance but im debating bc itseemsboring.she keeps calling me UNfuckingGRATEFUL &how when im 18im gone justfuckin tired and she reminds me of my scars on my legs/arms (not THAT many)& how i might not be able to get in the military and hope they better be gone by thetime.i have anattitude but its bc im ****** TIRED of her and this new rule “by 11myphone must be on the charger”&as i saidits gotten harder/longer for me to sleep at night in which i alreadystayed up before like on phone or whtver until i go sleepylong ago.but when i go to sleep i always HAVE TO CHECK MY ROOM(ishRe with my dirty *** sister)aroundp lugs etc. wtf do i do?i cant ever hang out and im tired/grumpy&my mom😫

    1 AnswerPsychology2 years ago
  • I cant sleep at night because im paranoid?

    (Im 14) Ive beeen sleeping in the couch but i stillvcsnt sleep. I alwaysctry to watch tv or stay on my phone til i fall asleep but my mom makes me keep my phone away and doesnt always LET ME WATCH TV BC ITS SO ******* LATE. But i cant SLEEP bcause i get scared. Last night i slept with a pillow at my feet but i still couldnt sleep for aclong time until i finally did. When i sleep in my room every single night i have to check around the plugs and her phone plug just in case it isnt messed up. I check the window outside for some reason 😂 but i dont really know why i just might want to find someone out there for fun or something? Not in a weird way i mean something bad happening* but nowadays i cant really sleep and its probablybecause i listen to a lot of scary stories ivthe day a lot, but i dont really really think about scary stuff or earlier at night unless im having thoughts/thinking about stuff/llife, or maybe even just that sometimes.. but how can i fix this just use sleeping pills??

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  • After i burn paper what do i do with it?

    can i burn a little flash card too? and white printer paper is okay right? what do i do with the paper after i burned it and what if there is black stuff left? i’m doing it in my backyard probably on concrete

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