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  • Am I being selfish/irrational? ?

    I broke up with my boyfriend almost 3 weeks ago. After breaking up he’s texted and called many times saying he’s not giving up on us, he loves and misses me etc. so I told him that I want to work through things slowly, not just jump into a relationship again. I asked to see him, but he had plans. The next week I asked to see him and he said he wasn’t ready to see me. So I said I’m getting mixed messages and asked him not to contact me until he’s ready. He calls 2 days later saying he’s ready... but still doesn’t seem to want to meet me, just wants to keep calling/texting which I think is a waste of my time. 

    Am I being unreasonable or selfish? I feel like I shouldn’t be annoyed because he just needs time. On the other hand, he’s the one that fu*cked up and hurt me... why should I be waiting? 

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