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  • The best pet insurance for dogs.?

    Adopted a 4 yr old Bernese mountain dog and looking for the best insurance out there. Since I don't know that much about the breed and the hereditary issues with them I need to make sure it's covered. Also he was a drop( dropped off in another area to avoid surrender fees) so we know little about his history. So yes I want to have wellness and cancer covered as well. The poor baby has been through a lot and want to make sure he has the best life ever.

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  • Looking to get new tires for 2002 Ford Escape.?

    Want a very quiet and smooth ride. Live in area with a lot of potholes and rain. We do have snow but last couple of years has been very mild. Mostly drive back roads and roads with a lot of lights so a lot of stop and go. I also have young kids so I am looking for safety. The last thing I want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with children. Any suggestions

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  • Can anyone help with zoloft issue?

    Son is 13 just started Zoloft on day 3. He has adhd/odd. He has been extremely hyperactive including lack of sleep. His leg was shaking all day in school. The last couple of nights he has been throwing himself on the bed. Throwing blankets knocking things over running in circles with loud screeching sounds. Don't know if it's normal or side effect from medicine. He has been on a natural vitamin remedy that worked for the past 2 yrs. Only reason I switched was the vitamins were only helping a little. I lost it tonight with him because I did not know what to do. Kid just spinning around smacking himself in the head making screeching sounds. Then throwing himself on the bed, kicking the floor and throwing blankets. No he was not mad or upset at least I don't think he was. Anyone with any information to help me through this would be appreciated.

    Don't want to be a bother to the doctor but do I need to call him or let it ride

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  • Information on zoloft please?

    My son 13 just started Zoloft day 3. Was taken off natural remedy do to mood. Refused to talk to adults. Has ADHD/odd so expect some problems. Seem to me that he has gotten worse. Extreme hyperactivity meaning throwing himself on the bed kicking the floor and bed. Throwing blankets knocking things over. Running in circles with load screeching sounds. His leg was twitching all day in school, but only thing they noticed so all the hyperactivity was being preformed about 730pm. He was fine on th computer and being left alone. Dont know if he's doing this intentionally or a side effect of the drug. I feel bad I lost it with him tonight but after 3 days of no sleep because he can't sleep I'm not in the best of mood. Anyone who has been on Zoloft or has dealt with the side effects please help. Don't know weather to call the doctor or to let it ride. But what do you consider to much.

    The naturally remedy was not working as well as it did was on it for 2 yrs but then hit puberty. This behavior is worse then when I we started showing signs.

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  • 13yr old refuses to talk to teachers and principal?

    He has been diagnosed with ADHD/odd. But recently has gotten really bad about talking to his teachers and principal. He will calmly talk to me about what happened. But will just strug his shoulders to them. Has anyone dealt with this in anyway. He does have an appointment with his psychologist but would like any input on how someone else might have handled the situation. He can not return to school until he talks to the principal but I have no idea how to get him to open up.

    Any help or suggestions conventional or out of the box. Willing to try anything at this point

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  • How much vitamins are to much?

    My son is 12 and is 5' 8” he has been on attention for his adhd for the past, year. This is a mix of vitamins that I get at, the vitamin shop. He has been find until, the last, week. It seems as, it is not lastibg as, long. The directions say to take 3 a day so, he, takes 2 in the, morning and one after school. He, was fine until 4, but now he is extremely hyper and, moody when I get him at 2:50. There is no age or weight on the directions. Does, any one know what would be to much or could I give him another one in the morning to make it threw school. Any other recommendations are welcomed.

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  • Does anyone know if boscovs is doing any give aways this year for black friday?

    Last year they gave out tickets to win prizes. Giving away a tv and other stuff. Its the only ad I have not been able to get. Are they doing anything for black friday this year.

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  • Need help chosing lap top?

    My son 17 wants a,lap top for christmas he prefers a mac. He wants to get publishing, graphic design programs for it. I need to know everything so that I don't get screwed at the store, such as memory speed and what programs come with it. also is there a set that you can buy that has these programs already installed. Any help will be appreciated I don't even know.where to start. Now they are getting kids in to work holiday season and they don't have a clue. I got its got alot of memory, so does my dog.

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  • Which type of doctor to use to diagnose and treat add in a child?

    Child is 11 and believe he might have add with odd. Would like to know what type of doctor I should find to determine if my gut feeling is right. I do not want to deal with a bunch of different doctors, just one if possible. He does not have a pediatrician just a family doctor. If any one has been through this or lives in jersey and has any referrals I would love to hear from you.

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  • Looking for a good hotel in salisbury, maryland or near by?

    We are in a baseball tournament that is being held on Rt 50 in Salisbury, Maryland. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at any of the local hotels recently. I am coming from Jersey so hotels that are close by in Delaware are fine as well. I would like a hotel that has an indoor pool and a game room to keep my child entertained while we are not playing. Also if anyone knows of anything that is close by to keep 12 11yr olds entertained for an evening please let me know. We will be there on May 14 to 16, so I think Ocean City is going to be out.

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  • Help me choose between gps systems please?

    I have narrowed my search down to the tom tom XL340s and the Garmin Nuvi 225w. If you have any information containing these units or used either of them please let me know which one would be better. I have talked to alot of people and you have some that like the tom tom and others who insist on the Garmin. I am basically going to be using to go to baseball fields and I like avoid all roads with tolls. I also would like one that if I miss my turn it would reroute me so that I don't have to turn. If you know of a better unit for this job please let me know as well

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  • Can I get a phone other than network phone?

    I currently have t-mobile and I like the deal that verizon is offering on there phones. As well as I am tired of the phones from tmobile they keep breaking. Does anyone know if I can use any other type of phone other than tmobile with my sim card. I still have over a year left on tmobile, but no phone.

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  • Florida weather and Asthma?

    I would like to take my nephew to florida, but has severe asthma. He is on daily medication along with daily treatments. I was wondering what would be the best time to take him so that his allergies may be less than other times of the year. We live in Jersey and he has a really hard time when it is extremely cold or when it is hot and humid. I have been to Florida and I don't think the humidity is half as bad as Jersey, but would like to know from anyone that has visited Florida with Asthma what months to avoid.

    12 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • Any information on Homewood Suites American Way Universal?

    I am looking for any information that you may have good or bad on this hotel. Please don't suggest the reviews have read them all, would like personal reviews. I read mostly good reviews, but I am concerned with the ones that talk about them over booking. Has this happened to anyone or was it just one in a million that got the boot,

    1 AnswerOrlando1 decade ago
  • Has anyone used or Orbitz to book hotels?

    Found a great deal on It says it is powered by Orbitz. If you have used this site or now anyone that has please give me your input good or bad.

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  • Help finding a hotel?

    I need a hotel for 2 adults one 6'5" and 2 boys ages 15 and 9 the 15 year old is 6' so I am looking for something that has 2 rooms possibly 2 queens and a sleeper would be fine. We need something that provides transportation to wet N wild, Seaworld, Aquatica, and Universal. We always stay at the Seralago hotel but unfortunitly they do not provide transportation to these places we are trying to save a little money as well as explore new areas. If you have stayed at any great hotels that woudl fit us comfortably please let me know. Open to all options.

    3 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • choice between Fantasy world resort or Homewood suites Universal?

    Can you help decide? Has anyone stayed at either of these places? We will be using there transportation so if any one has any information on that it will be helpful. We have a family of 4 which 2 are over 6'. All the reviews are equal which makes it harder to choose. Husband wants Fantasy resort and I am leaning toward Homewood suites.

    1 AnswerOrlando1 decade ago
  • Information on the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal please?

    I was wondering if a family of 4 2 adults 15 year old and a 9 year old would fit comfortably in this hotel. We would definitly need to get a rollaway bed. We have a very tall family my husband is 6' 5" the 15 year old is 6' the 9 year old is 5' 2" and I am 5' 5"

    1 AnswerOrlando1 decade ago
  • Has anyone stayed at the Embassy Suites Jamacian Court?

    Would like to know what kind of hotel this is and if you had a good or bad experience with this hotel.

    1 AnswerOrlando1 decade ago
  • What is appropriate for tipping at a hotel?

    Someone informed me that you should not only tip the bell hop and cleaning person, but also the front desk at your hotel. What would be the appropiate tip to give them. Should I tip them when I first greet them or wait until after they check us in.

    3 AnswersPacking & Preparation1 decade ago