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  • Is the guy I met a player?

    I met this guy last Sunday and he asked for my number.he helped with my groceries in the car and I said ok I gave it to him.well I thought he will text me quickly.well it took him almost 5 days to call me.also he called me yesterday and he said that he will text me this morning and we will meet at the park but today he didn’t text me or met me at the park in the afternoon.he said yesterday he was going to do some work and meet me but never showed up.i didn’t text him because I don’t know what to say.i blocked his number because I feel like he has other woman he is talking to.did I do the right thing?if he wasn’t serious why even ask for my number if your just gonna diss me.

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  • My church doesn’t wear mask?

    I go to a church in Georgia.Well after the lockdown I wanted to go back but I notice they don’t wear mask in the pictures on Facebook.The audience, staff nor the pastor.They are all touching and being near each other like everything is normal.Well a week ago an usher from our church died from the covid virus and now who knows who he gave it too and he spent most of his time in church.I understand they want don’t want to deal with government but they are being so naive about the situation.not wearing mask in any events, having big summer camps. I'm like what the heck.they think their invincible.Virus doesn’t care who you are it will still take you out.Is this right or wrong.I believe in God but you have to be cautious as well.they are doing something wrong that can cause people to die because of them being naive.

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  • Do you think I should go back to college in the fall despite Coronavirus?

    I read an article that they are opening public schools in August in Georgia.Well the problem is that this virus is still spreading like we have over 1000 new cases almost every day.I am very scared that the virus will enter schools plus you don’t know where they go after school and it has a 14 day period that you won’t know you have it and already it has spreaded. At first I was for it but after I keep seeing the cases go up dramatically after reopening I rather if we don’t open until later on in the year.We don’t have to start in August maybe September or even October.especially after all the rioting it’s going to be a big in culinary do you think they will offer online classes.I will go back next year in the fall hopefully they will have a vaccine by then.

  • Do you think they will open schools in the fall?

    I am in technical school and I am taking culinary arts.I have decided to take classes online because if they open in August I feel like it’s not safe yet because we are still having to many rising cases in Georgia and other states as well plus with the rioting.I don’t think traditional school may or may not work because it can take one person to infect the virus in the whole school.The government wants to but I just feel like it’s to soon.

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  • Is being overweight genetic?

    I am 22 years old 5’1 and 208 pounds.All my life I have been overweight even in elementary I was overweight. I do lose some weight and gain it right back and than some in like 4-5 months.I don’t eat a whole bunch.All my aunts are all obese like 300 pounds and up.I try my whole life to be a normal weight but never had.My aunts had the same issue as well.They have never been normal weight either. since they were teens.Lowest I gotten was down to 165 and that was last year.Highest weight I was 235 back 4 years ago.Im just very discourage and thinking about gastric sleeve just to try to keep my weight down plus I have Hashimoto disease which doesn’t help.what to do?

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  • Can’t mow my lawn because of wet and tall grass?

    I have a yard that needs to be cut.Well several lawn people have came by and said they can’t cut it because it is to wet and there is a leak issue also the grass is to tall for it to use a regular lawn mower.How to fix this problem?Should I pay the $400 for the service because today someone said no one will do it because the equipment you need is more advance.Also we have a creek next to the grass back of house.Should we put a drainage?Im to scared to go back there because of I want someone else to look at it.

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  • My younger brother who is 19 got a stimulus check?

    My brother received a check in mail last week for $1200.The problem is I feel like our accountant filed him as a independent.Which he can’t be because he works with my father, plus he doesn’t pay any bills or have anything under his name he is paying for.He gets taxes taken out of his check.Parents did not even file for 2019 and only 2018 and he still was in school.unless they use his 2019 taxes instead Should he still cash it or contact our accountant?

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  • Will I have loose skin after losing 75 pounds?

    I am trying to lose weight.I am 210 pounds and I want to be 135.I have never been that weight in my life or average weight.I am 5’1.Female.Will I have lose skin?

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  • Can I get weight loss surgery at 22?

    I want to get weight loss surgery next year after the pandemic is over to make sure it’s safe.Im 22 and 210 pounds.I lost weight which I was 165(still over weight for height of 5’1) last year and gained it all back and than some.I have never been normal weight even in elementary school.I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and high cholesterol.I never had guys approached me because of my size.I feel like that’s the only thing I can do to keep my weight down and I heard so much success from people who had it.i don’t eat a whole lot but when I do I gain weight very fast I was a size 10 now a 16-18.If I don’t lose the weight this year I’m thinking about it next year.i feel like it’s my last chance and if I don’t I’m just going to keep gaining when I’m older.

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  • Can you leave a sew in hair for 2 months?

    I got a sew in done last month.I usually keep it in for a month but since I have not been working and don’t know when I’ll get paid/work again since the virus pandemic I don’t want to take it out(hair and sew in is over $200).Is it safe to keep sew ins for two months.It doesn’t look bad but I like fresh hair but if I take it out I don’t want to get my hair done from a salon right now since all this pandemic is going on.Or should I just take it out and do my own hair?

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  • Should I quit my job?

    I started this new job at this restaurant a week ago.The problem is that I come in the mornings and they leave us all the dirty dishes.They want us to roll a bunch of silverware.while we are serving tables.and also other side work.i am scheduled only for 3 if I start side work it will take me like an hour.I stayed an 1 1/2 later,and I need to go to school which I did tell them that.Im not lazy but if all this stuff needs to be done and not giving enough hours why they hired me if they wanted employees with more free time?should I quit?plus I only did like 3-4 tables but doing stuff for like 100 people.i personally think the people closing should do the silverware since they stay late and their the ones using it and making money.i make **** and they want me to do all this side work.this is not lazy but things I never used I have to clean with very little time.Also everyplace I worked at made you do side work after you finish the tables or a hour I right?so I will only serve 2 tables.since I do mornings

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  • Problems with my college professor/should I drop this class?

    I am taking culinary arts at a technical college. The issue is the teacher is mean and I already have C in his class.I have been there for 2 weeks. His boss is a lot nicer than him. When he goes over material he goes to quick and when we go over it in the same class period he gets upset because I do not know all the steps. Second, I wore a dress on the 2nd day and he took points off for that after they gave us a week to get our uniforms(1st-time student)third,he is complaining about my nails and he wrote they need to be trimmed, they are bear bottom.I had acrylics on and it is just residue that will take a while to come off,but they are clean.He took points off. If this keeps happening he is going to request me to be taken out his class . The funny think is I have 3 classes and I am passing them with a A.I think he is so immature and mean. This is my first year. I am scared to ask him questions because he gets angry.He says the information but he goes to quick and it is to much for one period.We have an assistant in the class and she is a lot nicer. Also another classmate mom was in the hospital for kidney failure,and he was on the phone to see if she was ok. He kicked him out of class and sent him home and probably failed him for the day. I understand that you have to be firm, Also I cut my hair for the class, and put it under my hat and he said my hair was still not ok. What should I do?I was thinking about going to his boss and talk to him.

  • Should I go back to School?

    I have been working with my dad for over 3 years,the problem is that he wants me to go back to school in August but I have to many task/responsibilities and have to watch a million of things and no one knows how to do them.i want him to hire someone else so I can focus on school but I doubt he wants to.Lately because of this ,I have been very snappy and upset and do not want to talk to anyone.he knows why I am like this and my siblings feels the same.School is in like 2 weeks and do not feel like I am ready at all.Also money I am making only less than $500 a month and the rest is going to my car payment so I am not making much like I did for the beginning.2nd I took another job and now will have to work around that)l(need the job because my dad pays I will not be able to put enough hours in to pay car payment so I will need a night job to compensate)I just don’t know what to do or if this is the right step right brother just got out high school and he is a tech he will not be able to handle all these things at his age.i am 21 by the way.Cant even go out with getting called about something I need to do.Should he hire someone else?school needs to come first for me is tight also.and it is making me subconsciously stressed

  • Is it possible to be 135 pounds?

    I am 21 and 5’2 woman and 175 pounds.I want to be 135 but don’t know if it’s possible because I have always been obese ever since I can remember from childhood.I have always lost weight but gained in such a short period of time.Lowest weight for me in adult hood is 157 but gained it back within maybe a year.Does genetics play a part of weight loss?all my fathers side all the women are obese(like 100 pounds or more)I eat maybe 2000 calories a day and still gain easily.or is it my metabolism is very slow?im afraid of being back at over 230 pounds again(highest weight I ever was).I wanted gastric bypass but to much risk and expensive.tell me do I need extensive training to keep my weight at 135.I am Peared shaped.

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  • I think I have oral cancer?

    Since I got a filling for a side of my upper mouth. This pain will not go away and it has been about 6 months. My gum starts hurting always at this particular spot. Also my gums are inflammed and hurt a bit when i touch them in other spots. I went to the dentist a month ago and just gave me a oral rinse and some pain medicine but still have not gone away. I think it could be periodontitis or oral cancer it has to be more serious because it will not go away. I have been brushing, flossing and using mouthwash twice a day but has not gone away. It is either oral,peridonticts or it could be a side inflammed from the filling and messed with my nerves. Also that gum side is bigger than the other parts of my mouth(upper left) Should I get a intense gum treatment?Thinking about going to a gum specialist.

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  • Want to drop 20 pounds in a month?DIET ADVICE?

    I want to drop 20 pounds before Easter (April 21st) of this year. I have 4 weeks from now to do it.Dress size is 8-10 and in juniors I wear a size 11-13 (juniors) in women s and I am 5 2. Any diet and exercise advice?Also what size will I be if I dropped 20 pounds by 4 weeks.


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  • Frustrated&Can't find a level entry job?

    Hello, I am looking for a job.I live in Mcdonough,Ga. I am need for money,but I have been applying for over a month and have not received one callback yet. I had two interviews(from asking them), but nothing yet. I applied to beginning level entry jobs(like chain restaurants) . I do not know if it is the number of applications they receive,or they want people with experience/want people who know people who is working inside.I will just go to school full time,but cannot afford that either because the amount of bills my family has. Need advice..

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  • Am I having a emotional affair?

    I have a guy I have been seeing every week(not like relationship) but I feel like I am having an emotional affair with him. When I am with him I get nervous.He smiles at me and sometimes touch me.When I touch him /his hair or hand he never pulls away or say no(he has a significant other)One time I said I love you a couple of times and he said it back a couple of times.We hug and he squeezes me so tight.I never see him that way with other women.He also sometimes stares at me too.He even gives me compliments saying My lips are hot or follows me around the area like really close.or make funny sounds or jokes.I think I am ready to make the next move(kiss him)is he scared to kiss me since he is dating or should I make the first move and kiss him?he also has a nickname for me.

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  • Does my teacher have feelings for me?NEED ANSWERS!?

    I have a teacher I have been going to since last year. Let Just call him Aaron. There is about a 30 year age difference. married. I am pretty young. When I come in he looks/stares at me/smiles and I give him a hug. Sometimes he squeezes me tight. When he sits by me, he sits with his legs apart (spread his legs) and I can see his junk. We have conversations about his personal life. sometimes I like to give him goodies he will say thanks.

    He gives me compliments on the way I look and I see his eyes get bigger. he teases me sometimes not in a mean way though. he makes my heart pound fast when I see him. yesterday he saw my bra and he touched my bra strap (finds excuses to touch me sometimes). is that inappropriate? and before I left we hugged and I said I love you and he said it back. when I walked up and left he was at his front door staring at my back while I was heading out. sometimes I say i miss him and he says it back too. sometimes he looses focus on what we our doing because he could be distracted by me. Lately, I have been sending him anonymous love letters, but maybe he knows who it is, maybe he doesn't. He has not said anything to me about them. does he have feelings for me?

    He is a private tutor and I am legal age so no I do not need to call cops (I can but do not need all that drama for something like this), I can just simply stop seeing him. I love him too so I am still going to go. Should I surprise kiss him?

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  • Does he like me?

    Please Answer!

    1.He stares at me constantly all the time even when I tell him to stop he still stares.

    2.He always calling my name in the hallway at school.

    3.He's always talking about me to his friends at his table.

    4.He always calling me "fine" meaning hot or sexy.

    5.Sometimes he call me kristina and thats not my name.think he does that for attention.

    6.He text me thru his friend phone.

    7.When i put my book back on the shelf he moves his chair even when im not planning to touch him.

    8.He effin stares!!!!!!!!

    9.When im talking to someone he makes a combat or say a response even when im not talking to him.

    10.One time he was looking back at me to see if I was going to class.

    11.People say we together and he wants to kiss me on the lips.

    12.People say when I'm gonna let him be with me.

    13.He freaks out when I'm around him like he's nervous I guess.

    14.He laughs at almost anything I say.

    15.Think he gets jelous when I talk or walk with another guy.

    16.I gave him something to read and this girl took it away from him and she got mad.She probably likes him lol and got mad but nobody else didn't.

    Tbh:Idk how I feel about him I wish he can just tell me how he feels instead of being immature about it. :\I guess he's afraid what people may say if we start going out.Please give me some answers of his behavior.He hasn't done this to any other girls I know.He's normal with them.

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