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  • My ex girlfriend finally unblocked me on Facebook, but didn’t unblock me from messenger Facebook, I can’t message her?

    What is the point of her unblocking me on Facebook but not unblocking me on messenger what is the message being sent? When is it possible for her to unblock me on Facebook messenger? I want to talk to her about anything at this point but I can’t, what is going through her head?

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  • My motorcycle was leaking gasoline until I was unscrewing and screwing the screw where it was leaking  now it stopped leaking? ?

    The leak I notice was behind the engine, on a screw my motorcycle fell once yesterday, then this morning I noticed a gas smell and gasoline on the floor, I opened her up and started inspecting the motorcycle I noticed a leak near a screw and started playing with it until it stopped leaking after unscrewing it and screwing, now it doesn’t leak what might of caused this leak?

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  • When you talk to your ex girlfriend do you tell her your real feelings? ?

    I mean when she ever picks up her conversation with you do you slowly tell her what you feel, behind every question like for instance hey Ashley did you watch the Super Bowl? I wish you were next to me I was alone.. or what can you talk say to her in order for to feel comfortable with you? 

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  • Is it considered stalking?

    When I try to send a message to my ex she claims it’s stalking, when I’m just trying to send a message she blocked me twice, and I don’t know when she unblocked me but eventually she did and now I admit that looking into her profile is a stealthily stalker but I don’t care for her anymore, her profile is open, and it’s not so smart to say that I’m a stalker when now I don’t care for her for saying that, and now she unblocks me???! I don’t care for her? And if she wants me to add her I wouldn’t, what is going on with her? why did she unblock me, idk if it was a month ago or 2 months ago i simply will not do anything with her anymore, can someone help me on the question on why would she unblock me? What she expects from me? 

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  • How do speak to an ex girlfriend that called the sheriff’s on me?

    It’s being almost an entire month without speaking to her because she called the sheriffs on me when I told her I was going to kill myself if she doesn’t pay attention to me, but I told the officers and her it was just to get her attention. And anyways now I am bored with life, I don’t feel like moving on, I just simply feel like speaking to her, some of my friends say leave a letter with a flower on her doorsteps, others say speak to her in person, I want to talk to her through Facebook through a new account, she blocked my other account after I said I was going to kill myself which clearly I was not, the question is how do I approach this woman without her thinking I’m going to kill her? 

    We met at work, we were work buddies like employees of a store dollar three and went out everywhere, she spoke to me through the phone and text messaged me daily nightly. She was everything I ever wanted, until one day I left the job to study to become a teacher, she left me a week later, I am assuming that if I begin to work again after college I may have a chance at this.. 

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  • I’ve being block on my phone can I still send a message through a different texting app to deliver the message?

    This person blocked my phone number for personal issues. I want to deliver a message to that person, I know I can’t through my phones number anymore, so can I download a separate texting app to text that person and will this message deliver into his/her phone? 

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  • Can I send a message through a texting app after they have blocked my phone number?

    So someone blocked my phone number for personal reasons, and I heard I can still send messages through a texting app, off course I sent a message through their contact number will this message go through? Will he/she receive the message? 

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  • How can you become only friends with an ex girlfriend?

    When she doesn’t want to be friends, I do think she still has feelings and she still doesn’t want to go around finding out I have another girlfriend, but I really badly want to be friends only because I want to be someone to be there when she needs it the best. Not all my feelings are done with her, I feel that it’s probably hard for her, we can still move on from the face of a close relationship to a much simplistic relationship. Life is hard but maybe we can be texting friends that way we only speak to each other and slowly she can start adding me on other accounts again, because as texting friends all we do is text and she wouldn’t be able to see if I have another girlfriend, that way we become friends and it wouldn’t be that hard on her. What can I say to make that possible with out her being to hurt about it? 

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  • What can I do to an ex girl who blocked me and later called the cops on me?

    So this may be similar to many of you that are obsessed with this girl, but after what just happened I lost all interest in her but would like to be her friend or acutance.. you get me though right she blocked me before the police arrived. What do I do in this situation? 

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  • Can the sheriffs number register as scam likely?

    I’m skeptical because I was speaking to my ex she threaten to send her boyfriend, I was like dude I don’t want issues I’ll just nicely back away, she then said no never mind I want to send you a prayer book, give me your phone number and address it took some nice convincing I was eh it’s late at night and hey she was a good looking ex I give her the information again, she then received all my information, in the middle of the night I received a scam likely call and 7 sheriff officer showed up.. but dude I skeptical about this fake cop thing going on nowadays and that scam likely call from the sheriffs dude??? What happened were these officers or my ex girlfriends boyfriend?? 

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  • My ex girlfriend lied to me at everything and called the cops on me then blocked me?

    It was late at night when she decided to speak to me after sometime, we spoke and we were talking about religion and she said I want to send you a prayer book! I was a little skeptical about sending my address again to her because she said earlier she’s sending her boyfriend, I was like you don’t have a boyfriend you lied about your mom being sick and a new boyfriend, and also ultimately lied about a prayer book too. So apparently we were having the nicest conversation ever about religion and this prayer book, I was like hey it may be late I asked her too sleep, but she kept asking where I lived to send things I was like I don’t need anything I’ll send you something I’ll send you a bible or something, she kept insisting, I then gave her my address but out of nowhere after 30 minutes cops around 7 of them showed up in my doorsteps I was like dude? But I couldn’t send a thing to my girlfriend? They didn’t arrest or anything we spoke they told me if I was suicidal I was like no, maybe a little, they said what type of medication i take, and they didn’t even tell me to quit talking to her.. lol what happened here? should I speak to her in the future about anything or should I leave her for like ever? God that was scary, I thought she told them a lie or something?? Lmao 

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  • Why do people hate me? ?

    They hate me so much that they don’t speak to me, they avoid me, they leave me alone in every aspects of life, everywhere I feel so much hate towards me every second every minute, every breathe I take I feel the hatred that this world puts down on me, they hate me so much that they would like to see me suffer or die or be un-existent. Why is that, why is it that when I step out my house it’s just pure hatred that I feel from humans around me. I’m the target for all hate I’m the weakest link all the freakin time, and I’m always praying for the damn opposite of this evil towards me, I pray for good.. but I receive evil, I do notice tries but there’s no way on earth even God can deal with this world sometimes. 

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