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  • What are chances of meeting each other again?

    So my ex and I have been dated for 3 months and we broke up last friday. 

    we broke up because we just had too many core differences/personality/expectations as well as we involved too much physical stuff (Which this damaged our spirituality- we are both christians). Also saying that hes not ready to date (he should have said this before I dated him which is why I felt so angry) since he has many classes and time to meeting friends. He thinks we arent a good fit for long term future. 

    He said that he wouldn’t change his mind about breaking up, and said that he doesnt deserve me.. he apologized alot and saying to me that I should keep the gifts I received from him (i did not and i returned to him) we both said each other that we were great boyfriends/girlfriends and wanted me if he could still become friends with him and I rejected. I dont really like to become friends with someone who i broke up with. He suggested to break up but I said first to broke up . (I know its not important who said first)he was the first person who made me feel safe and secure, and first person I acknowledge that hes a great boyfriend, despite all of his mistakes..We still like each other a lot and had some good memories , but no contact each other. I know its been only 3 days since we broke up. But by reading this, There are no chances to meet each other again correct? 

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  • Who gets second round stimulus $1200 checks?

    Can dependent college students get $1200 checks too? Whats the eligibility??

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  • Should I wait, or look for another job?

    So my job place reopened yesterday and i didnt get a call from my employer 

    She said she will give monthly payment (for may and june), so that i dont have to claim biweekly uc benefit. I received both may and june payment, but im not sure why she didnt mention july payment and so.

    So if the place is reopened and i didnt get a call does that mean i am terminated or am i way overthinking ? 

    I contacted my manager already but I didnt get a reply from her... so I’m guessing im terminated?

    Should i look for a iob or wait? 

    Sorry my grammar is so bad i know 

    But please no rude/irrelevant comments 

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment4 months ago
  • How do I do international shipping to another country via usps?

    This is the first time I’m doing international shipping , I need to return the item to another country (south korea)

    But I do not know how to do international shipping via usps.

    What are the steps to do international shipping via usps?

    My usps website is not working i dont know why

    4 AnswersPacking & Preparation5 months ago
  • Equilibrium Problem (Chemistry)? help :(?

    I have been looking up online or trying to find ways but I still cant find answer lol please help... I appreciate it 

    CO2 (g) + H2 (g) ↔ CO (g) + H2O (g) + heat

    1. How is the Ke affected by an increase in temperature?


    2. How will the equilibrium shift when pressure is decreased?

    Chemistry5 months ago
  • Has anyone ever ordered Hubble contact lenses?

    Would you recommend? I feel like its fake advertising 

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 months ago
  • What happens if you file unemployment benefits claim and get payment from your work (monthly)?

    Last month (maybe in april) i got 138 and i received benefits but this month i got 300 (wages were increased even though i am unemployed and not physically working due to pandemic)

    Am i still eligible to receive uc benefits? Or even partial benefit?

    3 AnswersUnited States5 months ago
  • I was told by my worker that I will get monthly paycheck. But..?

    In that case, I won't be able to file biweekly claim. Can I reject monthly paycheck and get biweekly uc benefits instead? Or is this under federal law? 

    I don't know, I am somewhat little depressed and stressed at the same time due to pandemic,, but please no rude comments. Thank you. 

    2 AnswersUnited States5 months ago
  • What’s the reason of losing appetite when you’re having a period?

    most people are craving food during period but for me i’m losing my appetite during period.. why is this? 

    4 AnswersWomen's Health6 months ago
  • Are they jealous of me? If not then should I ignore them? ?

    There are two friends, I will call them A and B. I will just write something that made me upset...

    During summer retreat, when I asked question to Friend A she just looked at me but then ignored me (idk why?) I even said it loud (but not yell)Friend B said something (made me feel offended), but then she said, “you know its a joke right?”during christmas, I saw friend A and friend B looking at me and sneered at me for no reason, and I pretend to look other way.Before I came to cafe, I saw friend B giggling and talking with others, but when I came in, she made a straight face, asking “why did you came to cafe so early?”When I text friend A, either i get short reply or no respond. Last thing, friend A made joke that wasnt funny at all, so the person that was next to her wasnt happy. Now they are being nice to me, or pretending to be nice to me?I’m just posting here because I never had this feeling before, but my gut is telling me and its still making me upset..I understand but please no rude comments, I am a loser I know 

    4 AnswersFriends7 months ago
  • I have scheduled test but college closed due to coronavirus?

    So I have a TEAS test scheduled on March 25th (and it’s held at my college), but my college extended spring break 16th to 29th due to coronavirus and all campuses will be CLOSED.

    Problem is I have to send teas scores before 04/01 for nursing class admission...

    Who should I contact about this?? The dean or the nursing director? 

    3 AnswersHigher Education (University +)7 months ago
  • What are some questions to ask to a patient?

    For example if you work at vision center and your job position is optometric technicican,

    what are some questions to ask to a patient before vision test?

    Could you list the questions?

    Thank you, and no rude/irrelevant answers please..

    2 AnswersOptical2 years ago
  • what would be the chance of getting of pregnant?

    If you had protected sex (i.e. condom) and had postcoital contraception

    4 AnswersPregnancy2 years ago
  • Is there an actualy way to treat glaucoma by yourself?

    I had eye exam 3-4 years ago and the doctor said I had risk of galucoma because my optic nerve was large and damaged

    And so I had eye exam again (from different place) and the doctor said I had risk of glaucoma..

    The right eye seemed normal but the right eye’s optic nerve was larger than the left one.

    Is there any way I could treat glaucoma by myself? Perhaps medications?

    1 AnswerOptical2 years ago
  • Do I have bed bugs? Please help?

    I have bed bug bites on my leg 3 days ago, and i found a one little blood stain on my mattress. So I looked every inch of it, but i dont see any marks (such as poops or eggs. )

    My dad slept on a same bed but nothing happened. He didnt get a bite.

    I still cleaned my room- vaccum the floor and washed blankets with warm/hot water.

    I'm still afraid if theres a bed bug on my bed.

    Should I call pest control company?

    What is the best way to eliminate bed bugs completely?

    Please help

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden2 years ago
  • Is my puppy sick?

    She is pom/yorkie mix and 2 months old.

    She constantly sneezes and when i touched her belly, it's pretty hot.

    Also She doesnt eat that much, and I think she got a cold?

    She sometimes licks plants so i think thats part of her symptoms as well? Im not sure.

    What could this be and how should I treat her?

    5 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • My stomach feels really uncomfortable.. any self-treatments?

    So yesterday I bought cooked marinated pork at the food market and suddenly my stomach became really uncomfortable and so I got diatribes multiple times.

    I checked the pork and the pork was undercooked - it was pinkish on the sides of the meat. It wasnt expired or anything, the package clearly says it was cooked but I found several pink on the meat

    Idk if i should complain or not

    And so my stomach still feels uncomfortable.

    Is there any self-treatment for this?

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink3 years ago
  • How to boost my college gpa?

    So the first and second semester in freshman i had 3.2 gpa

    Now im sophomore and this fall semester it was 2.5 gpa and rn my overall gpa is 2.89...

    Is it late to boost my gpa (at least 3.4-3.5?)

    What are ur recommendations? (Besides not slacking off)

    4 AnswersOther - Education3 years ago
  • Chemistry help?

    According to your ranking, the first ionization energy of

    Ga is smaller than the first ionization energy of

    Ca. This is because the element ____

    loses the electron from the

    4p orbital, which is shielded by the electrons in the __s orbital. The element ____ loses the electron from the filled ____s orbital, which has added stability because it is a filled orbital.

    1 AnswerChemistry3 years ago
  • Bleeding after my boyfriend fingered me?

    It was the second time since he fingered me (I'm a virgin)

    the first time it didn't bleed

    but the second time when he fingered me It was bleeding.

    It doesn't hurt at all but when I urine the blood comes out little

    Why do I bleed when he fingered me?

    and how long does it heal? is this going to be a problem cuz if it is I still don't want to consult a doctor...

    3 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago