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  • Do you have to take two big fiber choice tablets?

    I really need to know I haven’t pooped in 3 days and don’t want to die from not pooping

    The fiber choice tablets look like they can be split in half . Is one big tablet considered the two ur supposed to take or are u supposed to take two of the big tablets

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness6 days ago
  • What would you if someone you hate and have never met?

    Keeps staring at you and talking about you? This person is also mentally ill.

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 week ago
  • Is cardio bad for muscle?

    I have a scale that measures muscle and fat pre covid when I walked a lot I was 123 lbs 15.8 bf and 99.8 lbs muscle ... since I’ve been at home I don’t walk so much and I do hiit at home since the gym clothes it sais 136 lbs 17 percent bf 106 lbs muscle... idk how accurate this scale is but I kind of wanna lose weight cause I feel like 136 lbs is kind of heavy

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 week ago
  • Does every company have to animal test in china?

    I’m just looking for information on this

    Do company’s that have use even the safe 700 ingredients list have to test? Like it’s mandatory?

    1 AnswerSafety2 months ago
  • Does makeup make your thyroid worse?

    I was diagnosed with hoshimotos thyroid a few years after I decided to become a make up artist and experimented on myself a lot. I believe is there is a link. If I stop using makeup is it possible my thyroid health will improve or is it permanently damage

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases2 months ago
  • Was I wrong?

    My mom is a senior lady who started wearing leopard print she has dark features and I told her she looks like a cheetah and she stormed out of the house

    3 AnswersFamily2 months ago
  • Can I add cream cheese to Classico tomato sauce to make creamy tomato pasta?

    Trying to make something more creamy and not so tomato-ie

    19 AnswersCooking & Recipes2 months ago
  • why do i rapidly gain weight when i get in a new relationship?

    so i havent been in a relationship in awhile and there is this guy on tinder whos been trying to convince me hes smooth and it worked.. hes pretty much my dream guy tbh but im rapidly gaining weight and i havent even been eating much more.... i was 124 and im already at 131.. also im not pmsing or bloated?

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • Is being sx Addict real?

    I finally met a new guy and he’s super smart like a genius he said I’m a sx Addict cause I react to it like a heroin addict and most ppl don’t. He said it’s not my fault. It’s annoying me a bit tgat he’s saying this and trying to make me look crazy or sick

    1 AnswerMental Health2 months ago
  • 1 day ago I used midol can I use a pain cream today?

    Like those creams for when you pull a muscle?

    3 AnswersWomen's Health3 months ago
  • should i take his proposal seriously?

    soo ive really been wanting to get married ... and the guy i liked doesnt want to

    it has caused us to not talk

    and there is this guy whos been on my fb for years

    hes cute and nice

    thing is hes from india and he actually proposed to me over fb i said im sorry ur too far and you cant propose over fb and i brushed it off

    now he sais hes gonna come to canada to propose is he being serious

    im just suspicious that he wants to use me for a green card

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • Question about cooking chicken?

    I am 30 and have never cooked chicken because I am afraid I will not cook it correctly and get salmonella poisoning I am very afraid of cooking meat and I need help

    12 AnswersCooking & Recipes3 months ago
  • Did my dog have heat exhaustion?

    Me and my dog went for a walk about 3 hear earlier when suddenly she started gagging and fell over vomited and it looked like she had a seizure. I live at home and it’s kind of hot my dad didn’t turn on the air conditions my dog started showing improvement when I started blowing a fan on her and spraying her with watte4 in a spray bottle. We also turned the air conditions on she is going to be 14 so she’s a senior boxer. She’s doing better now and sleeping and snoring. I’m still a bit worried tho. Did my earlier walk cause the heat exhaustion but she started showing symptoms three hours later or was it the lack of air conditioning..? My dad just doesn’t like to waste money so he only turns  it on if there’s a heat warning

    5 AnswersDogs4 months ago
  • Why are flip flops unfashionable?

    Flip flops are my fav summer shoe when it’s hot they are breezy , comfortable and I like

    How they look yet everywhere I read “flip flops and sweatpants means you’ve given up” whyyy are flip flops considered unfashionable I don’t understand

    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 months ago
  • will something happen to poroxide and toner when shipped in the sun?

    Just wondering because all salons are closed I would have to order it online

    3 AnswersHair5 months ago
  • Why would working out make me gain weight (dance)?

    I used to work out every other day but for the past month or so I’ve discovered dance and been either dancing or biking every day. I’m motivated to dance because I want to be a good dance. However I’ve put on 10 lbs but I don’t notice that I look fatter I still fit in the same clothes but my stomach and butt feel a bit harder so I’m wondering dance can put on muscle? I haven’t even been eating more.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness5 months ago
  • Can you get corona talking to soMe one who has corona virus?

    But they were standing on the road and u were standing on the driveway pretty sure it was 6ft away can the virus travel that far

    2 AnswersOther - Health5 months ago
  • Can a woman ride a men’s bike?

    I went to the store and I tried this bike looked perfect for me then I saw it was a men’s bike I am about 125 lbs but I have pretty broad shoulders and am tall 5’8 ... I got the bike and I noticed it does make me hunch over should I return it I read online it will cause pain long term

    11 AnswersCycling5 months ago
  • Do my eyes change color cause of my parents?

    My dad has light baby blue eyes my mom has dark brown eyes my eyes are like a medium brown but when I feel crazy and hyper they turn ice blue which is pretty cool in the sun they also change colors is this cause I have both their genes or is it just like Audrey Hepburn I heard her eyes also changed colors thanks for any info!

    1 AnswerOptical5 months ago