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  • Leftover sandwich left at 43 degrees F for a few hours overnight.. still good to eat?

    So I left a sandwich out in my car by accident last night. When I got out of the car the temperature outside was about 43 degrees and was so for a couple hours after, apparently. But then the temperature dropped below 40, and now it’s 32 and snowing.. should that be enough to kill off bacteria that might have grown on it at all? It’s a deli sandwich that hasn’t really been touched, just refrigerated before. I know the food safety temp is 40 degrees F or lower, but I’ve also eaten other things left out overnight in warmer temperatures (after microwaving it tho).

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  • Can you call working 6 hours in one 24hr period a “double shift”?

    So, my boyfriend complains on days when he has to work a “double” shift, which is 11a - 2p, and then 6p - 9p. He works part time as a waiter at a family owned and run sushi place. Shifts are normally 3hrs for anyone not in the family (the parents and their nephew work full time and their 2 daughters help out when they’re not in school.) Now, based on that I don’t really care if he calls it a “double” shift, because it is twice the amount he normally works - 3hrs. However, he says it with the same resentment as someone who does work a 16hr shift. I pointed out that 6hrs isn’t even one full shift at a full time job, especially since he gets a 4hr break between his two shifts, and I typically see one full shift as 8hrs.

    So I guess.. what’s everyone else think? I’ve actually worked double shifts before, and he’s never even worked a full time job so he’s never experienced how tiring it actually is to work 16hrs, so maybe it’s just my separate experience telling me he shouldn’t be calling it that bc he’ll tell his friends that he’s working a double when really it’s just 6hrs..

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  • Does a bedroom/apartment need to have a window to legally be rented?

    I know this is true in Illinois because of fire safety and needing an emergency second exit, but is it the same in Iowa? I can t imagine it would be legal, but I found a place that s renting out a studio apartment just down the street from my workplace for fairly cheap; the only thing that s keeping me from applying is that the studio has no windows. Is this legal in Iowa? It also doesn t seem to have any sort of way outside other than the one door, so no secondary door or a porch door or anything at all. Just the one.

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  • I have water leaked under my washer - should I call emergency maintenance or no?

    I just noticed that there s a puddle of water under my washer in my apartment and I m not sure if that s reason to call for emergency maintenance or not? It s not flooding or leaking constantly, it s just standing in a puddle but I m not sure how much water there is or how long it s been there.

    Do I need to call emergency maintenance for this or can it wait and just put in a request? The office opens in just under 1.5hrs, and I can call when it does open just to be sure that they get here for it today and make sure it s taken care of or going to be - but idk if this calls for an emergency call or not. Just an fyi: there had been a roof leak before I moved into my apartment, but I m not sure if it s related to this or not.

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  • Should I try to get a second bachelor's or just try for a master's?

    So long story short, I ended up being rushed into college, which caused me to take a degree I didn't really want because I didn't get time to stop and look at colleges and programs I might have wanted to be in. I ended up getting bad grades in the graphic design program I ended up in, but the main reasons were that I didn't like the program, the teachers literally did not like me except for 1 I had for only 1 class, and I had really stressful situations going on at home (I lived with my parents to save money during college and still worked bc I had to pay for my supplies)

    What I really wanted to do from the beginning was game design, but bc my parents rushed me into college I messed up, and now I feel like I messed up so bad that I won't be able to get a second bachelors degree for what I want to be in or even have a shot at getting into a masters program bc of my grades. Has anyone else had this happen or heard of it? How can I make my situation better? I really don't want to go for another 4-year program, but I don't want to do graphic design for the rest of my life either, but a second bachelors degree is unusual and some colleges won't accept people without special acceptance (which, again, I feel like I won't get any bc of my grades). I didn't get the worst gpa possible per say, but it wasn't spectacular, either.. Classes outside of my major saved my cumulative gpa even though I never worked as hard for them as my design classes..

  • How much should it cost to fix a couple possibly rusty spots on my car?

    About a year ago there were some drunk kids that had thrown rocks and shattered my windshield. I obviously got the windshield fixed right away but didn't do anything about the spots where they chipped the paint and coating away because there were only like 3 spots and they weren't very big (no bigger than a quarter each). I'm not sure if theyve started rusting just yet, but how much roughly would it cost to get these spots fixed and repainted? I have a 2008 Pontiac vibe grey/blue stock color, so no special paint color or anything like that.

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  • Any other good drawing tablets besides Wacom?

    I'm planning on getting the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium as soon as I have the money for it, but I'm wondering if it's basically really worth it? I had their last version of the Intuos but I lost the pen and the new pens won't work with it so I need a new one.

    But anyway has anyone had any experience with another multi-touch drawing tablet that's cheaper than $250?

  • How should I respond to the question 'How would you handle down time?' at an interview?

    Short story: I applied for a security officer job a few months ago, they didn't hire me at the time, so I reapplied recently and I have another initial interview tomorrow. This was the only question I wasn't really sure how to answer, so any tips?

    Initially I had said "I handle down time well; at my current job when we have down time I try to find something extra to do - cleaning or prepping to help pass the time so I can still stay alert." Should I just stick to something like that?

    And by 'down time' I mean time when the workers don't really have anything happening but they're on their shift - not on break or anything. My boyfriend's friend works for the same company and he said that some people do homework or text, but I can't exactly say that in an interview..

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  • Is the fleece sold at hobby lobby made of all natural materials?

    Is it? Just the plain everyday warm fleece - not the 'bubbled' soft stuff or anything.

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  • Can my employer cut my pay like this?

    Ok, so I live in Illinois and in January we had a new owner take over where I work - it's just a restaurant, no tips just hourly wages. At the beginning, the new owner asked me if I would care if he moved my pay rate down $.50, and I said yes because I'd still be paid more than the other people.

    However, I just noticed on my paycheck from this week that my pay rate had gone down another $.50 without notice - so that's a full $1 that my pay's gone down and I feel like it's gone into other people's payrates even though I'm most certainly one of the best workers there - I'm doing more work than other people and eating my lunch at the same time! I don't even work that often - only around 13-15 hours a week because I'm in school!

    So basically my question is whether or not he can legally lower my pay without telling me, and whether or not I should try to fight this.. I only have one semester of college left and I know if I try to find another job they probably won't pay me as much as I'm getting paid where I'm at but I'm really starting to get tired of doing a lot of work then getting nothing out of it in the end. I've been there for 3.5 years now and know most everything better than some of the managers do.

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  • Anyone know of any crackling dog toys?

    I'm looking for a dog toy that makes a crackling noise. I know there's toys that have like the water bottle on the inside, but those ones are way too big. I need something much smaller and easily chewable. My mom has a teacup yorkshire terrier that loves chewing everything, specifically things that squeak or crackle. My mom lets him chew on plastic (like individual applesauce containers without the lid, plastic utensils, cups, etc) and I'm obviously worried he's going to hurt himself or choke on a piece, so I'm wondering if anyone's come across a very small, crackling toy that he can play with instead of everything else.

    I can't do squeaky toys because we have a slightly larger dog that, while mostly more submissive, will take any toys that squeak and tear it apart until he gets the squeaker, but he doesn't seem as interested in crackling toys. I tried to get a crackling bone toy but it proved to be too hard for the yorkie to even make the crackling noise on his own, so I need something with little resistance to making the noise but preferably something that will also last hopefully?

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  • Truth Tables help? P | Q | P | (P AND Q) | P -> (P AND Q)?

    I don't even know how to start with this table, and every time I do it I get more frustrated and confused. The starting is easier, but then when I get to the (p AND q) part, it doesn't make sense to me, especially the p -> (p AND q). At least with me, it helps when sentences are used, and I even tried that and it didn't make sense. Would p be the same sentence in the p -> (p AND q)? Why would that be so? And also, wouldn't both of p and q need to be the same (let's say the positive standing on the sentence it represents or NOT?) to be true?

    So this is the correct answer (the p columns were given to us to use):

    p|q|p| (p AND q) | p -> (p AND q)

    T|T|T| T | T

    T|F|T| F | F

    F|T|F| F | Tx

    F|F|F| Fx | T

    The ones with x next to the letters were the ones I got wrong originally (but are the correct answers on there). What I mostly don't understand is why, if p and q in the first two columns are false, why is the (p AND q) statement false, but in the p -> (p AND q) everything is false, the statement is true?

    The other question I was really hoping someone could answer is whether or not the the p 'sentence' would be the same thing in p -> (p AND q). so if p represents 'the cat is wet', and q represents 'you should dry the cat', and saying in the first row, would that read, "If the cat is wet, then the cat is wet and you should dry it"?

    I'm trying to explain it but I don't have enough space to do it..

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  • Is there a word for something that is within itself?

    It's for a class assignment thing. I just need to know if there's a word that has a definition of something along the lines of 'something within itself', since that's what our project is based off of. It's basically we're taking something that's been made of a material, then putting that material inside of it (like sand inside of a glass, so it's sort of something within itself).

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  • Do I need to get my W-2 form from Kroger? Only worked there a few weeks..?

    So would I get into legal trouble if I don't file my tax return for the time I worked at Kroger? When I worked there I made it so that the money I owed in federal and state income taxes would be taken directly out of my paychecks, so I don't (or shouldn't) owe any federal or state taxes. The only thing I would be filing them for would be for the tax returns, from which I would only be getting about $20.

    I only worked there for about 2 weeks. I had another job and was going to school full time and I couldn't do all 3, so I don't really care about the $20..

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  • Should I block my debit card or just change my PIN?

    So, I think someone got a hold of technically my information for my debit card, but was a scam for credit cards - should I worry about this and completely block it now and order a new card, or should I not worry about it and change my PIN number when the bank opens on Monday? (It's too late to do anything about it today - it's past 12:00pm on Saturday where I am, and I can't find any way to change my PIN online.)

    I tried calling VISA and actually got their credit card department on accident, and when they transferred me to the debit card department they didn't have my information at all, that my bank would have it - but the bank I use doesn't have a 24/7 call center.

    So, since the information they would've gotten was for a credit card and it was actually my debit card, should I block my card and order a new one on Monday, or just wait and change my PIN then? They didn't get the 3-digit security number on the back of my card..

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  • Is it okay to use a sleeve that doesn't fit a laptop? (extra inch of space one way)?

    I recently had to buy a new laptop that is smaller than my old one, so I thought that instead of buying a new backpack and a sleeve with a strap, I just bought a laptop sleeve that I liked for the new one on to add some extra protection to my new laptop. has a system for matching laptops to sleeves/bags that has the dimensions of laptops to match up, and I used this system, but the sleeve ended up being too big width-wise (like up and down across the keyboard/computer), which is the way the laptop goes into the sleeve on the side. There is about an extra inch of space there. It also feels like the laptop does not fit very tightly height-wise, although it fits almost perfectly (just a teenie-tiny bit of room that makes it easy to slide in and out, so not much at all) lengthwise (left and right across the keyboard/computer).

    So is the sleeve definitely too big and should I try to return it and find a new one? Or would it be possible to find or make some sort of insert? I'm skeptical about making or finding an insert because the sleeve is one of those flimsy ones made out of wet suit material. I've tried cutting up a piece of styrofoam that came in the sleeve, but it keeps being moved to the side because of the flexibility of the sleeve. This is also the first time I've ever bought a sleeve like this since I like higher-quality material, but this was just for a little extra padding to keep the laptop from slipping around in the larger 17 inch bags I have. (The new laptop is about 14")

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  • Windows 8: How to turn off iHeartradio and Calender screens?

    I just got a new laptop with Windows 8 on it, and I had been playing around with the new os, but when I clicked a couple things on the start window (specifically iHeartradio and the Calender), they opened up in their own screen, if that makes sense, similar to the different desktops of mac laptops and many of the newer smartphones (mainly iphones).

    Anyway, the point is that I have no idea how to close them, and on the specific laptop I got from HP - the HP ENVY m4 Entertainment PC - has a feature on the mousepad with a silver ring around it. When I run my finger along the ring along with the mousepad (usually accidentally), it switches to the other applications I have open (thus the annoyance of the issue). Does anyone know how to close them? I've tried doing so from the start window and the applications themselves, but cannot find out how to close them.

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  • Promaster 2500pk super camera film advance not working?

    I bought a Promaster 2500pk super recently for a class, and now it's stopped working. I removed a roll of film recently and the film release button got stuck? I eventually got it out again (not the proper way, whatever that is), and loaded a new roll but now the film advance lever won't advance the film or even catch on the thing that does advance the film. The shutter release button on top also will not function.

    Does anyone know how to correctly release the film release button or get the lever / shutter release to work again?

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