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  • How do you carry USD 1 million in a carry on bag through airport security screening as in wolf of wall st.?

    how is it possible to have 1 million dollars in ur carry on bag and have it go through the x ray machine and not get detected ???

    US law requires cash of over 10,000 dollars to be declared to customs and 1 million dollars would be hard to explain without a bank statement having the carriers name on it as proof that its the carriers money......

    if jordan belfort had other people carrying 1 million in cash in bags through airport security screening ,, how did they not get detected and investigated ????? it doesn't make sense....

    And with metal detector sticks,, u can't tape wads of 100 dollar bills all over ur body and not set off the metal detector???? can someone explain how this is possible please.

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  • Y are college football schedules 50 to 60% full of meaningless games against scrub teams ,, like Chatanooga,?

    Georgia st ,, nichols st.,, Buffalo ,, Florida A&M,, bethune cookman,, wake forest ,, Wofford ,,, UL Monroe,, Idaho....

    Division 1 college football is 20% real games and 80% garbage.... Y are so many garbage football programs allowed to compete in D1???

    The season could be shortened to 9 with more quality opponents ...

    With so many scrub garbage teams in the schedule ,,

    how can anyone really feel that Ohio St. is No.3. ?? (coz they'r undefeated against mostly garbage scrub teams ??) -- Y doesn't Ohio St. play against Michigan St ?? they're in the same co-conference.. instead they r playing Buffalo or San Diego St.,, and Iowa ....and Michigan St is playing Youngstown,, W. Mich,, S. Florida.....

    REDUCE THE NUMBER OF GAMES WITH MORE QUALITY GAMES .... Can anyone please explain this idiot Y FBS schedules are full of garbage and scrubs ????? It can't be coz the NCAA R corrupt ,, clueless bastards,,,

    How R FBS schedules made up ???

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  • Thailand Tourist Visa extension... is it 1 or 2 times allowed??

    I read this from the US Embassy Thailand website... It states it may be extended Twice , each time for 30 days..... But some foreign travellers to Thailand have said its only 1 time....

    Has anyone been able to extend his tourist visa 2 times for 30 days each after the initial 60 days visa????

    im asking here coz the Thai Foreign Ministry has no email contact to inquire ,,,, Thank you.

    ........"""Tourist Visas

    If an individual wishes to remain in Thailand for more than 30 days, he/she may wish to obtain a tourist visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the United States, prior to arriving in Thailand. The tourist visa must be used within 90 days from the date of issue and allows an initial stay of 60 days. After arrival in Thailand, a tourist visa may be extended twice, each time for an additional 30 days. There is a 1,900 Baht fee for each extension.""""

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  • I wanna stay for 1 year in Bangkok with a tourist visa......?


    I'm a US citizen and 39 years old...

    I know that i can get an initial 60 day tourist visa at entry,, Then

    i can apply 2 times for a 30 day visa at 1,900 baht/ each ....

    Beyond these 4 months ,,, What can i do ????

    Do i need to exit the country and re-enter going through the same process.... Or can I extend on a monthly basis for up to 8 more months ????

    The Thailand Foreign ministry doesn't explain what to do beyond the 4 months stay...

    If philippines allows for bimonthly renewals for up to 16 months as a tourist ,, Why can't Thailand do the same????? i wish.

    If anyone who has stayed in BKK for over 6 months could share their experience. THANK YOU so much...

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  • Y can't i find any online streams for ALL SPORTS NETWORK ( ASN) ,,?

    ASN replays several key games all day and night.... its the best ,, but nobody is streaming it for free... huhuhuhuhuhu :-((( lifeisunfair

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  • Getting Apsotille for Criminal Background check in any State?

    When U request and obtain a Criminal Background check, national record,,, Can U

    send it to any state to get it apostilled..... Since its a national record and not only

    for a specific state...

    My home state is NJ and those bastards charge 25 bucks where as NY charges only 10 bucks...

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  • How can i get to stop directing me to Mobile page when I click on any menu tab like videos.?

    How can i get to stop directing me to Mobile page when I click on any menu tab like videos.?

    I'm using the Iconia Tablet PC. Using Firefox, its no problem. But using IE, if I type in,, I get Mobile from Verizon / Get NFL mobile page.....

    what is going on,, Can anyone help? I asked help desk and their answer is garbage...

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  • where are the best rate for USD money changers around North Avenue Station or Oritgas ?

    I know about Hypermarket and SM Mall moneychanger and the commercial banks too...

    Im interested in outside money changer places... Thank you.

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  • Where to watch NFL games at a bar around SM North , Quezon City area?

    Anyone know of any places in Quezon city to watch NFL games besides getting ASN cable network... Not interest in Makati or Malate area sports bars ... Looking for close by ones.

    Thank you

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  • for renting a condo ,, who pays the fee to the broker/ agent if one is used?

    to deal with the condo unit owner..


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  • Which bank in philippines is best for foreign nationals?

    in terms of offering dollar denominated accounts ,, convenient payment transfer service...

    Which bank (BDO , BPI , Maybank) is better known for being popular with expats in manila?

    Thank you for any help. Please no reply like check the website.....

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  • Visa Extension process in Philippines?

    Which is better office to apply for tourist visa extension ,,, Manila (Pasay) or

    Angeles City????

    What is the total fee for the initial 40+ days visa extension ,, and the fee for the 2 month visa extension ??

    How long does it take to get your passport with visa stamp back from the office???

    Thank you for any help.

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  • What is the truth about foreign nationals owning condo in manila?

    I have heard foreign nationals without pinay spouse can not own apartment,, or i read there is a restriction that less than 40% of the units can be owned by Foreigners in a condo building....

    But my pinay friends tell me about Forieigners who owned several condo units around manila without having pinay spouse....

    I can't get any answer from Google.... If someone has first hand knowledge of owning a condo in manila as Foreigner ,, I appreciate your advice...

    Also,, how can an owner set up an escrow account at a local bank in manila to automatically make monthly payments on time.. is this at all possible ????


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  • Transport ..from Pasay to Tagatay.?

    Can someone confirm if there are FX vans going to Tagatay from Buendia (Gil Puyat) and Taft Avenue..

    If not ,, what is the best way to go to tagatay from Pasay Manila????

    Salamat po

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  • I want to live in Manila for 1 year on a visa,,,,?

    Can I apply for the Non-immigrant special Visa or Temporary Resident Visa

    as a tourist with US Passport??????????

    Or do I have to extend every 2 months at 100 dollars in fees each time.???????

    I have the link already,, but it only shows fees and not eligibility.......

    This is frustrating .... Thank you

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  • how much is general tuition at Cayagan Capitol College in CDO...?

    i don't need exact number just estimate around how much is yearly tuition at

    Cayagan Capitol college or university in CDO, mindanao. salamat po

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  • How do you say in tagalog?

    I hope to have a honest relationship...


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  • How do you say in tagalog?

    Do you hate me .....

    i hope to know you more...


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