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My 'Faith' in The One; my Common Denominator, Who has blessed me with the experiences in life and wisdom gained, from lessons learned. It is my express desire to share and learn from others here. I have made so many wonderful friends here, from so many parts of the world. I would sincerely like to thank them, one and all, here and moved on, for helping me to gain from their wisdom shared. :D I just love this place! lol! I am 65, married 30 years, with six children and nine grandchildren. I live in southern California on a five acre farm, surrounded by avocado groves. Thank you The One above, for all my blessings I am so unworthy of. :D I love my life! I truly do - but, I still yearn to go Home...

  • Which weighs more?

    Shame or thankfulness?

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  • What would you do or say if...?

    Your best friend of 35 years cleaned out your jewelry box?

    I am 72 years old.  I was sitting in front of two other people when I realized I had nothing left!  I was devastated!!!

    I know "Things" are not the best things in life and, I appreciate my blessings but come on, this was my booty for my daughters.  It was all I personally had to give them when I died.

    She is dying of cancer and she has the attitude; What the fck do I care?  I knew she felt this way but, I 'trusted' her to watch over our home when we were away.  I never would have believed in a million years, she would be so insensitive as  to do this to me.

    It's gone and I cannot bring it back.  I cannot/will not make her confess to this because, she doesn't care anymore.  Bringing her to her knees ain't gonna help anyone.  She would 'come clean' and I know, it would be devastating for her to do this. 

    I could not even bring charges against her if I could - she has nothing!

    I know this is a harsh lesson to me - and it isn't: "I cannot trust anyone!"  The lesson I must learn is; be thankful for the Blessings I have been given. This does not in any way include; "Things"!  Let it go!  :D

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  •  How may I find a True Master, here in America - or?

    ...anywhere in the world today?  This must be a Master of True Spiritual knowledge and wisdom in antiquity.  I have read all the ancient books of all the Eastern countries. I have bibles from all over the world.  

     Even in these there are such discrepancies as would make one so disoriented.  I wish to find someone who could possibly bring 'balance' to the fore, from before Mesopotamia to the present.

    ( I have also read the Zechariah Sitchin books).  :D

    Where would I find someone of such Greatness today? (Thrice Greatest Hermes)?  :D

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 months ago
  • How can I help my chicken?

    I have a Bardrock chicken who is egg-bound.  I want to help her as, they usually die trying to lay their eggs.  Is there something 'natural' I can give her in her diet?

    I give them their corn, laying mash and fresh veges everyday and, of course, fresh water.  

    Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you.  :D

    2 AnswersBirds4 months ago
  • How does one measure their value in the children they have raised?

    I believed in my children and they too believed in theirs.  What greater accomplishment could a mother have than to, seeing it come to fruition?

    1 AnswerHomework Help4 months ago
  • Have you ever lost a child to suicide?

    I have.  It takes one to 'know' one.  :D

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 months ago
  • Does this ever happen to you?

    Sometimes I am suddenly moved to tears and, I don't know why.  Many times I will cry until my eyes are nearly swollen shut. 

     Yes, we all cry with tragedy and death, disparaging moments and broken hearts but - there is a reason for these emotional experiences.  But when I burst out in tears and cry through the night and don't know why - and my eyes are swollen sometimes for two days and, there is no foundation or cause, I have to wonder 'why'?

    1 AnswerPsychology5 months ago
  • Do you have any idea what it means to -?

    overcome the world?

    I am learning and, it's my whole life at 72 years old, six children (one died to suicide) and 10 grandchildren!

     Albeit, I am overcoming...  :D

    Please be genuinely kind ans sincere.  Thank you.  :D

    2 AnswersPsychology5 months ago
  • What is the Noetic science of PSI?

    Psychic phenomena! 

    Do you believe in this latest science of - what lies beyond the state of consciousness?  

    This includes the science of instinct and all related science of the unknown, including the paranormal and extraterrestrial subjects.

    Anything is possible if you truly believe!  I do!!!  :D

    10 AnswersParanormal Phenomena5 months ago
  • Is Love part of Truth?

    Or Truth part of Love?  Do they go together?  Do they coincide, blend together?  Can you have one without the other?  Are they of the same kind of energy?  What is their Source?  Please explain.  Thank you.  :D

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 months ago
  • Is the head considered an appendage of the physical body?

    Even though this is where the control panel and synchronized networking is housed?

    Thank you for your answers.  :D

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 months ago
  • What are some of the funniest things you have experienced or seen...?

    Since this whole viral quarantine thing began?

    List both, if you feel obliged to do so.  :D

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 months ago
  • How many of you have just shut off your TV's altogether?

    I have two very nice gently used flat screen TV's.  I wonder what the current market price would  be in say - 2 or 3 weeks?  Any guesses?

    3 AnswersTVs6 months ago
  • What have you done creatively during this time of self-quarantine?

    Have you gotten out any board games or played a few hands of cards?  Please explain.  :D

    3 AnswersOther - Business & Finance6 months ago
  • Wouldn't it be wonderful?

    Though not logical but...

    I can dream!!!

    What is it?  :D

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 months ago
  • Have any of your started writing a ledger?

    Documenting this global pandemic and how it is affecting the population individually and collectively?  How it is affecting the world economy?  This is staggering!  No other time in the history of the world has anything been more devastating as this has come to be.

    1 AnswerOther - Environment7 months ago
  • Have you ever seen a 'red' dragonfly?

    Last year there was on my pot plants and it was so beautiful.  Everyday when I would go down to the creek, I would see it there.  I have a feeling with all this rain we've been having, I just may see another one.  :D

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys7 months ago
  • Agree or disagree:?

    If you are ashamed of something you've done,

    You better forgive yourself 'cause, 

    There's more to come...

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys7 months ago
  • How 'private' is the pain you feel?

    I do not care to express my physical/emotional pain with anyone.  If I should share it, it only exasperates it's intensity.  I try to keep it between me and the universe and ask for relief of my discomfort.  I truly believe {"This too shall pass..."}  :D

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management7 months ago
  • Why do women need to carry purses?

    Besides being (over-the-top) expensive, they are truly cumbersome.  It's almost an appendage - somewhat like a cell phone.  

    Personally, I don't care if they have a brand name, just as long as they last a good time.  I carry a shoulder bag and over the years, one shoulder is lower than the other.

    I only carry the essentials anymore but, a wallet cannot carry my needs.  I usually leave my purse in the car trunk, to give me more free access when I shop.  Although that doesn't happen much anymore either!  lol!  :D  

    9 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 months ago