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  • I went to get car insurance today getting a quote,and?

    They said they Found a speeding ticket that I had got on July 14th only I do not remember geting a ticket in July in fact I did not have a car in july at all. I went to the local police dept. and they checked and found noting. they said it would have had to be in another state, for them not to find it. So how can I find out if some one has a Drivers Licence with my name and social in another state?

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • Gateway NE56R41u Will not boot after login blue screen with cursor is all i get.?

    I have tried putting in a windows 8 disk also hitting f10 ,f8, and Esc. this is starting to get to me as I usually know how to get computers Running again. So I am ready to reinstall windows 8 but even the dick will not boot. Help please!

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • I have windows 7 Pro on My computer and when I try to do a Back Up it will not complete. How Can i fix this?

    It is saying Error code 0x1000006. If you can tell me how to fix this please answer this question also when I tried to re install windows It is saying that windows can not detect my Disks on my computer. I have no other problems with my system other than this also I am running back up to a terabyte external hard drive I had formatted it and deleted all previous back ups so as to make room for it as my computer is a 750 Hard drive for my C Disk and I have used the same external hard drive before and i checked Both Hard Drives and no problems are found with either one. This is puzzling me quite a bit as I usually am answering similar Questions and seldom ask on this site. so i have tried the things that I thought would have corrected this. already but the problem persists so quick summery again windows will not re-install and back up gets to around 75% and stops it does take up space on the external hard drive but my computer still says it did not complete ERROR CODE 0x81000006.

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago