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  • Follow on Answers.?

     Why do Answers make changes and not tell us what they are ?. Will someone please tell me what Followed Questions and Following Users mean ?.

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers2 months ago
  •  American presidential candidates.?

       There does not appear to be any top candidates standing for the presidency. In the past i have noticed people do not apply and that money counts. Does the system need to change to get the right best candidates for the position?.

    1 AnswerPolitics3 months ago
  • Can Joe Biden beat Donald Trump.?

         Donald trump is stupid not very popular but is Joe Biden popular and can he beat Trump in November ?.

    11 AnswersPolitics3 months ago
  • 2020-2021 season predictions.?

      Well done to Liverpool. They are the best this season. Next season may be tight and exciting. Man City will want their title back, Chelsea on the up, Man United improving, and with Leicester, Wolves and Tottenham in the mix, who do you think will dominate next season?. Your top four?.

  • Favourite music video.?

       Music videos can be good or bad, but my favourite is one made by the Gorillas for their song * Stylo * featuring Bruce Willis, it is fun and well made. What is your favourite ?.

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys3 months ago
  • Unhappy with breasts.?

       I have always wondered if women care about their breasts. Is it uncomfortable if they are too heavy or do they get in the way?. Do many women have problems with them?.

    2 AnswersWomen's Health3 months ago
  • What are these icons.?

       Under the answers on here what are the three icons, the square with two lines in it, the thumb up and the thumb down?. What do you do with them?.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers3 months ago
  • Speeding on the roads.?

        Since we have had the Covid-19 and the lockdown I have seen a lot of cars and lorries speeding on the roads. The police stopped one car doing 150mph. Has anyone else noticed this too ?.

    4 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 months ago
  • Have you had a question deleted.?

        I asked an innocent question about too many advertisements on Answers and after one answer it was deleted. I thought in the free west we are meant to have free speech !. Has anyone else had a question deleted ?.

    17 AnswersYahoo Answers3 months ago
  • No pubs to visit.?

      Now we cannot go to any pubs I am drinking at home, a little less than I would when out. Do you miss the pub and are you drinking at home?, and more or less?.

    7 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits5 months ago
  • Why is the mushroom always happy.?

       Why was the mushroom always happy?. Because he was a fungi !.   Now tell me one.

    3 AnswersBotany5 months ago
  • This season scrapped.?

       The Coronavirus has ruined this football season. The FA is discussing when to finish it, but I think it should be scrapped, Liverpool should be given a special trophy as the Premiership leaders, and relegation and promotion scrapped trickling down all the leagues. This would lead plenty of time to plan for next season in August. What do you think?.

    8 AnswersEnglish Football5 months ago
  •  Best grass seed for shady area.?

      I have an area to turn to lawn under trees in shadow, what is the best sort of grass seed for it please ?.

    6 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 months ago
  • What is the most embarrassing thing you've worn.?

          At work one day I realised I had put on one shoe and one safety boot, I am still embarrassed. What have you done ?.

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 months ago
  • What is an alternative toilet paper.?

         My local Tesco has been out of toilet rolls for my last two trips. I have one spare roll left. After that runs out I will need something. What alternative that breaks down in the pipes do you use or would use ?.

    15 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)6 months ago
  • What is your favourite TV advertisement.?

       There have been a lot of enjoyable adverts over the years. My favourite is on now and is well made and acted, the Kia car one when a man shows his ignorance of the car and his family and dog touch there heads at him. a great advert. What was or is your favourite advert ?.

    8 AnswersComedy7 months ago
  • Is the Coronavirus hyped up.?

       The Coronavirus is now spreading around the world and authorities are taking drastic action such as closing schools and cancelling sports events. The death rate is only 5% of victims so is there an unnecessary panic going on ?.

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance7 months ago
  • Where do you go for a drink.?

    I live in a village in England and go for a drink or two in the public house next door to me. The pub is comfortable  and the drinks and food are good. Where do you go out for a drink ?.

    11 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits7 months ago
  • QI and Alan Davies.?

       I enjoy watching QI on TV, but I have a question I have always wondered about. Over the years why has Alan Davies been on every programme but the other guests change each week ?.

    3 AnswersComedy8 months ago
  • Telephone cold callers.?

      I get many cold callers on the phone. I use BT Call Protect but still get a lot of calls, sometimes I put the phone down straight away and sometimes keep them talking until I end the call. How to you handle them ?.

    7 AnswersLand Phones8 months ago