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  • Volunteering for a committee when the organization is asking for recommendations for committee members?

    My church’s associate pastor is leaving.  Churches in my denomination set up committees to handle hiring of the replacement pastor, and then the church governing board and then the congregation vote to approve whoever the committee picks.

    The church emailed the congregation: “if you wish to recommend someone to serve on the committee, please email so-and-so.”

    I would gladly serve and have served on this committee before (at a prior church).  But the email didn’t say, “if you wish to recommend someone to serve, OR IF YOU ARE WILLING TO SERVE”- it just said to email if you have someone else to recommend.

    So: acceptable and normal to volunteer myself?  The church isn’t looking for that.  

    But I am an active member of the church and am constantly asked to be on numerous committees, and I am constantly serving on church committees because I am asked.

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  • Republicans in blue states, Trump raised your taxes but refuses to pay any: why vote for him?

    If you live in a blue state, Trump raised your taxes by capping the deduction for state and local taxes.  But he bypasses that tax hike by treating at least one of his homes as investment property.  So he raised your taxes but won’t pay them by the rules that he makes you follow.

    If you’re a Republican in a blue state, why vote for that hypocrite?

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  • Citizens of the U.K., why are you ashamed of the British Empire?

    I’m American, and my ancestors almost certainly were in favor of independence in 1776 (or at least tolerated it), so perhaps I qualify as someone who was “oppressed” by the British Empire.

    I see that many in the U.K. view the British Empire as a bad thing.  Why?

    1.  It spread democracy and the rule of law around the world.  Look at India; it’s the world’s largest democracy, due to its British heritage.  Look at Hong Kong: the democratic leanings that it has are thanks to the U.K.

    2.  It stood alone against Nazi Germany and saved freedom in 1940-1941.

    3.  It treated its citizens a lot better than other empires did.  Witness the joy of inhabitants of Singapore when Britain returned in 1945.  And when the people of colonies wanted independence, eventually they got it, without war.

    Yes, the British Empire had slavery and some bad things (there were some pretty bad human rights violations in India and Africa), but no country is innocent and the British Empire recognized its faults, tried to overcome them and was a force for freedom.

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  • Moronic for packaged foods to claim that they’re made with “real ingredients”?

    I’ve seen so many ads for processed foods that claim that they’re made with “real ingredients”.

    Well, duh, every food has real ingredients, meaning actual ingredients.  Even ultra-processed such and such is made with real ingredients, even if the names of those ingredients are hard to pronounce and were dreamed up in a lab.

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  • Why doesn’t Trump just shut up instead of damaging himself with his crazy statements?

    So now we should get rid of ballots?  And he won’t respect a transition?  (These aren’t his exact words,  I admit, but I get what he wants.)

    I was a lifelong Republican before Trump was nominated in 2016, and I will never vote for a Democrat.  

    But no way would I ever vote for Trump.  If he had just stayed quiet and said what his advisors told him, instead of his lunatic statements, perhaps I would have voted for him.

    Why can’t he just shut up?  He’s only harming himself.  

    Biden says dumb stuff too and he’s smart enough to avoid campaigning and to avoid saying much of anything.  That’s why he’s avoided dumb statements that could have harmed jinx

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  • Why can’t we pray for the destruction of our enemies, if King David did in the Psalms?

    Numerous Psalms consist of King David begging God to strike down his enemies.

    Why can’t Christians also beg God to strike down people who torment them, if it’s God’s will to strike them down?  Why can’t we as Christians simply be honest in our prayers?

    Yes, we are commanded to love our enemies.  But sometimes the process of getting to a place where we can love them is a long road, and being honest about our feelings helps us to move towards loving them.

    So what’s wrong with being honest with God about our desires even if we also acknowledge to God that our desires aren’t what they should be?

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  • Real estate agent was paid a 3% commission instead of 2.5% that was due and wants to refund the overpayment: just accept it?

    I owned a few rental properties and worked with an excellent property manager.  The property manager’s firm acted as my real estate agent in selling the properties and did a great job.

    The commission due to the property manager (as a real estate agent for me) was 2.5% but the closing attorney paid 3%.  The property manager told me this morning that he would refund the overpayment of 0.5%.

    I’m actually fine with 3%, but I assume that I should just accept the refund (rejecting generosity can be an insult)?

    Or should I respond with, “Keep it- 3% is fine and you made this so easy”?

    The buyer’s agent was correctly paid 3%.

    Previously I had paid the property manager an extra $1000 for a great job that it did without payment.


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  • Removing a lien filing before a future lender will lend to refinance a loan?

    I loaned money to a person and his business.  The loan is secured and I filed a “Uniform Commercial Code financing statement” on state lien records.

    The person is now claiming that he can’t get anyone else to lend to him because of the “Uniform Commercial Code financing statement”, and that other lenders require that it be removed.  Then they will lend to me.

    Is that how bank loans work: first the evidence of an existing loan is removed from lien records and then the new loan is made?

    I handle plenty of business loans in my job.  If someone has borrowed a loan and there is a lien due to the loan, if a new lender plans to loan funds to the borrower under a new loan, the bank receives approval to remove the lien filing once it funds the new loan, and the existing lender is paid off by the new loan, with the borrower keeping the rest of the new loan; it’s all one transaction, coordinated with both lenders.

    Isn’t it fishy for a borrower to demand that a lien filing be removed, and then the borrower will get a new loan?  The lien removal, payoff of the old loan and disbursement of the new loan are all one transaction, right?


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  • How is it OK for Trump to say that the aftermath of a reporter being hit with a tear gas container was “beautiful”?

    Trump mocked Ali Velshi, a reporter who was hit by a tear gas container, and described the aftermath as “beautiful”.

    That is sick.  How can Trump supporters claim it’s OK?

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  • Why do Catholics pray to Mary and to people other than God?

    I'm sincerely curious: why not pray only directly to God (the Trinity)?  Why pray to people?  People in the Bible, other than God (the Trinity), were simply people like us, with lots of flaws, who God used for His purposes, just as He can use us.  

    Yes, I know that Catholics pray to God. I'm not questioning Catholicism, saying it's "wrong" or saying that it's not Christian.  I'm just curious as to why anyone would spend the time praying to anyone but God.

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  • How is legal for Trump to force TikTok in the US to be sold and to require creation of a $5 billion fund to teach his version of history?

    Since when can a president do this?

    What’s next: can he force any company to be sold?  Can he force me to sell my home?

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  • Worth it to tell my gym that I'm not renewing my membership because of one obnoxious member?

    I've been a member of my neighborhood gym for 5 years and, before Covid-19, went every day.

    One lady at the gym, "Karen", is totally obnoxious: she fights with people, hits on men (including me) and makes a big show of herself.  A personal trainer told me that she fights with everyone, and I then noticed.

    I'm not renewing my gym membership.  Until it gets cold, I'll just work out outside; when it's cold, I'll use my home gym.  And at some point I'll join another gym at a private club that I belong to.

    Appropriate for me to tell my gym that I'm not renewing my membership because of "Karen"?  That is true; I can't stand the thought of going to the gym and seeing her.  I don't care what the gym thinks of me for saying that.


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  • What's the harshest or funniest thing an owner has done to a homeowners' association?

    Homeowners' associations get such bad raps, seen as bullying owners.  But HOA boards are often unaware or unwilling to follow the law and are run by amateurs, so savvy owners can definitely put them in their place.

    What's the harshest or funniest thing that a homeowner has done to a homeowners' association, and gotten away with?

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  • Why shouldn't Poland, Belarus and Ukraine merge?

    That would save Belarus and Ukraine from Russia.  

    Belarus and Ukraine and Poland were all the same country for hundreds of years, and somewhat as late as 1939.

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  • Shouldn't politicians be discouraged from running for office once they're past retirement age?

    Obviously voters should be able to pick whoever they want, but we have so many politicians who are well past retirement age (e.g., Trump, Dianne Feinstein, etc.).  Some of them have been in office for so long that they haven't actually worked in the private sector for years and don't know what it's like to be a real person with real problems.  

    Shouldn't politicians be discouraged from running for office if they're past retirement age and have been serving in office for decades?  Looking at you, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, but there are people in both parties like that.

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  • Why are there so many mindless, malicious bullies in the Trump administration?

    It's just one after the other: Roger Stone, Michael Caputo, etc.: malicious people who seem to have zero interest in actually helping Americans, and prefer to just slash and burn to score political points.

    Why are there so many of them in the Trump administration?  

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  • Do you tune out Donald Trump even though you're right wing, due to his awful personality or otherwise?

    My Republican credentials are strong: I voted Republican for pretty much every single office in every single election before 2016, for decades.  I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary (to try to stop Obama) and voted for a Democrat for water commissioner once, but that's about it.  I was also active in my local GOP and worked for the McCain campaign.

    But I find Donald Trump's personality so awful, and his policies all over the map (and his "response" to coronavirus almost criminal).

    So I don't listen to a thing that he says, and Hell would freeze over before I voted for him- no matter what.

    Anyone else also right-wing but totally tuning out Donald Trump due to his awfulness?

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  • What happened to all the “20-something guy bands” of the 1990s?

    The 1990s was full of semi-grungy 20-ish year old guys in rock bands.  A lot of them were very good; Vertical Horizon and Counting Crows, for example.

    Why aren’t there new “20-something guy bands” in this decade?  New music videos aren’t as clean as they used to be, and rock seems dead. Why?

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  • Do you buy things online if they’re locked up in stores (e.g., razor blades, spray paint)?

    Today I went to my local drugstore to buy disposable razors.  Well, they’re locked up.  Same for ice cream.  You have to get a staff member to come unlock them.

    It’s easier to just buy online.  So instead of spending $40 in the store, I’ll buy online.

    How many sales do stores lose because of this?  I recognize that they lock things up because of theft, which is too bad.

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  • Do men or women love dogs more?

    There is a stereotype of women having cats, but do men or women love (and have) dogs or cats more?  Or do equal percentages of both men and women have dogs?

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