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Arthur Dent

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  • Would you subscribe to Yahoo Classic?

    If Yahoo announced that they were bringing back Yahoo Classic in all its glory but in order to support this action you would have to pay 20 to 30 dollars a year for the service, how many of you would subscribe to the service?

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  • Comment on mid-year review?

    I had my mid-year review and I was told how well I was doing and what projects I could look forward to working on. I had received many positive comments on my performance. My boss had her mid-year review with her boss where they go over all the mid-year reviews for the department and then she called me back into her office to sign my mid-year review. It appears he had a different take on my performance. He told her that he had received negative comments about my performance from other members of the company main office. He also said there was the perception that I was not pulling my weight, even though my performance numbers show the reverse it is true but in the new corporate culture perception appears to be more important. I ask for more details about the negative comments so I would have something to work on but I was told that was all he had to say on the subject. My boss could not offer any guidance on how to interpret this. The only thing she could say was she hated to be the bearer of bad news. I wanted to ask what others thought of these comments.

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