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  • Where can I buy these black fabric ponytail holders?

    Ok so, i bought 2 packs of them from target in the $1 section a few months ago, and now they're gone! They're not even in the hair aisle. I think they were either conair or scunci, and it was a pack of 5. They are these black fabric ponytail holders that kind of look like this except bigger:

    To give you an idea, the packaging was about that big but without the no damage part, so just where the actual ponytail holders are, and that fit 5 of them. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/where I can find these?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Song help? The music video has a guy riding a bus playing guitar and in the end is on a porch...?

    Ok so this is gonna be a long shot, but I remember this song that I heard a while ago, and I don't remember anything about it, but the video.

    It started with this guy riding a bus and playing guitar and then he got to this house and in the end he was playing on the porch of the house and there were a bunch of people surrounding him like dancing and ****.

    now i don't know the exact genre of the song, but it was definetely a rock subgenre.

    maybe indie or even country rock?

    if anyone knows anything that even remotely sounds like this, please answer!

    it's not very recent i don't think, and i don't think it's super mainstream.

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  • Do I still have a shot at a UC?

    So, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I totally screwed up my 1st semester. I believe I had a 3.25 GPA, weighted. I'm in the IB program, on leadership, involved in sports, clubs, scouts and various other organizations, but I'm scared that with my grades, none of that will count. I know that there are dozens of kids who apply to universities with a 4.0+ GPA and still don't get in. I'm looking to go to at least a UC. Do I still have a shot?

  • What's the phrase?

    What's the phrase used when you mix up the letters in words?

    like "parry hotter" or "stobra carship".

    haha. sorry those are awful examples but i cant think of any good ones.

    but anywho, the phrase itself is a mixup of letters.

    its killlling me!

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