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  • Just sex.?

    I like this boy, but I only want to have sex with him. We go to school, but i only see him for two classes at most. He tried making an effort to talk to me, but that damn foot keeps ending up in my mouth. I screwed it up. He still asks me for the occasional cigarettes and sometimes I catch him about to say something but hold back. I've never had a casual sex type relationship nor have I initiated anything like this. I'm normally very dominant in relationship but he makes me feel like i can't. weak almost. what do I do?

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  • never feeling full?

    i could eat for hours on end if i didnt physically stop myself. im 17 female. ive been like this for a long time.. i dont ''mindless eat'' nor do i eat just a bunch of junk food. i can eat nonstop any food. i usually go for veggies so i dont feel as guilty. i eat lots of fruits and veggies, proteins, fibre, everything my body needs. ive tried seeign a doctor, who patted my knee and said ''its just a teenage girl thing'' ??????? this doesnt seem normal though? i never feel satisfies unless i get to the point of feeling the need to vomit, only then do i get the''im full'' feeling. ive tried eating slower, eating different diets vegetarian/vegan/onlyleanmeats/etc it doesnt make a difference. im not big, i weight 130lbs and im 5'3'' i guess i have my teenage metabolism to thank for that, but even as a kid ive eaten like this. i remmeber throwing tantrums because i was still hungry despite eating more than my parents did. i eat good foods, exercise, im not on nor have i been on any meds, im a clean bill of health except for this. anyone have any thoughts or explainations?

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  • my knee and hip have been hurting, help!?

    for the past couple weeks my right knee has been in great pain, it feels tight and in the morning i can hardly move it, i find myself swearing like a sailor as i try and straighten my leg. recently my right hi has been hurting too, the same kind of tight cramped feeling.i tried usign a creme like icy hot sort of stuff, it helps for a while then the pain comes back. it even moved to ym left knee for a while. i dont do any sports, or much of physical activity liek that. i walk to and from school and sometimes around town, but nothing to cause my knee to hurt like this. and i know for a fact it isnt growing pains, because they never last this long, and i havent had them/grown in over 6 years, even doctors sya im done growing. i cant see a doctor until im sure there could eb something wrong, normally they pass it off as nothing, tell you to either walk it off or by some expesive pain killers than just help for an hour or so. so if anyone has any input on this or had a similar experience that would eb very helpful!

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