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  • What would a military veteran see in a civilian woman?

    I'm flattered but confused. A few months ago, I discovered some ex Special Forces guy liked me. He'd been in the Polish military for 18 years...a really tough, trained, person with years of experiences I can't imagine. And speaks two extra languages I can't even understand.

    He kept saying, "I've never met anyone like you"...but I'm not that cool. So why? Why would a guy like him be interested in a woman who isn't his equal?

    And how do veterans think of the rest of us? What do they see (or not see) in us?

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  • What do you think of the Confederate Flag?

    I understand that some people hang it to show their affinity for the South (not racism or oppression), but I'm still suspicious of the the Confederate flag.

    I once asked a shopkeeper why he sold Confederate merchandise and what type of person would actually buy it. He said that all kinds of people bought them, including black shoppers. I'm not sure I believe him.

    So what do you think of when you see it? Local pride? A love of peaches, ice tea, sunshine, and horses? Good stuff? Or ignorance? Oppression? The most embarrassing offense in American history? What comes to mind?

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  • Random Questions About Being British?

    1. What is a quid? Is it a particular bill or coin? Or a slang term or....?

    2. In 2014, does "tea time" still exist? How often does tea time happen? And when? Do most people do it? Is it true food is involved? I think it's a great idea.

    3. Is it true public transportation in urban areas is really good for young people without cars?

    4. Would you know what an American Robin was (like, the bird) if you saw one?

    5. How many TV channels do ya' have?

    6. Does it ever get super hot?

    7. Does anyone play American football?

    8. Are there any huge contiguous forests?

    9. Does anyone go camping?

    10. Do most people have their own gardens? Or windowside plants?

    11. How common are clothes lines?

    12. How many British accents are there?

    13. How did chavs get started?

    14. Am I allowed to say "chav"?

    Hehe, sorry for the randomness! I catch myself wondering this stuff whenever I watch British movies/TV, but that's not always the best reference guide! Thanks ^_~!

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  • Co-worker (and Housemate!) Embarrassing Me at Work?

    I started a new job a few weeks ago. I love it and I'm great at it. But because it's seasonal and far away, housing is provided and one of my co-workers lives with me. At home, she's mostly nice. I have a strong hunch she's been excluded a lot because of how she looks (obese, masculine) and that she hasn't had much social practice. I suspect I'm one of the few people who's friendly with her. At home she's ok. She's strange, but not really mean. Until we go to work. Then she has a habit of making embarrassing put-downs every time I make the tiniest mistake: if I try the wrong key first, if my radio dies, if I toss a line toward the pier and miss, if I need something explained, etc., she will say something to underscore my failure, often in front of the boss. She'll do it even *before* I try something. I know why. She thinks she sounds funny. And soon as there's an audience, she sees me as a rival. I'm kind of bookish, but not the kind of girl who sits alone much, and she gets a kick out of dominating someone who is not an outcast but who won't fight back, either. Of course I have to do something. Because even if I succeed at work, tolerating her comments will make me appear I'm weak, or like I'm the klutz she makes me out to be. So how do I get her to stop while not hurting her too badly? And making things awkward (because, after all, we live together)? I do care about her. She isn't a bad person overall and her situation in life is hard enough. And I doubt she's even thought about the fact she is threatening me professionally. It's home she follows me around like a puppy dog, even into my room and the bathroom when I'm washing my face and talking constantly about her 26 rats, 4 cats, sunburns and minor health problems, clothing sizes and other strange and intimate I know she doesn't hate me. I know she's not mad at me. So to handle this?

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  • Talented Women and Attraction?

    It's said that guys avoid women who are highly capable achievers, take on leadership roles, or are just plain "good at life" in nontraditional ways (i.e. earn a lot of cash, change tires quickly, excel at sports, perform hard physical labor, fix sinks, etc.). Even if such a woman is never obnoxious about her talent and is easy to get along with, it's said that guys will still avoid her because they don't like feeling "beaten" by her at anything......even if those same guys also have other outstanding talents. So my question is, how many guys feel this way? And how much does it bother them when a woman "wins" (at anything)? It's funny because I'm not that type of woman (yet), but I am very attracted to competent guys. Yeah, I'm envious of their talents sometimes, but I like them all the same and I like being around them. I'd certainly go out with a knowledgeable guy and would be thrilled if he'd show me how to do stuff (replace fuses, fix a bike, change a lock, clean a gun, etc.). That kind of guy is cool and to me watching a guy working on something is way sexier than seeing a guy with Ambercrombie abs pull his shirt up. So it's strange to me to think that guys would be turned off by a skilled woman, even if she's also beautiful and easy to live with. Actually, I suspect most (but not all) guys really *do* like this kind of woman, but for some reason the myth that they don't remains. What do you say?

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  • Is life in Moab, Utah lonely?

    Might be moving there by myself in the forseeable future and I won't know many people. Is it hard to meet people/make friends in such a low-population area?

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  • Good online resource to learn about Southwestern wildlife?

    Any ideas on where I can learn about plants and animals in the American Southwest, particularly around Moab Utah?

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  • Should a Christian Wife Submit to Her Husband if He Wants to Do Something Sinful or Dangerously Stupid?

    I accept that Christian women are supposed to submit to their husbands. One of my downfalls is my arrogant nature, so it won't be easy, but if I ever marry and my husband wants me to do something unpleasant but not sinful/safe (like start cleaning at 5:00 AM, move with him to Alaska, or become a vegetarian)...I'll do it. But if I ever marry and my husband insists that I do something sinful and/or have a threesome or get in the car with a drunk driver...I don't have to do it, do I?

    Some religious authorities say that the wife must do whatever the husband requires, even if it is sinful or extremely stupid...because God will only blame her husband for that decision, and not her. But, even so, I do not want to commit sins like adultery (even if my husband wanted to) nor do I want to endanger myself or others by, for example, letting someone drive drunk.

    But other religous authories say that if the husband's decision is sinful or incredibly dangerous, the woman can say, "No. I submit to you, but I must submit to God even before you. And I strongly believe that God would thoroughly dissaprove of this."

    I'm more inclined to believe with the 2nd viewpoint, but I want to be sure. I realize this all might sound crazy and surely sounds very unconventional (to say at the least), but I've come to acknowledge that being a good Christian isn't all about summer camp and free pizza. Sometimes it involves asking hard questions and accepting principles that go against convention.

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  • How to Get a Better Trigger Finger?

    I'm weak. So weak that even pulling the trigger on some guns (not all) is hard, even impossible. Even so, (aside from the scars) I really like my hands. I have super long, thin, feminine fingers. So doing things like macrame or using one of those hand-strength tools is out of the question: I don't want my fingers to bulk up.

    That said, I know that muscles in the fingers are linked to muscles in arm. ...So, will lifting weights and increasing arm strength make firing and handing a gun easier? (It's OK if my arms get a little larger. They're puny as is and not as unique as my hands.)

    Also, can you think of any guns that are easy for to handle (lift, load, and fire)?

    PS. Don't intend to kill anyone. Would mostly like to be able to target shoot just for fun.


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  • (Not "Degeneration") A Resident Evil 2 Movie?

    I'm having trouble finding it again, but I watched a video on YouTube that seemed to have clips from a quite high-quality movie following the events of Resident Evil 2 (the game). I've seen "Degeneration" and they weren't from that movie. There were intermittent messages dispersed throughout in what looked like an eastern European language. I thought, "could this be fan-made?", but the CGI was too advanced and the voice-acting too good.

    I'm not trying to pull anyone's leg...I just wanna know what's goin' on here....

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  • Bird Identification Online?

    I love playing with birding CD-ROMS (you know, the ones with pictures, sound, and info on lots of species); I think they are the best tool available (except for an actual bird) with which to learn bird identification. But I can't yet afford Thayer's Software. Is there an online alternative? Where I can browse pictures and sound files quickly and easily?

    (Cornell University has a great archive, but it takes so long to move from species to species.)

    Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersZoology10 years ago
  • Just 4 Fun Survey: Do You Have an "Attractiveness Checklist"?

    I guess I've got a checklist, but it's short: he has to be at at least 5'3" and not overweight. Well, a little pudge is cool if I like his bone structure.

    How about you?

    Do you search the room for someone with a certain "checklist" of traits (for example: blue eyes, long straight brown hair, great calves, and perfect teeth?) OR....

    Are you drawn to traits in an individual you weren't searching for, but nonetheless like (i.e. his/her sexy voice, artistic ability, awesome cheekbones, etc...?)

    There are no wrong answers, I'm just curious and I hope you have fun answering : ).

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  • Do you guys "test" women?

    Because women totally "test" guys. Often, its unnecessary. If we observe a guy's natural behavior in a variety of situations and are honest about his virtues and faults, we can get a good idea of who he really is.

    But we still "test" guys by asking them about their relationships with their moms/sisters, pointing out other hot girls to see if they'll "go for it", spend time with other friends to see if they're the overly-jealous type, etc.

    So, I'm curious. Do guys engineer the same situations/questions in order to see the true nature of women they're considering?

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  • What's *your* personal idea of 1st, 2nd, 3rd... base?

    For me:

    1st Base: Decide he's a good, cool guy overall.

    2nd Base: Start thinking about him when he's not around.

    3rd Base: Start thinking about him a lot when he's not around; watch him out of the corner of my eye when he is.

    4th Base: Try to impress him until he asks me out!

    5th Base: Start dating; see if my feelings grow or change; observe him to see if we really belong together.

    6th Base: Continue, or break up.

    And I'm not comfortable following these steps out of order. For example, I can't ask a guy out (or get him to ask me out) until I already have a crush on him? Does this sound fine and normal to you? What are *your* "bases" (i.e. stages by which your relationships progress)?

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  • Parental Pressure - "Arranged Dating"?

    Ever been in a situation where a parent/relative (or someone else you love and don't want to say "no" to) tries to get you to pursue guys/girls you are **not** romantically interested in? I've had to say "no", but it only ends with me guilt-tripped, crying, and practically begging NOT to have to talk to these guys. Being almost 26 and single a long time, folks are starting to worry I won't find a partner. Sometimes I worry too, but for now the single life is still a happy'd be wrong to fake interest in a guy for my mum/sister's sake.

    Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? Or, if you're from a background with a history of arranged marriages, have you ever had to repeat "NO!" to parents who wanted you to meet/date/marry men you had zero chemistry with? How did you make them understand your feelings?

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  • Hypnagogic Hallucinations-Should I Worry?

    Hello--I know that hypnagogic hallucinations occur in 1/4 of people with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (which I really think I have).

    Years ago, I had 1 audial hallucination with sleep paralysis. More recently, since 2007, I've had 5 hallucinations. Of those, I've had 4 since October (2 were night before last!)

    I see things--people, insects, a skull--that aren't there. This past November, the image of my brother was still sitting next to me even after I looked away and looked back. If I stare at them long enough, I can watch them vanish.

    Normally, they're not scary because I realize what they are. Except, last night I was freaked out because I saw the double image of a man kneeling on my bed about to stab me with a garden trowel. I just closed my eyes and made myself chill out. there any chance I'll have a psychotic break? And......what are the odds that I'll wake up to something truly terrifying? (Like a zombie or a something???)

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  • Premarital Sexual Intimacy?

    Opinion differs from person to person, but general Christian consensus does not allow more than brief hugging or a peck on the cheek when it comes to dating (or even being engaged). Cuddling on the couch or even spending two hours alone together in the same apartment are generally forbidden.

    People who want to do those things are advised to wait until they meet "The One", whom they are to promptly marry.

    Of course, "The One" or "Mr./Ms. Right" is unlikely to come with a name-tag. I tend to think that it's smart to really get to know someone before you exchange vows. Getting to know someone, I would assume, involves having a relationship and seeing how that persona acts in a variety of situations--not just on group dates or in a formal public setting. Also, it can take a year or more to get to know someone. How do you maintain a relationship--and prevent your guy from hooking up with another girl--with just a quick kiss on the cheek (without committing a sin?)?

    PS. I am a terrible cook, so food is not the answer for me.

    PS. Humor aside, I am Christian, so these questions aren't rhetorical or sarcastic. I'm really curious.

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  • Name Game - What do you think of?

    Think of this as a little game. I'm going to list some traditionally male and female names. Then you write a little about what you think that person might be like. There are no right or wrong answers. Ready?

    Female Names

    - Nicole

    - Kim

    - Peggy

    - Veronica

    - Amy

    Male Names

    - Ian (pronounced "Ee-yan").

    - Leon

    - Jeff

    - Tim/Timothy

    - Seth

    Extra Questions: Favorite names? Least favorite? Any other names you can think of that imply a certain character?

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  • Perfect on Paper - Settle or Keep Searching?

    I admit. When it comes to guys, I'm careful about who I pursue. Ok, I admit, I'm picky. Envrionmentally minded, abstinent guys who don't smoke or want kids who I'm **attracted to** are hard to find.

    I've seen a lot of great guys online who seem to be great except I'm just not attracted to them and doubt I ever could be. They're not unattractive per se, but the idea of (someday) being in bed with them makes me cringe. My mother says I'm already screwed and thinks I'm bound to die alone.

    My question is: Is it better to **decide** to be with someone who is perfect on paper but not someone you're really attracted to and hope for the best or is it better to keep looking for someone compatible whom you are also attracted to?

    PS. I'm almost 25.

    APS. I live in an isolated place. Do you think my chances of finding the right person would improve much in a larger city?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Mate Selection Survey: Please Answer!?

    First, for the guys--which would you choose?

    A: A social, well-liked woman who can support herself. Views others based on their actions and ideas. Beautiful, but not gorgeous. A thinker, but not a Harvard grad. Spends most of her free time hanging out, working, studying, shopping at Goodwill, and making sure her skin, hair, and body are healthy and attractive. Wants to make the world better. If you lost your $, she'd hug you and help you find another job,

    B: A wealthy, popular woman. Polite and not evil, but only considers other rich, popular people her true equals. Intelligent but not intellectual. Drop-dead gorgeous. Spends most of free time hanging out, following trends, listening to music, and investing in her hair, clothes, and makeup. Thinks world peace would be great, but isn't interested in helping out. Would dump you if you lost your cash, but is otherwise a loyal, respectful, and an overall good mate.

    Now for the girl's turn:

    A: A wealthy guy with a high-tech car and cool personal taste. Model-turned-actor looks and highly charming. Friendly, smart and not evil, but wants pleasure more than considering other's needs or doing the right thing. Wild and risk-taking, he is loads of fun, but he may not protect you when his adventures get out of hand. Even so, he is the life of the party and you feel like royalty when you're with him.

    B: A handsome guy who can support himself. Handsome and "your type", but couldn't be a model. Plain, cheap (but not tacky) clothes. Intelligent and deep. A safe driver, but his car is a mess inside and out. Active and curious, he seeks out new experiences but is always cautious and does not let his actions (or anyone else's) harm you.

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