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  • Is my best male friend showing jealousy?

    My best friend is male & we are really close, usually we talk all day other than if we are working or busy. Most of our communication is by phone due to a move for a new job a few years back that put a bit of distance between us.

    Recently, we were talking about the whole friends with benefits concept (not for us but in general) and he said he doesn't think friends should do that if they're really close it'd ruin the friendship and isn't worth it. He also said I should never do such a thing because I would end up hurt due to feelings being involved.

    Anyway, the next day I was quiet for a few hours as I was seeing a friend but when I got home and checked my phone he'd text asking if I was alright because I was quiet. I replied I was fine and then the questions started: Was my phone out of battery? Had I fallen asleep? I said no then he asked what then? I said I was out for a while, his reply was oh yeah? Getting a bit of action? I laughed it off as he knows I don't have a bf atm and knows I hate casual stuff so I thought he was joking but he said you're not denying anything are you lol and another message before I had chance to reply with you go girl. Which seemed odd, it was like he noticed he was being nosy but should sound happy for me.

    The questioning was unusual, he has been nosy before but nothing like that. He was really nice all night & replied to me really quickly. Is he jealous? Not specifically in a romantic way but just he is scared he could lose me?

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