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  • Can I have feedback on my blog?

    Please look at my new blog and give me some feedback, anything at all would be appreciated!

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  • speedo FS II or TYR Tracer?

    the Speedo LZR suits are out of my price range, so it's between the FS II or the Tracer suit to buy for swim sectionals.

    Which do you recommend? I know both are good racing suits. Also, should I get a traditional cut suit or a kneeskin?

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  • Know any good argumentative essay topics?

    I am looking for something original

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  • check out this picture?

    what do you think the story behind the picture is? it may be a weird question, but i'd like to hear the perspective of someone else. do you think its an interesting pic, and what makes it so interesting?

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  • character name?

    I'm searching for the perfect character name for a girl. She's strong, independent, and doesn't accept failure, but she also has a good since of humor and a kind heart. Also, and this may sound strange, her parents sold her soul to the devil before she was born. The book is a dark comedy.

    some names i had considered were Regan, Reagan, or Lottie (short for Charlotte). coincidentally, after I had added Regan to my list of considered names i found out it was the name of the girl in the exorcist, which seems kind of fitting with the whole issue of her soul and all.

    please feel free to give me your opinions of these names and offer new suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!

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  • Your fastest 50 free time?

    My fastest 50 yard free time is a 26.61, not record breaking but I'm happy with it. What about you? Also, any 500 or 100 fly swimmers out there, and if so what are your times?

    16 AnswersSwimming & Diving1 decade ago
  • long or short hair?

    which do you generally prefer? I've had both, should I keep my hair short or grow it out again? I can't decide.

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • do you have trouble turning guys down?

    I'll admit I may be a little picky with guys, but the only one's who are ever interested are completely not my type. My problem is I always feel like a horrible person when I turn them down. I'm nice to them and everything, but I know how hard it is to put yourself out there and be rejected. In the end I'm too nice and when they ask me out I usually come up with excuses of why I can't until they kind of get the hint.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • recovering AIM conversation?

    is there anyway to recover my latest conversation with someone? i accidentally closed it out and was already signed off.

    8 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • short story ideas?

    I have to write a short story for my English class that can be about anything, and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. Do you have any good ones? I'm in high school, so preferably nothing for young children please.

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  • What are the tiny balls inside whistles for?

    In all the whistles I've ever seen there are little beadlike balls inside. I'm just curious as to what their purpose is.

    5 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • getting a haircut tomorrow?

    any good style suggestions? you can check out the main pic on my 360 page do you like that cut, or do u have other suggestions for what i could do. just curious.

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  • ideas please?

    we're starting a new project in art where we are supposed to make an ABC book about any subject we'd like (for example, the abc's of shopping, bands, careers, etc...) and include some information on each object. Does anyone have any CREATIVE ideas for what my book could be based on? I thought maybe an abc book of my favorite things, but im hoping for something more original.

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  • What's the worst feeling in the world?

    For me it's wanting something important that I know I'll never have

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  • What makes you unique?

    what's so different about you that makes you feel special. sometimes I feel like I'm not so great, and I try to remember all the things that make me unique, like being a lefty and how i can be funny and witty. what about you?

    for me you can check out my 360,

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  • unfairness to lefties?

    im a left-hander and i just want to mention how unfairly we get treated. everything is right-handed; scissors, golf clubs, baseball gloves, even my computer mouse. usually it doesn't bother me too much, but i've been put over the edge when i didn't make my high school tennis team BECAUSE i was left-handed. i was more talented than several of the girls who made it, but was cut b/c it would take my coach too much time since he said he'd have to work with me separately on my techinque. To all you lefties out there, are you sick and tired of all this?

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  • is there really someone out there for everyone?

    what do you beleive. I'm starting to wonder if i'm just going to die alone, some complete stranger actually told me that while i was at work. Its depressing.

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  • Do you know a good movie...?

    a good chick flick movie, but one where the guy and the girl DON'T end up together. my best friend just broke up w/ her boyfriend and we decided we just want to have a girls' night and watch a movie like this.

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  • Please answer, what do you think?

    Recently I thought of a book idea that I'm writing for my best friend (I know, it sounds a little strange but it's for her b-day and it's a long story why). Anyway below I posted the first chapter. Its not much, mostly just an introduction. Please read it and give me some feedback. If you want to find out more of what the book's about, email me with your questions. Thanks, and please don't be rude.

    Do you ever wish life was like those predictable movies? The ones with adventure, romance, and just the right amount of dangerous conflict to keep you entertained? Of course, the characters overcome these conflicts through impossible odds and everything is alright. End of story. Life, however, is not a movie. Rarely are any of us put in such exciting scenarios, and if by stroke of luck we were to be put in such a scenario, even more rarely would any of us obtain a similar outcome.

    Take my life for example. When I was three, my parents’ marriage had a very unfairytale-like ending when my father walked out on us. My mother, Diane, bounced back well enough, but since then we’ve never put down roots in any one place. I can think of seven other towns I’ve inhabited over the sixteen years of my life before settling here, in the small and sunny town of Rainbow, California.

    “This time’s going to be different, I promise.” My mother had assured me after informing me of out latest move. I’d heard that one before.

    This time, at least, there had been a different reason for the move. Too many times Diane had decided to pack up and hit the road after a breakup in an attempt to reinvent her life. Now, she had been offered a full-time job as a dance instructor at a studio in Rainbow and had decided to jump at the opportunity.

    Before Rainbow, we lived in the considerably larger city of Seattle. The first thing I noticed as we drove by a cheery sign in the shape of, you guessed it, a rainbow welcoming us into the town was the clear blue sky and the summer heat. It is a much warmer place than Seattle, where it rains much more often.

    When I first found out about the move, my mother, in an attempt to cheer me, told me that Rainbow was a mere twenty miles away from the famed Orange County, and only fifty miles from Huntington Beach.

    “You know, Andy, after you meet some new friends you’ll be able to go to the beach sometime.” She’d mused enthusiastically.

    I doubted it. I’d never had much luck in the friend department. Of course I’d had friends, but it was hard to make lasting relationships when you moved often. At least that was my excuse, part a part of me new deep down that I just didn’t relate to others well. I was just too quiet, reserved. I was sixteen and had never even had a boyfriend, or a best friend.

    Books were my company. When I was feeling especially lonely, I could always lose myself in the pages of my favorite novels. It was nice to imagine I was one of the characters, leading a life full of excitement, intrigue, and passion.

    After arriving, I heaved all my belongings up the stairs of our newly acquired, small two-bedroom house and into my new room. I had to admit, this room was better than some of the previous ones.

    Its single window overlooked the front yard, with a large elm growing adjacent to it. The walls were painted a pale blue, with white trim at the bottom. The wood floor was covered wit ha large blue, green, and pink striped rug. Above which sat my bed, covered with a light green comforter. In the far corner, my room was also furnished with a small desk.

    Diane and I had spent the previous week hauling our possessions into the house. We had sold our home in Seattle and stayed in a small hotel just outside of town while we got things set up. Now I put the rest of my clothes in a dresser on the wall opposite my desk.

    It was nearing the end of summer, and school would be starting in less than a week. Diane already had me enrolled in the high school. I was anxious, to say the least, but I had been through all this before and knew what to expect. Rainbow High is a small school, with only four hundred and twelve other students. It was definitely tougher to join a small school, because it was harder to blend in. I decided not to dwell on that.

    I was just about finished unpacking when my cat, Ariel, streaked through the door, between my feet, and under my bed. For a cat as old and fat as Ariel, she could still run pretty fast.

    I got Ariel when I was four and going through a “Little Mermaid” phase. To me, it was the only name that made sense at the time. Ariel is a white and gray Himalayan. She weighs a whopping seventeen pounds. We had tried putting her on a diet before, but it was a wasted effort because we ended up feeding her as soon as we grew tired of her yowling for food.

    “You scared me Ari!” I scolded and then laughed. I sat on the edge of my bed and picked mindlessly at a string at the hem of my comforter. Ariel jumped up to join me. It was a struggle, but she made it. She crouched down and pawed at the string in my hand.”

    “What am I going to do with you?” I chuckled, and then sighed. “You know, maybe it won’t be so bad here. We’ll get used to it. Besides how horrible could it be in a town named Rainbow?” School was staring on Monday, so I was about to find out.

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