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Hey everyone! I'm a male college sophomore who is here to help those in need. I doubt I'll have many questions to ask, but I'm more than willing to offer serious, mature, well-thought-out suggestions to those of you who want them. I hope I can be a blessing for a few of you out there. See you around!

  • Nobody has fully solved my riddle...yet. Can you?

    The rules are simple. Below you will find three riddles, two of which are missing key words. The solution to the first riddle fills the blank of the second, and the solution to the second fills the blank of the third. Each solution should be the identity of 'I' in the corresponding riddle. (Hint: Consider the number of syllables that should fill the blank spaces.)

    The first response that correctly answers all three riddles earns 10 points. If nobody succeeds, points go to the closest answer. I should also point out that since these riddles are the product of my twisted mind, you won't find the answers in a google search. Good luck.

    1.) If you go left and I go right,

    We'll still be side-by-side tonight.

    2.) Considering your own _______ , this I pray you ponder:

    Although I'm often moving, you will never see me wander.

    3.) The silent _______ brings peace at last,

    But be not fooled. I've not yet passed.

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