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  • Looking for really bad film suggestions?

    For her 13th birthday, my daughter wants to have a "bad movie" festival. Potential bad movies we have come up with include "Final Destination", "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians", and "The Dark Backwards". What others should we consider?

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  • Is there a real phone directory on-line somewhere for the US?

    I just want to find my son's friend's phone number. I don't need his dad's arrest record or any of the other crap that the search services want to sell me.

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  • So what are the chances that I still have a functioning oocyte?

    Let me be clear - I am not TTC. I'm 48 years old and have 2 reasonably perfect kids. What I'm trying to do is figure out if I can expect menopause to have started and stop worring about pregnancy prevention.

    I had my second child (normal pregnancy) at 42. At about 45, I was diagnosed with follicular NHL and about a year ago I completed 6 rounds of Bendamustine-R resulting in apparent remission (so far so good) and I'm currently on maintenance Rituxan (4 treatments to go).

    As expected, the chemo stopped my periods. Oncologist gave it about a 30% chance they would return within 6 months and recommended staying on BC to be safe. 6 months later, periods came back. OB/GYN says you can't really tell if the BC is causing the periods without going off it and seeing if they go away.

    I have no symptoms of menopause that wouldn't also be explained by the chemo drugs but I find it hard to believe I have viable eggs left and I'm finding myself really averse to taking more drugs than I have to. So what do you think my chances of infertility are?

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  • Will a port give me any trouble with TSA screeners?

    Hi all,

    I have recently finished a round of chemotherapy and am taking IV maintenance treatments bimonthly. To facilitate this, I have an implanted port in my chest.

    We're about to fly to Disneyland. Is this implanted titanium lump likely to give me any trouble with the security screeners?

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  • Does this doll have any value?

    Remember Dancerina? Late 60's mechanical ballerina doll, about 18 inches high, dressed in pink.

    I still have one (which tells you how old I am). She still works. Unfortunately, she lost an arm (I still have the arm).

    Does anyone know if she is worth anything (and who might want her) or is she going in the trash?

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  • Should I get a port? (chemotherapy)?

    I was diagnosed with stage IV follicular lymphoma in December of 2008 and have now progressed to a point where I am going to start treatment. This will involve IV administration of drugs and will require up to 16 infusions over 8 months (2 days every 4 weeks for 6-8 cycles).

    My veins suck. I've been a lifelong blood donor and all the normal access points are full of scar tissue. Also, my veins are tiny. The IV for the contrast stain for the twice-yearly CT scans I've been receiving has been a nightmare. I'm actually more stressed about the IVs than the chemo.

    Is it worth getting a port inserted to avoid another 12-16 IVs? Or am I making my life needlessly complicated?

    My doctor says that the needle can be left in overnight (meaning that for each 2 days I will only need 1 injection) but when my daughter was born I couldn't even stand having the thing in for 8 hours and made them take it out ahead of protocol.

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  • Any ideas what might be up with my son?

    He's 4 years old. On Friday he was running a mild fever (100.2) with no other symptoms. On Saturday he was fine. It's now Sunday and he's developed a rash on his face and arms only. It doesn't itch, the rash doesn't have blisters, it's not on his hands or feet. Just tiny red dots all over his arms and larger, redder ones on his face.

    Of course, it's Sunday, so the doctor's office is closed. Any ideas what this might be?

    His vaccines are up to date, he feels fine, and he's no longer got the fever. There is no rash on his chest, back or stomach, only arms and face.

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  • I'm trying to remember the name of a movie from the mid-80s?

    I believe it was Australian. It concerned a group of men and a boy from a medieval village who were on a mission to save their village from the plague. The boy had had a vision that they needed to go to the tallest church tower in the land an "raise spike", that is put a copper cross on top of its steeple.

    After going through a long tunnel, they wind up in modern-day Sidney where they find some metalworkers to help them make the spike and they do raise it.

    It turns out the whole thing was a vision, though, and the boy dies of plague but the rest of the village is spared.

    Anyone remember this?

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  • Update command is deleting unrelated records?

    I'm trying to fix a software issue for a client. The client is using our software against an Oracle database. They are attempting to update records in a table via our software interface. The software generates a SQL UPDATE statement appropriately using a unique key field. The record being targeted is appropriately updated.

    HOWEVER, another, totally unrelated record, is being deleted. Even if the user has no delete permissions on the table. The record being lost is the last one that would be returned if you sorted the table based on a different (multi-field) key (which isn't being used in this procedure).

    Any thoughts?

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  • What's the better choice for an 8-year-old?

    My daughter wants a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Should I get her the Lite or the DSi? I'm leaning towards the DSi because ot the camera feature but I'm a little concerned about its web capabilities. What kind of parental controls, security, etc has it got. And is this even a good choice?

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  • What's the difference between a bicycle bought at a bike shop and one at a retailer like Target?

    For example, what is the difference between models like the Schwinn DeeLite (a 20" girl's bike sold at Target) and the Stardust (from bike shops). Other than the extra $100 in price.

    How about models meant for adults?

    Please tell me there's a quality reason to support my local bike shop.

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  • I'm looking for advice on buying a printer (for photos)?

    My needs are simple. I want to be able to print 8x10 photos and I'd like to be able to put as SD card directly into the printer. I don't need to be able to copy/scan/fax - I have a dedicated all-in-one for that.

    Any suggestions?

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  • How to go about addressing this problem?

    OK, so 3 years ago, the same week her husband died, my mother-in-law's range suffered an irreparable failure. The old range had an overhead (under cabinet mounted) microwave oven which also was non-functional at that point.

    Still in an understandable daze MIL purchased a new Bosch gas range and matching microwave. The appliance store recommended an installer and she had that person install the new range and microwave in the old space.

    1) The new range is capable of getting way hotter than the old one

    2) The microwave is larger than its predecessor.

    The result of these two factors is that there's only about 12 inches clearance from the top of the stove to the bottom of the microwave. This never looked right to me, but nobody in my husband's family ever listens to me anyway.

    Anyway, yesterday, in the middle of making gravy, MIL managed to melt the lining of the microwave door and the plastic cover over the task light mounted in it's base. This morning, I went on-line and found the installation guide for this model range.

    It clearly states that there must be a minimum of 30 inches clearance over the cooking surface.

    No one should ever have sold a microwave to go over this stove (since, if the clearance was right you'd have to be 7 feet tall to use it effectively) and no one with any competence should ever have installed it this way.

    Any ideas on how she sould go about addressing this? Who to approach with complaints, etc.?


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  • Will AF lenses for a Nikon N80/F80 work on a Nikon D40x?

    I've got my eye on the D40x digital SLR and and trying to determine if it is compatible with my existing AF lenses.

    3 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • How do I get a broken bolt out of a piece of wood?

    OK, we've aquired one of those wooden swingsets from a neighbour. We took it apart in as few pieces as possible and transported it to our house. We're trying to reassemble it and have determined that one of the old metal bolts (approximately 8 inches long) has broken off inside the wood.

    Any idea on how to get it out?

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  • How do I transfer my itues library to a machine with Vista?

    I just got a new laptop which is running Windows Vista. I'm trying to transfer over my iTunes library and register the iPod on my new machine.

    I followed the instructions on the Apple website but can't get iTunes on the new machine to find the library file.

    Anyone know what I'm missing?

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  • There are spider mites on my basil plant?

    So, how do I get rid of them?

    It's a potted plant, kept indoors.

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  • A question about rules in tournament billiards play?

    I realize that this scenario is highly unlikely, but it popped into my head today and I just wondered if anyone knew...

    What would happen if, in the middle of a tournament match, one of the players miscued badly enough to damage the felt?

    Would the game have to continue on the compromised table? Would that player automatically lose? Would the match have to be replayed from the start?

    1 AnswerSnooker & Pool1 decade ago
  • What would cause elevated platelet count in a 13-month old?

    My 13-month old son just had some routine blood work done and the the pediatrician's office called to say that there was evidence of an elevated platelet count (not leukocytes or anything else - just platelets). We're having that part of the test redone to check for errors and it might just be that, but what are the other possabilities?

    - he has not suffered any notable physical injuries and does not show irregular bruising.

    - he has had a mild cold which began about 2 days before the initial blood test.

    - he has none of the other symptoms of Kawasaki's disease (fever, red eyes, etc).

    Any ideas for my paranoid mom of the month crisis?

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Protocol question for any KofC members out there?

    My husband's late grandfather was a 4th degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus. He was also a past Faithful Navigator and owned the sword/baldric/cape/chapeau.

    We now have the sword and associated baldric and have been thinking of mounting them in a display case with a picture of the owner in his parade regalia.

    I wanted to ask any K of C members out there if this is appropriate use of the sword/baldric or if there is any protocol associated with their display?

    I'm a Methodist and a woman, I haven't a clue.

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