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  • Tried to log on to FB, account active but can't access it, help!?

    I have been trying to log onto my Facebook account, I enter my e-mail and password but instead of directing me to my Facebook Page my computer just kind of freezes. It's not Facebook because my husband can log onto his from our computer. It doesn't seem hacked either as there are no new messages and my account seems like it's still active. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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  • Blackballing in New York?

    I hope someone can help me, I worked at a company last year for about 2 1/2 months, realized it wasn't for me for various reasons and left. I quit on good terms, they like me so much they paid me for time I took that I really wasn't entitled to. At the closing interview, the HR guys asked why I would say I was leaving and I said because it didn't work out, he kept saying say it's for "personal reasons". There were not personal reasons except I was unhappy but he kept saying it. I left at the end of July of '06, I have applied for three jobs since then, get to the credit & background , employment check then an offer but it only goes as far as the different "checks" if you will. I am concerned that although I left on good terms with this company they are saying something to these potential employees that change their mind. I have great credit and no criminal history so I know it's not that. I think I am being blackballed, if so what is the law in New York? Thanks.

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  • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey?

    I am a big Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey fan, just wondering, who do you think is responsible for the break up of their marriage?

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  • Question for gay men?

    I am straight so in a straight relationship you know how the sex is going to go, man usually bones woman. In a gay sexual relationship, you have sex for the first time how do you figure out who's the top and who's the bottom? Do you discuss it beforehand and if so what if you are drunk and don't think to discuss it.

  • Why is Jake D such a racists?

    Why do some people feel that it is okay to insult white people? How would it go over if I started insulting black, middle eastern, asian, etc. Racism is racism, anyone who makes general statements against whomever is a racist? I guess I am asking is when will people take responsibility for the crap that comes out of their mouth?

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  • Why do people feel?

    Why do some idiots feel they have to defend a celebrity? Why is it that some "fans" are in such denial, I guess that is why they like Lindsay I guess. People have a right to an opinion, why do you feel you have to attack people just because they have the nerve to question a crack head. Not everyone is in a trance and this is America and I have a right to question these idiots, and their fans. She's not your friend and guess what she doesn't care about you either so stop kissing her a**. I love how people get all pissed off when you bring down their idol. It's amazing how many zombies there are out there. They can't read either because I never said the word "honey", moron. Why are people so vulnerable?

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  • Whats worse?

    In my opinion what Mel Gibson said was out of line and disrespectful but what is worse is that HE WAS DRIVING DRUNK and all we hear about is that he made some anti-semtic slur words.

    This world scares me sometime our priorities are stuck on stupid people as opposed to stupid acts.

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  • Does anyone who lives in Bklyn, NY want to a adopt a sweet natured kitten?

    I live in Brooklyn and desperatley need to find a home for a sweet male tabby kitten. He is so affectionate and loves to cuddle that he would be great for kids. He doesn't use his teeth or claws and just wants to be loved.

    I have Raccoons in my neighborhood and a neighbor saw them killing stray kittens and dragging them off. I don't want this to happen to him so please help.

    Serious cat lovers please respond.


    3 AnswersCats1 decade ago