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  • So I've been experiencing this thing a lot lately and i don't know if it's normal?

    I've had this happen to me a couple times before ,I get too carried away thinking about something that I forget that I'm actually somewhere and so when something disrupts my thoughts ,i just go back to reality but when i do it's kinda similar to the feeling of waking up in the morning ,it's like I wasn't there until I realized I was there and as though everything that happened throughout that day until this point wasn't me but i can still remember it all clearly .But yesterday it was different, it wasn't like that,I was at a friend's house and I suddenly felt like I just woke up and I was like "oh I'm here" ,my memories of everything went a bit hazy and it felt like everything that has happened wasn't actually me , like it was me but at the same time not ,I'm just so confused and scared cause I've never heard someone talk about something like that before and it feels really weird when it happens, i don't know what to do and I'm scared to ask anyone i know cause i don't know how to explain it well enough .

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