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    What Kind of Battery Does This Need?

    So I got this from a little antique shop and the battery is dead but I know nothing about watch batteries. So could anyone help me figure out what type of battery it needs or where I could get one for the best price? It didn’t come with any papers in the box or anything about the battery type so I’m just kinda winging it here. Thanks for the help!

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  • CNA to Vet Tech?

    I’m getting my CNA certification this year and I’ve started working at a vet part time and realized I loved it there. Would going from CNA to Vet Tech be difficult? I think it would be fairly easy. I haven’t started the classes yet though so I’m not sure. How much would the CNA certification help me in becoming a vet tech?

    1 AnswerHealth Care2 months ago
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    What kind of bird is this and will it survive?

    In our barn there was a bird nest up in the rafters and on a particularly windy day it fell down. There were three baby birds in it and one died from the fall but the other two were still alive. Due to the frequency of moving tractors and other vehicles in the barn I had to move them outside so they wouldn’t get run over. What kind of bird is it? The barn is in Iowa for context. And is there any possibility that they’ll survive or will they die. It’s been a couple of days and I’ve been keeping my distance so hopefully the mother comes back and finds them. 

    1 AnswerBirds5 months ago
  • Coworker making me uncomfortable at work?

    I'm a waitress and another server, let's call him Jo, keeps making me incredibly uncomfortable at work. 

    He's come up behind me while I'm standing at the cash register and touched my back more than once. (There's PLENTY of other places to stand) Like, placing both hands flat on my back and holding them there for too long. Right after his girlfriend and baby came in to visit him, I was talking about cookies I was going to bake for my boyfriend for valentines day and he says "I don't have a valentine, could you make me cookies too?" 

    My boyfriend caught him standing beside my car in the dark after my shift multiple times. I park on the opposite side of the building from the doors so I have to walk around a dark corner and there's a dark fenced in dumpster area nearby. When my boyfriend pulled up next to my car to wait for me to come outside, Jo abruptly left. Since then my boyfriend has always come to my work to make sure I get to my car okay. 

    We've just reopened since quarantine for takeout only, so most of my time will be spent sitting in a booth with a phone and a notepad and nothing else to do except answer calls. I really don't like the fact that I might be stuck with him, bored, for four hours and neither does my boyfriend. However, my friend (also a waitress there) thinks that I could get in trouble for refusing to work with him because Jo and my boss are fairly good friends. How do I go about asking to be scheduled with someone else without being rude?

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  • Video Paused, Continue Watching? (YouTube)?

    I love to listen to YouTube playlists while I'm painting and it's incredibly annoying when it randomly pauses half a second into a new video and I have to wash my hands and press play again. It's not a problem with my internet, I highly doubt it, because I have high speed internet where I live and have not once had a problem with the connection. Is there something in settings I need to switch off or something? It doesn't pause every video, just one every ten minutes or so. 

    YouTube6 months ago
  • Was This An Abusive Relationship?

    When I was a freshman in high school I rode the bus to and from school every day. A senior started sitting with me. He had a generally creepy vibe to him. He ended up asking me out on like the third week of school and the terrified little freshman I was, was too afraid to say no. For almost the whole school year he sat with me every day and we messaged over google and Facebook outside of school, and a few times he touched me where I’d rather he didn’t and he knew. He made me very uncomfortable and I was hidden away in my shell for nearly the whole year. He kept telling me I needed to go to his house to see the new lizard he got, which I found insanely creepy. It took me months to work up the courage to Tell him to stop talking to me and that he made me feel constantly terrified. He told me how much he was crying when I texted him this because I was too nervous to say it to his face. I don’t really know what exactly I was so afraid of because he never physically did much. I never even let him kiss me. Though he did try. We never met outside of school. He made me sit at his lunch table every day and I’m normally a very talkative person but I rarely said a word. And it was just wrong for an eighteen year old to date a fourteen year old. I don’t know. I’m trying to find some way to justify my reaction and I need help. I’m a senior now so this has been a while ago but quarantine has given me lots of time to reflect.

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  • Pain in shoulder 10 months after car accident?

    About 10 months ago I got into a car accident. I was fairly new to driving on my own and on a foggy morning I t-boned another car while they were going about 45 mph and I was going about 10. I'll admit I was stupid and I've learned from my mistakes. However when I collided with the other car I had my head turned to the right because I had just seen them come over the hill and didn't even have time to react at all before I slammed into the side of them, totaling my car and setting off the airbags. My seatbelt locked and I strained my left shoulder by jolting myself so much and on top of that my head was turned, straining it even more. The pain comes in sharp bursts just above my shoulder blade. Moving my arm and turning my head makes it worse, but not unbearable.

    I'm a lefthand shooter so whenever I go out shooting my shoulder starts throbbing at my smallest movements or even when I'm just breathing. Last night I slept in the basement on the floor for a "movie night" and today my shoulder is throbbing again. The doctor said I should heal quickly and have no lasting effects because I was so young but I still find it hurting sometimes like the accident was only yesterday. 

    Do you know why it could still be hurting? Is there something underlying that I screwed up in the car accident without noticing? Are there any other precautions I can take to prevent it hurting again in the future? 

    1 AnswerInjuries6 months ago
  • Moving in together after high school?

    My boyfriend and I have known each other since our sophomore year in high school and became really great friends before we started dating. We’ve both got steady jobs planned and have looked at a townhome we can afford and plan on getting married soon after moving in together. Are there any tips that could help us along the way? We’d appreciate any helpful suggestions anyone could think up! And from both of us, thank you so much for your help! I know some of you may suggest not moving in together before marriage or getting married first but this is a big decision that we’ve discussed together and for our situation we think it will work best. He’s enlisting in the military and will be fine for long periods of time while I’m pursuing the medical field. Thank you so much for any answers!

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 months ago